Blue Dragon: Top 25 Tips and Tricks RANKED!

Blue Dragon: Top 25 Tips and Tricks RANKED!

There is a surprising level of depth in Blue Dragon, so at times it can be a little difficult to have a grasp on everything, especially some more intricate details of the battle system and such. These tips and tricks should make your journey playing Blue Dragon just that much easier. These will actually not be ranked in order of usefulness, but instead in order of how well known/unknown they are. Now presenting... Blue Dragon: Top 25 Tips and Tricks RANKED!

25. Don't underestimate support/barrier magic

‌‌The Support Magic class is not given the credit it deserves in this game. The Sleep spell is one of the most dominant spells in the game throughout the first disc, and the Quick, Slow, and Poison spells all are fantastic in that portion as well. Throughout the second and third disc once you start unlocking high-level abilities such as Double-Cast and Spell Duration +50%, as well as gain the amazing stat boosts of the class, the character who has dabbled in Support Magic will have some insane magic firepower. The Attack Up and Mag Atk Up spells are highly underrated, and they are some of the best spells in the game! As anybody who uses this class knows, the overpowered Quickus spell allows the party to dominate any boss, as you can get an almost unfair amount of turns with the speed boost the spell grants. A couple of other situational spells that can help out the party are Deflect, which is great to use against tigers early in the game so you can cause them to miss there powerful attacks, Dizzy, which can weaken back-row monsters by disabling their spellcasting, Panic, which can confuse powerful enemies into allying with your team, Kelolon, which works perfectly in tandem with the fabled Kelolon strategy, and HP Max Up, which is nice if you want to get some extra HP for a tough fight. With all these spells going for this class, people on forums who say the Support Magic class is not worth it make me question if they have even played the game.

But the Support Magic class is still treated more fairly than one other class in Blue Dragon... and that's the Barrier Magic class. People tend to give the Barrier Magic class even more crap on forums, saying that it is only good for the Field Barrier skill. However, with the power of Wallus, Shieldus, and Shellus, your party can tank almost all damage against hard enemies! Other great spells that are completely ignored by many include the Heal Up spell, which boosts restorative power of White Magic spells, making White Magic that much more useful, and the Resist series, which is great against those tough bosses who inflict you with a plethora of status ailments! The Barrier Magic class also boasts some great stat gains, so I don't know what people find so terrible about this class. Overall, remember to use buffs and debuffs to your advantage! It makes the game much more fun and adds to the overall experience!

24. Restore MP easily

‌‌There are many ways to restore MP easily in Blue Dragon. The most simple way is to buy a bunch of Magical Medicine, but that requires Gold, so that is just inherently boring and a waste of time. A costless, early game alternative is available through the Regenerate MP skill, which is amazing for the first disc, but becomes basically worthless when high-cost spells are introduced to the mix (luckily, Regenerate MP still stays relevant when used with Field Barrier 3, but I will get to that). The best mid-game method of restoring MP would definitely go to the Extracta spell, which takes a heap of MP from a target enemy and gives it to the caster.

Once you decide to start mastering classes and such, the MP-restoring options become even greater! The third best late-game MP restorer would go to Extractus, which deals damage as well as restoring HP in addition to sapping MP from the enemy, so that is a nice bonus! The second best would go to Absorb MP, which takes one-fourth of damage dealt and restores it as MP, which is insane considering the high amounts of damage you can dish out to enemies in this game! However, the White Mage's Resurrection skills surpasses both of these, as upon dying you get all your HP and MP back. This means you can purposely kill off that character once they run out of MP and voila! You have all your MP back. Overall, there are some great and efficient ways to restore MP in this game!

23. Use field skills to your advantage

‌‌Don't underestimate field skills. Obviously, Field Barrier is used by all Blue Dragon players to kill enemies easily and gain tons of SP. But there are some other great field skills to utilize as well! I am not the biggest fan of Attract Aura (I'll touch on this later in this article), but it's opposite, Repel Aura, is great as it allows you to ignore weaker enemies that you have no interest in fighting (this can also be achieved with Field Barrier though so... not really that good, let's be real). The Stun Bomb ability allows you to get the jump on an enemy, which is always a great move to play as you can have an advantage when you enter the battlefield. However, my favorite of the bunch is Stealth, which allows you to more effectively sneak up on enemies (sorry Stun Bomb, you and Repel Aura are a little outclassed), as well as avoid enemies with much ease. Essentially what I am getting at is... use Stealth and Field Barrier a lot!

