Blue Dragon: All Rings RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Rings RANKED!

Blue Dragon is wonky because it doesn't have weapons or armor! But instead, it just has accessories! I already ranked the special accessories and bracelets in my previous articles (see other Blue Dragon articles here if you would like), but now, it is time to rank the magic attack-boosting rings! Without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Blue Dragon: All Rings RANKED!

F Tier

32. Stone Ring

Being the first ring and having nothing but a 25 boost to Magic Attack, the Stone Ring simply sucks... next!

31. Copper Ring

30 Magic Attack is better than 25. Enough said.

30. Silver Ring

45 magic attack is greater than 30. Let's move on.

E Tier

29. Mithril Ring

With 50 Magic Attack and 20 HP, the Mithril Ring is just good enough to be saved from F Tier.

28. Ordeal Ring

With 60 Magic Attack and 5 MP, the Ordeal Ring is just a bit better than its Mithril counterpart.

D Tier

27. Jibral Ring

75 Magic Attack... that's enough to elevate it above the last two. Fine enough in the first disc, but terrible overall.

C Tier

26. Magic Crystal Ring

60 Magic Attack and 5 Magic Defense... but with the ability to absorb attacks? Not too bad!

25. Diamond-Encrusted Ring

This ring raises Magic Attack by a sizable amount and allows you to gain Gold when attacking in battle! So what's the catch? It destroys your attack and agility stats. This won't be worth it for more than a dungeon or two, but it is not as garbage as the other rings before it on this list.

24. Supermetal Ring

The Magic Attack on this ring is pretty dang good: 95! Great overall!

23. Platinum Ring

120 Magic Attack is also pretty dang strong! Great overall!

22. Diamond Ring

135 Magic Attack makes this a direct upgrade to the Platinum and Supermetal Rings.

21. Jiro's Ring

If you play the ring-making minigame correctly, this ring won't be all that good. This ring is not only outclassed by Shu's Ring, but also by the rest of the rings on this list. Yes, I am a Kluke and Jiro shipper (and a Shu and Sahlia shipper), but sadly, this ring simply does not cut it. A good ring, but not a great one.

20. Ancient Warrior's Ring

145 Magic Attack and 5 agility... yet another direct upgrade! The Petrify attribute is nice as well!

19. Grand Tribes' Ring

100 Magic Attack isn't all that great, but the 80 HP and the 5 Defense can be quite useful for your more physically-oriented characters! Overall, the Grand Tribes' Ring deserves the top of the C Tier in my opinion.

B Tier

18. Crystal Ring

Being an upgrade to the last few rings on this list elevates this ring into the B Tier.

17. Ancient King's Ring

Another slight upgrade stat-wise to the rings before it! This ring also allows you to conserve a bit of MP—which I'm not complaining about.

16. Eternal Engine Ring

160 Magic Attack! Solid. Nothing too special, nothing too bad!

15. Mirror Ring

140 Attack and 30 Magic Defense... 30 Magic Defense is very useful for your physically-oriented characters, and being able to instantly kill an enemy? That's pretty dang useful.

14. Wind Ring

With 45 Magic Attack and 5 Agility, what is the point of this ring? It strengthens Wind attacks! During the endgame, if you strengthen your Magic Attack via other means, you can utilize these rings to have more of an impact than a small Magic Attack buff could ever do. However, since Wind is the weakest magic in the endgame, I ranked it the lowest of the four elemental rings.

13. Flame Ring

The Flame Ring functions the same as the Wind Ring, but for Fire magic! Fire is the second weakest element endgame, therefore, it the Flame Ring is the second weakest elemental ring endgame.

12. Water Ring

The second best endgame element? The second best endgame elemental ring. And next? The best elemental ring is...

11. Earth Ring

The Earth Ring. This is the best element endgame, and therefore, the Earth Ring falls at the top of B Tier.

A Tier

10. Nene's Ring

With a total stat-boost of 235, this ring is quite useful in the endgame! Though it is really good, there are much better rings, therefore, I can't justify placing the Nene's Ring any higher on this list than in tenth place.

9. Gravitic Ring

To me, this ring is a slight step up from Nene's Ring. A great ring overall, but still outclassed.

8. Himiko's Ring

I find Himiko's Ring quite a bit better than the last two! But even though it is amazing, it can't quite match the next rings on the list, so it doesn't deserve any higher than eighth place.

7. Stalactite Ring

A very endgame ring with a total boost of 200? That's rather mediocre on its own. However, the fat that it upgrades into the best ring in the game cements this ring at the middle of A Tier.

6. Infinity Ring

With a total stat boost of 280, this is the fourth best ring during the endgame! Very, very good!

5. Eternity Ring

With a total stat boost of 285, and the fact this ring restores 30 MP instead of 30 HP, this ring is simply better than the Infinity Ring. This is the third best endgame ring in the game!

4. Royal's Ring

Definitely not as powerful as the last couple of rings, but since you get this ring at the beginning of Disc 2, it is Zola's best ring for the majority of the game! Though this ring and Shu's Ring are just about equal in power, since Kluke is more adept in the ways of magic, I placed this ring lower on the list than Shu's Ring. Overall, an amazing ring that carries Zola from the start of Disc 2 to the end of Disc 3.

3. Shu's Ring

Just like the Royal's Ring, but for Kluke! Overall, an amazing Ring that you will be using for a TON of time!

S Tier

2. Renew Ring

With a total stat count of 425, this ring most definitely deserves to be in S Tier! This ring is also much easier to obtain than the final ring on this list, so that is a huge plus! Overall, with such amazing stat boosts, the Renew Ring takes the third spot on this list.

1. Ring of the Final War

The ring is one of the hardest accessories to obtain in Blue Dragon (if not the hardest). However, it is most definitely worth it to obtain! This is leagues ahead of even the Renew Ring, and has double the stats of other endgame rings! Overall, though hard to obtain, with a total stat boost of 555, the Ring of the Final War is just so powerful it'd be stupid to rank it anywhere else on this list.

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