Blue Dragon: All Dungeons RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Dungeons RANKED!

‌‌There are some dang good dungeons in this game. There are also some boring ones. But I love most of them, and I love this game as a whole. With the top four best dungeons in this game being some of my favorite RPG dungeon of all time, this game certainly did something right with these dungeons. Today I will be ranking all of these epic dungeons from worst to best in this article... Blue Dragon: All Dungeons RANKED!

25. Aurora Ruins

‌‌This place is solely utilized as a way to fight the Stoneasaurus and as a quest for Toripo. That's literally it. The boss and the visuals are awesome, with very unique designs that set them apart from the rest of the game. Toripo's quest lets you buy stuff from Toripo without having to traverse random places in the world, grants access to Aurora Droplets, and allows you to get the rare item, Toripo's Autograph. However, nothing can justify the fact that this place is simply a room with no special features whatsoever. Even though it is very cool, nothing can stop this dungeon from being at dead-last due to the fact that it is very small and underutilized.

24. Exile Forest

‌‌At least it is not just a circular room with one treasure chest like the Aurora Ruins. This dungeon is essentially just a hallway, so how is it better than a cool looking circular chamber? Well, first off, it also looks very cool. Second of all, it has three treasure chests, not just one. And third of all, it has a bearing on the story of the game, as the point of this dungeon is to save Guru-Guru and bring him back to Alumaru Village. Even though visiting the Exile Forest is still part an optional side quest, because it has a little bit more to offer and it actually has relevance to the plot, it edges out over the Aurora Ruins.

23. Gul Mountains

‌‌This dungeon is not bad by any means. It just does not stand out in any significant way that puts it above the rest of the dungeons in the game. It is simply a mountain passage that leads from Lago Village back to Talta Village. There is not even a boss! Essentially, this is just a filler dungeon with no fun bosses or story elements to boot. However, this mountain passage has an ethereal purple aesthetic that is pretty cool and the enemies are fun, so this dungeon passes up the previous two dungeons due to actually having some substance to it.

22. Ancient Ruins - Forest

‌‌Like the Gul Mountains which is just a standard mountain passage dungeon, this dungeon is just a standard forest dungeon. However, what brings this above Gul Mountains is the fact there is a boss battle at the end of it: Land Shark C. This would be higher on the list due to having the opportunity to defeat the machine that wrecked Talta Village, but since Disc 3 reveals there were multiple Land Sharks, this triumph-filled moment is ruined. So, overall, a generic dungeon with a cool boss that was done dirty by the plot.

21. Pachess Town Underground

‌‌Let's get this out of the way: I really do like Pachess Town. This part of the game is cool. With events such as getting the Green Barrier, the looming urgency of needing to save Kluke, hearing Jiro and Shu cringely discuss stuff up at the pond, the music of the town, and the added layer that all of the townspeople hate you for a hot minute, this is an interesting town. However, the Pachess Town Underground is a small, yet confusing dungeon that honestly just seems like filler. After the fantastic dungeon that is the Ancient Prison, you get a filler dungeon that gets rid of some of the urgency of needing to save Kluke. Yes, the town is great, but simply receiving the Green Barrier from the Elder would have been preferable over this dungeon to get back into the fast-paced conclusion of the second disc. Last but not least, if you for some reason cannot defeat the tough enemies such as the Blazing Jellies, you can get locked in this dungeon without ever being able to level up (this happened to my brother...). This dungeon is convoluted and annoying, but at least this dungeon has an epic boss, a unique design, and it does not do dirty on the plot like the Ancient Ruins - Forest does. Overall, a very "meh" dungeon.

20. Treasure Storehouse

‌‌Now that all the stupid dungeons are done with, we can move on to dungeons I actually like! And that starts here, with the Treasure Storehouse. This dungeon is kind of cool, as it concludes the arc of the Alumaru Village optional sidequest, as well as gives the player an opportunity to get to sneak into Jeelala's mansion, which is pretty cool. However, the pitfalls are kind of annoying and it is simply one long winding hallway and a boss room. So even though it has a cool boss, some cool rewards, and concludes a section of the plot, it doesn't do much in the wow-factor that other dungeons are able to.

