Blue Dragon: All Special Accessories RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Special Accessories RANKED!

There are some amazing accessories in this game... and there are some absolutely horrendous accessories in this game. This will be a ranking of all accessories in Blue Dragon... at least, all except the collars, which are so stupid because they LOWER your stats... and you can't manually equip them anyway, so there's no reason to talk about them here. One other thing to note: I will not be ranking the Nothing Glasses, as they do not help in battle and would probably be number one or something anyway (sorry, it's going to be ranked out of 39 because of this). Anyway, the purpose of this article is to show you what is worth it, and what isn't! Without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Blue Dragon: All Special Accessories RANKED!

F Tier

39. Kimono Sash

You literally buy this at the Sheep Tribe Camp - Mountains. Why on earth is this so bad?! It literally boosts your MP by 15 points. This accessory is the most pointless accessory in the entire game. Maybe if you got this early in Disc 1 it could be useful, but even then, I would still rank it rather low on this list. Overall, this accessory is essentially pointless and is obtained way too late in the game for there to ever be a use for it.

38. Scarf  

Like the Kimono Sash, the Scarf is absolutely worthless. You buy it at Noluta Village, and all it does is allow you to resist Water damage... but at that point in the game, you already have access to five Black Belts, which allows you to resist all elemental damage. This is just a really dumb accessory overall.

37. Flip-Flops

What is with all these Water resistant accessories? They are all bad! At least you find the Flip-Flops in the Undersea Cavern instead of at Noluta Village. And this is slightly better than the Scarf. And when I say slightly, I mean slightly. Because it only grants five MP points. This accessory also just sucks overall.

36. Leather Belt

Like the Kimono Sash, who on earth thought that a meager 45 HP was worth anything? And you also buy this at the Lal Mountains Sheep Camp! Such a dumb accessory! At least 45 is better than 15...

35. Bow Tie

10 Magic attack and resistance to the Panic ailment? Ugh. Another bad accessory. At least its better than the other ones...

34. Chain

55 HP is garbage. And so is resistance to Light damage. Not only is this way worse than the Black Belt or Ribbon, but like, what enemies actually hit you with Light elemental spells? I can not even think of one. The Chain simply sucks.

33. Stone Shoes

Sure, I guess 30 HP, Earth-resistant powers, and preventing Petrify is not that bad. But still... you buy them at Noluta Village. You have WAY better at this point. At least this is better than the Chain... at least there are enemies in the game who actually hit you with Earth-type spells. Honestly, Less is More still provides way more than the Stone Shoes will ever give you...

32. Magic Shoes

These are fine I guess. At least you get them earlier in the game than the Stones Shoes. Still no better than F Tier, though.

D Tier

31. Dog Collar

I skipped the E Tier because I believe there is a HUGE gap between the Dog Collar and the Magic Shoes. The notable thing that sets this above the others is that it gives the wearer the Stink status ailment. Because of this, this accessory functions as either a free Garlic or a free Attract Aura! However, this means that once you enter the battle, you still have a subpar accessory equipped, so overall, this simply could not go above the D Tier.

30. Gem of Jibral

Such a lengthy sidequest for such a subpar accessory! This accessory definitely doesn't deserve F Tier, but overall, it only boosts your stats by a total of 85 points! Combine this with the Earth resistance and the petrification prevention, however, and you have an alright accessory overall.

29. Cross Trainers

You may laugh at me for putting something that boosts a stat by 15 higher than an accessory that boosts stats by a total of 85 points. But suck it up, buttercup, because 15 agility is a gamechanger. It is hard to get your agility high in this game, so any accessory that buffs agility is still useful no matter how miniscule the agility boost is! The Belt of Hermes, which boosts agility better than anything else in the game, only boosts it by 60 points, so hopefully that puts agility boosts in perspective for you! However, there are still much better options for accessories, so the Cross Trainers fall near the bottom of this list.

