Blue Dragon: All Towns RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Towns RANKED!

Although not the best part of Blue Dragon, the towns are very enjoyable to go to, especially some of the better ones that have amazing sequences. Hopefully, you enjoy the towns in this game, as that's what this list is all about! Now it is time for... Blue Dragon: All Towns RANKED!

15. Mountain Sheep Camp

The problem with the Mountain Sheep Camp is not only that it is optional, but that there is pretty much only three reasons to go there: to gain the Eyepatch, to get a warp point that is close tot he Mechat Repair Dock, and to buy the terrible Kamino Sash for its Item Record entry. Overall, a very inconsequential town with some good rewards, but not enough relevance.

14. Forest Sheep Camp

Although there are the same amount of rewards in the Forest Sheep Camp as the Mountain Sheep Camp (an Earth Bracelet and easy access to both The Forest of the Dead, the Undersea Caverns, and the Eastern Deserted Island), this place also looks cooler and is necessary to visit to progress in the story. Another decent reason this town is a little bit nice is because an Inn is very much needed, as the Undersea Caverns is one of the hardest dungeons in the entire game. Overall, just barely edges out over the Mountain Sheep Camp.

13. Wilderness Sheep Camp

This location has the novelty of being the first fully visitable town in the game, instantly ranking it above the other two sheep camps for setting the scene for what the other towns are like. It also has Donpa, the most relevant sheep tribesman in the game, so that's also a decent bonus. Overall, a fun town with a big impact.

12. Mecha Robo Cube

This place has very little relevance to the plot, however, it is nice to see Toripo and Yasato again! The shops are similar to Baroy Town and the Baroy Town residents make a reappearance, which is always a fun time. Overall, due to the uniqueness and small plot relevance that the Mecha Robo Cube provides (I mean, it should, it is the last town in the game), as well as the fun atmosphere, this ranks above the aforementioned sheep camps (while also falling behind due to the fact that Baroy Town is similar, yet triumphs over the Mecha Robo Cube in almost every way).

11. Kelaso Village

This town is cool, not only because it is secluded and optional, but due to the awesome sequence in which the player actually enters the town itself. However, due to the fact that it is just so optional, it simply doesn't hit so well from a plot standpoint (with the only subplot being one of the most weird and annoying in the game). Because of this awkward subplot, sometimes, the great visuals of the town are dampened due to the really weird and cringy moments. Overall, a thematically awesome and visually-appealing town that is fun to discover, but that lacks the overall bearing on the other events of the game that other towns provide.

10. Talta Village Camp

Being the only temporary town in the game, it is unique, but it also suffers a bit from being accessible for a very short period of time. It, however, unlike Kelaso Village, has some really great scenes and bears a lot of plot relevance, even though it suffers aesthetically. Overall, although it suffers from its termporary nature and its lack of an original look, it boasts some of the best scenes seen in any of the towns in the game.

9. Alumaru Village

If Kelaso Village is the most unique and interesting look in the game, Alumaru Village is the most beautiful town in the game (those water textures...). Some fun boss fights and a decent subplot solidify this town as a worthy addition to Blue Dragon, and the detour is worth it because of some of the rewards. Overall, a beautiful town with an alright subplot that makes the town just interesting enough to pass up some of the other towns on this list.

8. Mural Town

If Kelaso Village is the most unique, and Alumaru Village is the most beautiful, then Mural Town is the most original. The feel, look, and atmposhere make this place super fun and rather intresting, and this location foreshadows many events, as well as giving an explanation of the War of the Ancients. Overall, a great town with just the right amount of balance between plot and enviornment.

7. Noluta Village

This town is simply really excellent, but due to one major problem I have with it, if falls much lower on the list than I want it to be. The problem is that a lot of the scenes that should have been voice acted have no voice acting at all; and Jiro, Kluke, and Maro get the short end of the stick in comparison to Shu when it comes to getting their shadow backs, having mediocre moments where they simply talk to some kids and are like "Yay, I have my powers back! Woo-hoo!" If Noluta Village allowed these three characters to have huge moments like Shu did all within this town, it would easily skyrocket this town into first or second place—no questions asked. Overall, an excellent town with major flaws that holdit back from being the best town in the game.

6. Lago Village

Are there annoying parts of this town? Most definitely, from the layout to some of the Devee stuff (those coughing sounds effects are some of the worst I've ever heard in a game). But is it great? Yes, because so many great scenes, including character development of Jiro and Kluke and the chemistry between them, the curing of the Devee Tribe, and the biggest demonstration of what Nene can do and what he is willing to do yet. Overall, a rather annoying town mechanically, but really great at building up the story and all of the main characters's arcs.

5. Pachess Town

Pachess Town is the typical town where all the people in the town are like "we don't like magic because of that one thing that happened a bajillion years ago," but it is executed quite well, pushing it pretty high on the list. We get to see Shu and Jiro's battle for Kluke again (which is always fun), we get to see Marumaro being a bumbling buffoon by doing some dumb crap with the Green Device (which ends up being received by the party), and Zola's demonstration of the ring to the Elder shows the power and influence of Jibral across the whole world of Blue Dragon. Actually freeing the town is also an awesome sequence, and it is the force that drives the amazing new town song (one of the best songs in the game, in my humble opinion) to play in triumph of being free again. Overall, a really good town.

4. Jibral Castle Town

This is that one town in JRPGs that looks grandiose and has a very large-scope and such, but because of that, it is also one of those confusing towns (à la Lindblum in Final Fantasy IX, but on a much smaller scale). However, although annoying at times, Jibral Castle Town, like most of these type of towns, is awesome. The finale of Disc One takes place here, it has some amazing scenes, epic plot beats, and is a catalyst for creating possibly the best character in the game, making it take the cake over so many other towns on this list.

3. Talta Village

This is where Shu, Kluke, and Jiro come from, and the are all part of the awesome opening sequence (one of the main reasons this town is rated so high). Another great, yet sad moment is returning to Talta Village after everybody all the natives have left down the Coast Road to Jibral when the town is overtaken and utterly destroyed—all with a visually stunning dark purple setting created by the casting down of the violet clouds. Another awesome moment is if/when you return to Talta Village in Disc Three, it is restored to the former never before seen within the game, which is awesome. Overall, Talta Village has fantastic cutscenes and a great changing of atmosphere throughout the game, as well as (kind of) being the first town in the game, as well as setting up pretty much the entire game in just a few scenes by introducing the characters and setting.

2. Baroy Town

Aw yeah. The town with the catchy song that should be way more annoying than it is. It's Baroy Town, the very thematically unique town that provides a great time due to the introduction of the Baroy robots, some of the most fun sides characters in the game. Duet to these fun characters, we are bale to witness Yasato's journey through coming understand friendship and meaning, and we get to see Nene's dark side as he sacrifices his very loyal servants. The Blue Device is also obtained here, introducing opening barriers, and the scenes here build up the process in obtaining the Red Device in one of the best scenes in the game. Overall, this town has a unique feel to it through the music and the robotic feel, all while introducing and setting up so many amazing scenes that just make this town so good.

1. Devour Village

Not only is Devour Village the vehicle for some of the best scenes in the game, but the environment easily sets up the gloomy feel of the town, as well as providing the most real-life themes of any other point in the game—tackling suicide, hopelessness, fighting for what is right, (as Shu Says) not giving up, and much more. The town develops the main cast quite a lot, and honestly, this is one of the favorite towns in a video game (it also reminds me of Twilight Town in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which is great). Overall, an amazing town that I didn't even have the capability to fully explaining it.

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