19. Mecha Base

‌‌Apart from the fun of trying to make extremely big Monster Fights with the Roballs outside the dungeon, this dungeon is pretty one note. However, that, along with the fun boss and mini-boss, make up for the rather boring hallways and annoying laser detectors. Also... what isn't cool about a base floating around in the sky guarded by an endless supply of robots? Overall, the Roballs, the Spellcaster, the Gold Scything Skull-Spider, and the floating aspect of the base make this dungeon rather cool. The rest of it is just bland, so I'm going to have to leave it at number nineteen.

18. Undersea Cavern

‌‌The idea of having a cavern that goes under the water and takes you to another island is obviously cool. The design is awesome, but like many dungeons in this game, it is mostly just a hallway of enemies with a cool boss at the end. However, the part that makes this dungeon unique for me is if you play through it in Hard Mode. This dungeon obliterates the player if they don't consciously plan out a strategy to win each battle—for me, this is what made this dungeon stand out above the rest of the dungeons before this: those were a breeze to complete, and this was not. This is why I found this dungeon to place this high.

17. Drill Machine

‌‌This dungeon excels greatly in its main objective, which is to introduce the player to Marumaro and to move the story along to the next dungeon, the Ancient Hospital Ruins. The design itself also looks really cool, introducing the player to the ancient technology. It also has debatably the easiest boss in the entire game: the Winking Patroller. Overall, even though it is very linear, this dungeon makes up for it in design, story, and the introduction of the party's fourth party member. Oh, and not to mention it takes you to one of the best dungeons in the game...

16. Devour Forest

‌‌This may come as a surprise, but I actually really like this dungeon. In my eyes, the fact that you have to essentially solo all of the battles with just Shu makes it fun and unique. Though this dungeon is lacking in level design, the atypical gameplay makes up for it, and this is a great opportunity to fire off some of those Grand and Flawless Gems you've been collecting. Overall, this dungeon is nothing special, but due to its twist on gameplay, I find this dungeon to be one of the better dungeons in Blue Dragon.

15. Laser Field

‌‌The Moon Lasers are a rather interesting concept, and the Laser Field demonstrates this fact, as this dungeon is a barren wasteland with lasers being rained down from above. Though barren and drab, for what it is, it is fantastic. Besides, not only is this dungeon the entrance to the awesome Baroy Town, but an optimal grinding spot! Farming Flying Needle Moles for Shadow Class SP is so easy and satisfying and it allows you to master classes at breakneck speed unachievable by other methods! A great concept and execution along with a great grinding spot makes the Laser Field land the fifteenth spot on this list.

14. Underground River

‌‌This is essentially the Laser Field, but even better! Since the Moon Lasers are raining down from above into an underground river instead of a drab wasteland, is makes it quite a bit cooler than the Laser Field. Not only does it beat the Laser Field in aesthetic, but the Underground River is the home of the Moody Dragon, the first of the five Legendary Dragons. It also has another great grinding spot in the form of a room with several Kelolons to defeat. So overall, with a great boss, a great aesthetic, and a great grinding spot, this dungeon hits the fourteenth place on this list.

13. Ancient Ruins

‌‌Being the first dungeon in Blue Dragon, this is a pretty special dungeon. However, since this dungeon does not feature Shadow Classes and the other awesome things that make Blue Dragon a unique RPG, this dungeon does not rank high on the list for sentimental value alone. Instead, this dungeon ranks high due to the possible exploitation of the Corrosive Poo to get unlimited Black Belts, as well as the superboss fight against King Poo. Also, the murals on the wall are pretty awesome, as they foreshadow the vile creature that is Destroy. Overall, a solid dungeon that gains brownie points for being the first dungeon in the game, as well as being one of the few dungeons that hosts a superboss.

12. Upper Mecha Base

‌‌The epic Mechat battle that occurs as you enter this dungeon places it much higher on this list than its lower counterpart. Other than that, the fact it is a floating base in the sky is cool, and the interior is fine... but for those in the know, you are in the know. That battle makes this dungeon absolutely stellar. And the boss, Steel Giant, is unique due to its permanent Reflect spell, so that's cool too. I've ran out of stuff to say, so I'm going to move on now.

