Blue Dragon: All Spells RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Spells RANKED!
Yes, corporeals are a type of magic. Yes, I did not include them on this list, but they look fricking cool.

Yet another Blue Dragon ranking, and yet another fun time to be had! I hope you all enjoy this article where I rank all the spells in Blue Dragon as much as I enjoyed writing it. And as usual, now it is time for... Blue Dragon: All Spells RANKED!

72. Regenerate

This spell is so weak. It isn’t really worth using over a Zephyr spell, and since the recovery gained from it is so measly, there is little point in ever using this spell.

71. Reflect

This spell isn’t bad, per se, it just suffers from how Reflect always does: it has very limited uses, with the only notable boss who needs it being the Iron Giant (which can just as easily be taken down by a Magic Sword attack). And Reflecta is available by the time this fight comes around, so overall, there is just very little usage for the spell.

70. Cure Kelolon

Not a bad spell, but Kelolon is a rather rare status ailment. This, however, is much, much better if the player abuses the Kelolon strategy on a regular basis, but the vast majority will not use that strategy.

69. Cure Paralyze

This ailment is significantly more common than Kelolon, but since it can be cured very easily for multiple people at a time using a Mobility Balm, Cure Paralyze falls behind.

68. Reflecta

Better than Reflect and a decent spell, but overall, falls behind for just being as situational as Reflect.

67. Regenera

I wish I could love this spell, but it simply isn’t worth casting over a Zephyr-series spell or even Heal Up.

66. Slow

This spell should be great! It slows the enemy action by 50%, which would be fantastic, but for some reason, 50% does very little when it comes to the turn order, making this spell kind of bad.

65. Anchor

This spell would be very good against late game enemies who evade attacks a lot—Shuffle Dungeon, I am looking at you—but as usual with status ailments, they simply guard the ailment that would weaken them sizably.

64. Extract

This spell is part of a fantastic series of spells, but this spell itself is not fantastic at all. It pretty much just absorbs HP into the caster. However, a Heal series spell will restore more, and another spell would do way more damage, so using Extract is not really worth it.

63. Quick

Like Slow before it, Quick’s 9% speed boost does quite little. At least this time, you cast it on your party members, so the spell cannot be resisted. That makes the spell a little bit better.

62. Trapfloor

Trapfloor is a really awesome spell, and it is pretty powerful. However, for some weird reason, it hardly triggers against enemy physical attacks for some reason, which makes an awesome and decent spell hugely unreliable, ranking it much farther down the list.

61. Slowa

Just like Slow, but with a 100% slowing effect. This spell is stuck not being close to as good as Slowus, but suffers as much as Slow because it doesn’t make close to as much of an impact as it should.

60. Shell

Shell is good, but since magic attacks are not that common and this would only help that much in boss fights, its use ends up being rather limited.

59. Shield

Shield is also situational like Shell, but it is a smidge better since physical attacks are more common.

58. Erase

This spell is decent, but like most of the spells that are low on this list, it is quite situational. Enemies like tigers who can beef up their attack are great candidates for this spell, however, by the time you get this spell, it is easier to just hit the enemy with a beefy attack skill instead of trying to weaken the enemy.

57. Ground

Ground should be a great spell, but around the time you get it, it has a huge weakness—it simply can’t hit flying enemies. Therefore, early in the game when charging a spell is rather easy to do since enemies have very low agility, using a nicely charged up Wind spell is more useful than Ground. Luckily, by the time Grounda is available, the game’s enemy types even out a little bit.

56. Cure Poison

Poison is much more common than Paralyze or Kelolon, making this spell skyrocket above the others. This spell is also a nice spell to use throughout the entire game, unlike lots of spells on this list.

55. Resist

A very situational spell, but unlike the other situational spells in the game, this is the only way to prevent status ailments, making it rank above the rest.

54. Resista

Just like Resist, a pretty good spell, but again—very situational.

53. Resistus

Yet again, like Resista and Resistus, a pretty decent spell, but only applicable to a select few situations.

52. Shadow

By the time Shadow is unlocked, the player will just be getting Flara, rendering the spell rather obsolete until the Shadowa spell is gotten in The Flying Fortress—unless the player wants to gamble with the instant-KO mechanic and iffy charging on the Shadow spell… but I advise to just stick with Flara.

51. Heal

The Heal spell is pretty much the best way to heal until the Zephyr spell comes along after a good chunk of Disc One, and it is just great for that period of the game. After that, it becomes obsolete, but still a very useful spell for a while.

50. Trapfloora

Trapfloora is really great for gaining some extra damage against enemies, however, just like Trapfloor, it is clunky and has some issues actually registering—whether intentional in-game or an accidental bug the creators of the game made—therefore lowering this skill a lot down the ranks.

49. Curse

This would be one of my most used Support Magic spells if it wasn’t gained at a very late point within the game, and especially if it worked on bosses. However, the problem with this spell is enemy ailment immunity, which is much more prevalent later in the game.

48. Cancel

Many enemies guard against this spell, but for enemies it works against, it can cancel powerful charged attacks, making this a great spell that simply doesn’t benefit from alimental immunity.