28. Shoes of the Ancients

10 Agility, 15 MP, Dark resistance, and Instant KO prevention is definitely better than 15 Agility. So Shoes of the Ancients takes the 28th spot.

C Tier

27. Acorn Shoes

5 Agility is not much. However, the special effect is that the wearer moves to the back if HP is low. This is definitely a cool ability! It isn't all that much, but I'm sure somebody out there can utilize this ability very well. So overall, Acorn Shoes is a pretty decent accessory.

26. Kerchief

100 MP is honestly pretty dang good for an accessory! Although getting max MP is quite easy to do, even without accessories, this is a pretty dang good accessory! And the Wind resistance is a nice bonus as well.

25. Stomach-Band

Although from pure stats the Kerchief is better than the Stomach-Band, gaining Gold when attacking can be put to good use at the point of the game the Stomach-Band is obtained. The stats of this Stomach-Band are pretty good though, especially the 75 HP boost and the 5 agility boost. A great accessory overall.

24. Devee Idol

150 HP is great! And this saves someone from having to equip the Guardian's Vigilance ability! However, you can totally prevent being surprised just by maneuvering well on the battlefield, so this is not all that special. Still a good accessory overall.

B Tier

23. Champion's Belt

Having 75 extra HP and MP is really nice. What elevates it above the last two is that it has grants both HP and MP, not just HP. The agility also is very useful, making this a great accessory to have throughout the game!

22. Crown of the King Ghost

Though the HP and MP bonuses of this accessory are less than that of the Champion's Belt, this accessory is the best way to increase your overall Gold gained in Blue Dragon. However, due to skills like Negotiate and the sheer amount of Gold you get without even trying, this accessory can't match up to accessories like the Black Belt or the Lei that double SP and EXP.

21. Shell Badge

The MP bonus is okay, but that isn't what makes the Shell Badge a great accessory. The Shell Badge essentially just allows the wearer to survive better against magic attacks without needing to worry about casting Shell! The Dark defense is a nice bonus as well. This is a good accessory... but there is definitely better.

20. Shield Badge

The same that I said about the the Shell Badge applies here, but since physical attacks are more common, this accessory is just inherently better than the Shell Badge.

19. Reverse Badge

Credit to Sage5 on GameFAQs for getting me this picture.

The Reverse Badge simply switches your magic attack/defense with your physical attack/defense. This is a really weird accessory to rank, because I'm sure it can be put to very good use, but I don't really understand how to make it super useful. So I'm just going to YOLO this and rank it in nineteenth place.

18. Ballet Shoes

This is a really good accessory. However, it is outclassed by the Ribbon, which you can get infinite of by repeatedly stealing from the Ghost-Yeet. So even though this is a great accessory, I can't rank it any higher on this list.

17. Shadowstep Shoes

This is also outclassed by other accessories, but since it has that nice 15 agility speed boost, it isn't all that bad of an alternative...

A Tier

16. Witch's Charm

I personally vibe more with the Witch's Charm than the Shell Badge. I feel like these two accessories are very similar in terms of usefulness, but since I prefer this one, I ranked it a tier higher than the Shell Badge. This accessory gives you some leeway in difficult fights and is overall just really nice since it is a free Walla spell.

15. Fighter's Charm

Like the Witch's Charm, I like this one better than its competition. Overall, a great accessory because it is a free Wall spell on the user!

14. Bellybutton Ring of Earth

This allows you to absorb earth elemental attacks, which is really useful in fights such as the Rockwind Wolf Ghost! However, I feel like enemies use earth attacks the least of the four main elements, so this accessory falls behind the other Bellybutton Rings.

13. Bellybutton Ring of Fire

This allows you to absorb fire elemental attacks, which is really useful in fights like the Pyro Dragon and the Hot Hot Hydra! Although fire is pretty common, I don't find this accessory to be as useful as its wind and water variants.