11. Mural Valley

‌‌This is one of those dungeons I have a hard time explaining why I like it because most people aren't fond of it. I find the murals to be so cool and I like that it is separated into two parts. Flame Raptor is also awesome. I don't know, this place is just really cool. The enemies are fun, the falling bridges are cool, and there are some nice chests! Overall, a spectacular dungeon.

10. Sea Cube

‌‌This dungeon has very little going for it in terms of interior... yes, as always, it looks cool, but this redefines the meaning of hallway—this quite literally is the most hallway-like dungeon in the entire game. However, this dungeon is really cool because of its exterior, as well as the fact you obtain the Black Barrier from completing it. But that is not all. This dungeon is ranked above so many other dungeons on this list solely due to the fact that this dungeon boasts my favorite boss fight in the entire game: the Azure Abyssal Dragon. Due to this boss fight, this dungeon is just extremely epic for me. Enough said.

9. Lot Wilderness

‌‌This dungeon is about as fun as a wilderness can be. Monster Fights and Shadow Classes are first available here, which makes this place much more of a blast then you would expect for a pretty drab area. You get to visit your first Sheep Tribe Camp, as well as fight your first boss and hear the sweet bliss that is Eternity. You also get to search a whole lot of rubble and hear the amazing, monotone sound of getting Nothings. Even though this wilderness is a wilderness (a very fun one at that), due to having many firsts for players of the game, not many of the other dungeons can capture the same entertainment value as this dungeon does.

8. Ancient Factory

‌‌I think this is a convoluted mess of a dungeon... but it is also fun! There are lots of cool enemies, and the Gold Mecha Robo superboss is the cherry on top. What makes this dungeon one of the top ten dungeons in Blue Dragon though is the heart-wrenching sequence of events that happens at the tail-end of the dungeon, with Nene forcing all the robots of Baroy Town to advance on the team, which is sad because I love those robots! Due to this sequence of events, in addition to the cool enemies and the superboss, this dungeon places in the top ten Blue Dragon dungeons in my opinion.

7. The Forest of the Dead

‌‌The Forest of the Dead is a very fun dungeon, and I don't even exactly know why I like it as much as I do. If anything, it should be annoying to me because it is a rather confusing dungeon with a total of twenty-nine treasure chests and full of stupid poison mist. However, disabling that mist is fun. The Monster Fights and the undead battles are fun. The King Ghost is a cool boss fight, and the Elder Tree is a cool addition. Finding all the chests is also a fun task, and the Grinning Ghost is one of the more challenging enemies up to this point. The Shooter Ghosts are fun to dodge, and killing the Thief Ghosts after they stole from you is very satisfying. And after getting the medicine from this dungeon, you are able to cure Lago Village, which leads to a great sequence of cutscenes. Even revisiting this place is fun, as disabling the Green Barrier allows you to fight a mini boss, the Poison Hydrattler, and allows you to get the Crown of the King Ghost, a great special accessory. Overall, I just love this dungeon.

6. Ancient Hospital Ruins

‌‌Love this dungeon. The fact it is a hospital is unique, especially since it combines the hospital aesthetic with the Ancients aesthetic present in later dungeons. It has a fun and challenging boss. It has unique enemies and Monster Fights. It has unlighted rooms that add some variation to the enemy types. It has three floors. It has a lot of treasure chests, unique rooms, and fun items to get via searching. The key to the Headmaster 's Office was also a nice touch! Overall, with awesome enemies, aesthetic, and difficulty, this was just a great dungeon overall!

5. Ancient Prison

‌‌This dungeon is awesome. The story beats that happen surrounding this area lead to my favorite portions of this entire game. The dungeon itself has cool enemies and is fun and unique in that you have to break out of jail and save your allies, causing you to have to fight enemies with just a couple members of your party at a time. The biggest highlight of this dungeon is that Kluke is stolen, which leads to the incredible Nene's Fortress. Overall, the Ancient Prison is one of my favorites in the game.