47. Flare

The most powerful single-target attack for the first few dungeons in the game, and it stays really useful up until the point Flara is acquired. However, it is outclassed by a few other Black Magic spells, even early on within the game.

46. Shine

This spell, although inherently weaker than Flare, does not suffer from being one-upped by Wind since Shine is specifically designed to decimate undead enemies, where Flare can be beaten by Shadow and Wind early on. The Stun effect is also fantastic, even against enemies that haven’t quite given up the ghost.

45. Panic

This is a great spell to use against really beefy enemies that can deal huge damage to the other enemies that would exceed the possible damage that the party could deal. However, most powerful enemies like this resist a lot of status ailments, so this spell falls behind.

44. Wind

Wind is much better than Flare and Earth since at the beginning of the game, the weaker amount of damage than Flare is more than enough and there are so many enemies that fly in big groups that Ground isn’t good for the beginning of the game.

43. HP Max Up

This spell should be so much better, but the amount of health given by this spell isn’t as much as it should be for a spell of its level and caliber. However, there’s also a point where this spell has no worth due to having max health at a certain point in the game. This is still a decent spell, although it isn’t the best and it doesn’t live up to the potential it should have compared to the other Max Up spells.

42. Paralyze

This is one of the best status ailments to use against the enemies of Blue Dragon… at least in theory. However, due to ailment resistance and how it isn’t easy to hit the whole enemy party with Paralyze, it isn’t as good as it should be.

41. Water

The best basic Black Magic spell in the game, Water has it going for damage, area of effect, and the fact it can hit flying enemies. Overall, just a great spell.

40. Dizzy

The Dizzy spell is great for weakening spellcasters and such since it completely cancels any opportunity for the enemy spellcasters to deal big damage to the party. However, enemies will guard this, so it isn’t always the best, but it can be great.

39. Heala

Like Heal, but much better. Enough said.

38. Poison

This spell is amazing for taking out hardened enemies like Hermit Crab Poos, and is still decent for any enemy that isn’t hardened as well (especially for high health enemies).

37. Deflect

This spell allows the caster to render heavy-hitting enemies to have so little accuracy they become extremely weak (this especially applies to Tiger and Double Axe type enemies). Overall, a very solid spell.

36. Shella

This spell is great for magic defense since it has the ability to defend against a good chunk of magic damage for an entire row. A great defensive spell.

35. Grounda

This spell is barely worse than Winda on this list, but mostly due to the fact Winda is the spell that is gained first. At the point this spell is gained, there are luckily less flying enemies, however, still a little bit worse than Winda. Still a really nice spell.

34. Winda

This is a great spell for hitting all the enemies on the field, and is gained early enough for it to be real good. Overall, a great AoE spell.

33. Trapfloorus

Although clunky just like Trapfloora, it is much  better at dealing damage, making it great—even if not reliable.

32. Quicka

This is a great buffing spell, and although not as good as Quickus, it is a huge steup up from Quick, making it a very useful spell overall.

31. Slowus

This spell actually makes a good difference, as opposed to Slow and Slowa, which are barely noticeable. Due to this fact, Slowus pushes ahead to a decent place on the ranking.

30. Cure-All

Cure-All is the catch-all for curing status ailments, and with the ability to charge it and cure the entire party at once, it is just a great spell that can help the party a ton, even if it is a bit more situational than a lot of spells on this list. However, so many items that cure status ailments are easily accessible, making this a little bit less great than the others on the list.

29. Zephyr

Zephyr is a saving grace until you gain Zephyra in the later portions of Disc One, and without it, the game would be significantly harder. A very good healing spell.

28. Shielda

This is a really good defensive spell that the team is able to utilize to gain much more defense in hard battles and  boss fights, and is much better than Shield due to the fact it hits a whole row of allies.

27. Shadowa

Due to the time Shadowa is gained, it suffers from many things. First of all, there are tons of bosses in the dungeon, and Flare series spells are much more reliable. Second of all, there are so many Mecha Robos in Disc Two (who all resist dark spells) that Flare or Water or even Ground will be much better at taking enemies out.

26. Kelolon

This spell is quite high on the list, but not for using it on enemies—it is high due to the Kelolon strategy. Read more about the Kelolon strategy here.

25. Flara

This is very great due to simply how early it is gained, and it is the best single-target damage at that point in the game by a wide margin. Due to the sheer damage it deals, Flara is really high on the list.

24. Watera

Watera is fantastic for dealing damage to rows of Mecha Robos—and that is exactly the most common type of battle for a long time after getting Watera. Due to the abundance of Mecha Robos, this spell hits the top for second tier Black Magic spells.

23. Extracta

This is a really, really good spell, but it mostly just falls behind due to the vast array of ways to restore MP, as well as the Extractus spell just being better.

22. Healus

Great healing spell, but since it isn’t a Zephyr series spell, it can’t go too high. Still great for healing the person with Total Guard, though.

21. Shellus

This is a great spell for defending against magical damage, and since this spell can hit the entire party (unlike Shell or Shella), it is just so much better than its weaker variants.