12. Bellybutton Ring of Wind

This allows you to absorb wind elemental attacks, which is really useful in fights such as the Rockwind Wolf Ghost, the Spark Dragon, and the Goldragon! Due to the fact some of the legendary dragons spam wind attacks, this is the second best of the Bellybutton Rings.

11. Bellybutton Ring of Water

This allows you to absorb water elemental attacks, which is essential for killing the Blizzard Dragon, which is my opinion, the hardest non-DLC superboss! Without this accessory, that fight is much, much harder! However, just like the other Bellybutton Rings, even though they are amazing at what they do, they are rather situational, so they just miss the mark of reaching S Tier.

S Tier

10. Shoes of Hermes

The Shoes of Hermes are a must have when up against enemies with high agility, superbosses, or the Golden Poo Snake! This accessory guarantees that you can get an attack or spell off without having to worry about the enemy party beating you up first! Combine this with Double-Cast and Quick Magic Charge, and you can cast some defensive spells to guarantee survival! Overall, a must-have accessory.

9. Spring Breeze Kerchief

Due to the fact you get this at the very beginning of the game, it is one of the best accessories throughout the entire game! Since this accessory boosts agility and HP by a percentage instead of a solid number, this accessory stays relevant for the entire game! Although I find this accessory to be outclassed by the next few accessories, there is no doubt in my mind that this accessory is one of the best throughout the entire game.

8. Shuffle Gauntlet

This looks like it sucks... but there is a unspoken secret about this accessory...

7. Shuffle Breastplate

This looks like it sucks... but there is an unspoken secret about this accessory...

6. Shuffle Helmet

Okay, okay, alright... I'll explain the secret about the three pieces of Shuffle Gear! When these three pieces of equipment are equipped at the same time you get an unbelievable stat boost that skyrockets your stats unlike any other accessory in the game! The only reason they are not at the top of the list is because they are some of the hardest and most obscure pieces of equipment to get in the game, and they all suck on their own. Also, I would just like to point out that the Shuffle Helmet is the best of the three, since you get it early in the game where a 40 point Magic Attack boost is more useful than 40 Agility boost due to the early game monsters having terrible agility stats. Overall, the three pieces of Shuffle Gear are the best accessories in the game, but due to how hard it is to get them and how late you get them in the game, and the fact you have to take up three slots for them to be worth it, they rank below the other five accessories on this list.

5. Belt of Hermes

This accessory is just absolutely insane. Since agility is such a hard stat to raise, the fact an accessory can boost your agility by 60 points causes it to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the entire game. Combine this with the Shoes of Hermes and the Spring Breeze Kerchief, and you will create a speed demon that their feeble foes won't stand a chance against! Overall, a broken piece of equipment, to say the least.

4. Ribbon

Just like in Hironobu Sakaguchi's other masterpieces, the Ribbon is just as overpowered as usual! Honestly, this is probably the best accessory in the game, but it isn't my favorite. I'll explain why the next three are more useful in my opinion in a second, but first: how much better can you get than resisting all magic elements and ailments? And you can get as many of these accessories as you want! Like this accessory is just broken. Enough said.

3. Black Belt

Being the crazy completionist that I am, I just love that this accessory gives you double SP! And you can get one for everybody in your party! I would put this in first, but since there is another accessory that can do the same that I like a little bit better, so I'm not going to. Yes, the Ribbon is better but I find the Black Belt to be more useful.

2. Eyepatch

Okay. So, I'm a sucker for double SP. And I am a sucker for Blue Dragon agility boosts. Combine the two, and you get the Eyepatch. I only say this is better than the Black Belt because everybody should have a Ribbon equipped anyway, so this is just a teensy bit more useful than the Black Belt in my opinion. Overall, a fantastic accessory.

1. Lei

Not only do I love SP boosts, but I love EXP boosts! And since only one accessory can boost EXP, I'm going to have to give it to the Lei for being my favorite accessory in Blue Dragon. Overall, due to being a one of a kind accessory that buffs EXP gain and allows you to resist all elements, the Lei takes the cake for the best accessory in Blue Dragon.

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