4. Shuffle Dungeon

This is the first of the game's four top-tier, purely amazing dungeons. This dungeon is super cool because it has different passwords you have to obtain from searching rubble, chests, and defeating enemies. The dungeon also shuffles, changing the contents within these areas so you can search them again and try to find more passwords to progress in the dungeon. Being a DLC dungeon, there are a lot of unique items you can find, such as weird types of healing items called Enigma Meds, more Master Thief Manuals, more Shuffle Gear, as well as powerful accessories like the Jet Black Earrings and another piece of the Final War set! You can also refight the Legendary Dragons, as well as lots of cool unique enemies that will mop the floor with you if you are under leveled. There are also NINE new superboss fights: Golddragon, Queen Ghost, King and Queen Mist, Kaiser Kelolon, Jeelala's Ghost, Rainbow Poo, Female Pirate, Gold Dullahan, and last but not least, the Shuffle Guardians themselves. This place is so cool and fun, however, it places fourth because it has no relavence to the story, and it becomes super annoying if you cannot find the accessories you want in the chests or if you have to do more than eight runs of the dungeon due to the randomness of which boss is chosen. Also, doing the same thing over and over just gets boring after a few runs even the idea of the dungeon is so awesome. Even with it's annoyances, this dungeon is still one of the best in the game.

3. Primitive Cube

This dungeon isn't my favorite from a design perspective. Yes, it is very cool and unique, but the repetitive music and the confusing layout of the dungeon causes me to not love it so much. However, even though it becomes a very annoying dungeon after a while, the seven fun bosses to defeat, coupled with the fun enemies and the amazing endgame plot beats present at the end of the dungeon skyrocket this dungeon into the top three of the game.

2. The Flying Fortress

I LOVE THIS DUNGEON!!! There are some awesome Mecha Robos to fight, epic large-scale plot beats and cutscenes, great treasure chests, and five completely unique Mecha Robo bosses that are super fun to fight. These include Silent Ku, Heat-Wave Sai, Turbulent Mai, Raging Kesu, and Szabo himself. There is also an amazing Mechat battle after this dungeon, as well as a celebration at Jibral Castle. This is almost a quintessential RPG dungeon due to all of these amazing components, but there is one dungeon that still beats out this dungeon in pure fun factor...

1. Nene's Fortress

This is one of my favorite RPG dungeons of all time, and even the amazing Flying Fortress pales in comparison. This dungeon has five floors, and each continues to get better and better until the dungeon comes into an amazing climax. First of all, the bosses and enemies are so fun and unique. Second of all, the "time limit" adds some extra intensity and humor to the whole thing. The fact that Nene is such a troll makes this dungeon just that much better. Third of all, the story and character development in this dungeon is just that epic. Now that the general facts are out of the way, I'm going to nerd out about each floor individually. The first floor consists of epic Monster Fights between the Stone Giant, Steel-Crushing Leopards, and Glowering Imp Traps. These battles are actually very fun, as the tigers are always menacing foes, especially in Hard Mode. The boss, Land Shark A and B, is a two-phase boss fight, which gives it brownie points for me. Overall, super fun floor. The second floor has fun magic enemies to fight, but that isn't what makes it the best floor of the Fortress. What makes it the best floor is Grand Szabo and his minions, one of the most fun and challenging boss fights in the game! It's such a blast to fight these guys! The next floor is unique, as it utilizes you controlling the Moon Lasers from the Laser Field and the Underground River using the Green Device to make for an epic, yet challenging mini-game. The next floor has highly missable enemies, so that's kind of annoying, however, the Jumbo Mecha Robo is a very cool boss fight and is one of the best in the game! After that, you get the final floor, a sad and plot-filled floor, having to fight Baroy Town Mecha Robos, as well as Yasato in an emotional boss fight. The aftermath results in AMAZING character development for Shu and some epic cutscenes, and is a segway into my favorite portion of the game: Devour Village. Due to these amazing action-packed and emotional floors, this dungeon comes out on top as the best dungeon in Blue Dragon.

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