20. Windus

Although the weakest of the tier three Black Magic spells, this is still a very strong spell that is definitely worth using. However, since flying enemies have very high agility at this point, using Double-Cast with two Waterus spells may just be the better option to wipe out adversaries.

19. Shina

This spell is stronger than Grounda, but weaker than Groundus. Although it only does damage to undead enemies, it is still great to stun all of the enemies on the battlefield using this spell, and overall, it’s just pretty great.

18. Revive

This spell may seem obsolete due to Double-Item and Phoenix talons, however, Double-Cast can cover the same thing. The reason Revive is so great is because it can be charged up to a point that it can completely restore health as well as reviving the target. Great spell, not gonna lie.

17.  Zephyra

Zephyra is really good, and given the right setup, Zephyra can heal just as much as Zephyrus and save the caster some MP. Not much to explain expect that it’s another great healing spell.

16. Heal Up

Possibly the most unassuming and/or underrated Barrier Magic spell, Heal Up allows the White Magic of the target of Heal Up to be so much better. This spell pretty much negates the need to ever charge healing spells upon using, which saves the hassle and danger of going after enemies in battle. This also allows the Double-Cast trick to be exploited better, as healing spells don’t need to be charged (see here for more info), and just makes huge health restorations that are otherwise only possible with either a full-charge healing spell or two back-to-back healing spells.

15. Sleep

If Hela Up is the unassuming Barrier Magic spell, Sleep is the unassuming Support Magic spell. Other than Pokemon, Sleep is either situational or flat-out bad, so when I figured out the majority of non-robot monsters could be put to sleep. I realized how great this spell is. Sleep, unlike the other Support Magic spells, does not need to be charged to hit the entire enemy party. This allows you to cancel all enemy attacks (sorry Cancel, Sleep is just better) and allow you to fully charge attacks as you please, which will usually be enough to one-shot enemies. The reason this spell falls behind, however, is due to the amount of enemies alte-agame that resist this amazing spell, as well as the abundance of Mecha Robos that can’t be inflicted by Sleep. Try out Sleep with Shoes of Hermes, and you will be pleasantly surprised by its power.

14. Walla

The only tier two spell worse than its original, Walla is still an insanely good spell. The big reason it falls behind its predecessor is because it deals with magic, and like many Barrier Magic spells on this list, magic attacks are simply not as common as physical attacks. However, they are still common enough to make this a great spell.

13. Shieldus

This spell is the third best defensive spell in the game, and is better than Shellus again because Shieldus deals with physical attacks. Overall, a great defensive spell.

12. Shadowus

Shadowus is a really great spell and the most damaging spell in the game, but due to the huge amount of enemies that resist dark and the relative unreliability of charging this spell in a boss fight, it can't quite beat Flarus.

11. Flarus

In my opinion, the best single-target damaging spell in the game. Overall, an insane, yet reliable damage dealer that a lot of enemies are weak to, and that is for sure worth using.

10. Extractus

The best way in the entire game to get MP, at least in my opinion. It is like a hugely buffed version of Extract plus a hugely buffed version of Extracta, and for that reason, it is absolutely fantastic. Overall, a very well-rounded spell that can damage the enemies HP and MP as well as restore the users HP and MP—all in one package.

9. Wall

Just like Walla, but nullifies a singular physical attack instead of magical attack. Overall, a really, really great spell.

8. Previve

Although unlikely to be needed if the player does not do any sidequests, this spell is so amazing when fighting superbosses like the King Poo, the Golden Mecha Robo, the five legendary dragons, or any of the bosses hiding deep within the Shuffle Dungeon.

7. Waterus

Easily one of the best black magic spells in the game, this spell is a very good AoE spell that functions much the same as its Water-type predecessors.

6. Groundus

Finally, I can justify putting a Ground-type spell at the top of the Black Magic category without worrying about all of the Ground series spells and their awkward limitations (as at this point of the game, flying enemies can be taken care of using Double-Cast in addition to Waterus, and in Disc Three, there are simply less flying enemies to worry about). Overall, the most damaging and the best Black Magic spell in the game.

5. Attack Up

What is not to like about a spell that can absolutely amp up Magic Sword and physical attack damage through the roof and make your character OP? I don't think much else needs to be said...

4. Mag Atk Up

This spell edges out over the amazing Attack Up spell, only gaining a slight edge because Double-Cast allows two spells to be casted at one time for maximum damage potential—sadly, this is something that Magic Sword can not do.

3. Quickus

The best Support Magic Spell in the game, making allies so much faster and letting everybody get turns almost twice as fast. And when they are faster, they are stronger. Overall, a must-use spell for bosses and battles alike.

2. Wallus

The best Barrier Magic spell in the game, it is an insane combination of Wall and Walla that puts all other defensive spells to shame and literally makes the party nigh on unbeatable. Overall, this spell is completely fantastic, and I can barely explain its amazingness in words—which is why I am going to end it here.

1. Zephyrus

"With great healing, comes great survival." - Fushira, main character of Blue Dragon 6.

Zephyrus is easily the best White Magic spell in the game, as it can easily restore over 999 health in one cast. Without being able to heal to full health, so many fights would be way harder, making this an essential spell that reigns supreme above the rest.

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