Another great thing to utilize on the field is the Encounter Circle, which can give enormous advantages in battle. Whether through the unique Monster Fight system or through bonuses given through fighting Consecutive Battles, the Encounter Circle is one of the most useful and unique parts about traversing the world of Blue Dragon. Overall, use a fluid combination of Stealth, Field Barrier, and the Encounter Circle to become the best Blue Dragon player possible.


‌‌Even before the starting credits of the game have finished rolling, there are already a plethora of things to search in Blue Dragon. This is a testament to the fact almost every little piece of rubble and every crevice in Blue Dragon has an item you can collect from simply tapping the A button. From start until end, searching your surroundings will allow you to build up your stock of items, give you more Gold and Medals, and even permanently boost the stats of your party members! However, arguably the most important reason to search things is to collect a large amount of Nothings, a unique currency that allows you to buy the best accessories in the game! Without searching, you will simply miss out on SO much. I recommend getting the DLC as soon as possible, as you can use the Nothing Glasses to easily find these pesky little things and get your hands on great accessories right away. Overall... SEARCH EVERYTHING!

‌‌21. Maro and the lasers

This tip is very simple: control Marumaro anytime you see lasers! Instead of walking through the lasers and triggering the alarm, walk UNDER the lasers to avoid this. However, make sure you trigger a laser at least once to add the enemies who appear from triggering said laser to the Monster Record. Speaking of the Monster Record, that is what I'll be covering next.

‌‌20. Make sure to steal from bosses and kill enemies‌‌

Don't flee from battles! Some enemies can only be fought once in the game, and you can permanently miss out on adding these enemies to your Monster Record! Make sure to also steal from all bosses you fight, as some of them such as Ultimate Szabo and the Phantom Dragon have items that can only be obtained by stealing from them! If you miss these, you'll have to kiss 100%-ing your Item Record goodbye. Overall, just be mindful: kill enemies and steal from bosses. It's that easy!

19. Buying garlic‌‌

This is a slightly dumb tip to make this list, but buying a few pieces of Garlic each time you stop at a town will allow you to inflict the Stink status effect on yourself. With this effect, you can attract enemies towards you very easily and gain the advantage over them using the Encounter Circle or a Field Barrier ability. Essentially, Fresh Garlic and Stout Garlic are more effective at attracting enemies then Attract Aura, as the Stink effect lasts as long as you would like it to. Overall, Garlic is a great item to stock up on no matter how you would like to utilize it!

18. Autograph Paper

I decided to put this on the list, as I found a discrepancy with the official strategy guide. The strategy guide states that you must have Toripo sign the Autograph Paper when he is standing behind the tree in the final moments of the game, however, this could not be further from the truth. Toripo can sign this much earlier, either at the Aurora Ruins or at the Mecha Robo Cube. Just wanted to clear up this discrepancy.

17. Don't attempt to flee with Shu‌‌

I just wanted to bring this up because I find it hilarious and awesome: Shu cannot use the Flee command until the end of Disc 2. This is because he won't give up! I love this attention to detail! But just make sure you never have to be in a situation where you have to Flee with Shu, or you will be out of luck!

16. Kelolon Ballerinas‌‌

I'm just on a streak of semi-worthless tips, aren't I? I just wanted to mention the powerful Kelolon Necklace, which is perfect with the Kelolon strategy that I will be covering later on this list. However, if somebody would like to reap the benefits of the Kelolon Necklace without using said strategy, you can simply equip the Ballet Shoes or a Ribbon or any accessory that prevents the Kelolon status ailments! Just keep that in mind if you were planning on equipping this necklace.

15. Infinite Money Exploit‌‌

Many RPGs have money exploits in which you can upgrade an item and sell it for much more than it was worth previously. One prime example of this is in Final Fantasy IX, where you can synthesize the very profitable Cotton Robe using the much cheaper Wrist and Steepled Hat equipment pieces and sell it for an obscene amount of Gil. Although much less profitable, there is a version of this in Blue Dragon as well! In Baroy Town, there is a Mecha Robo who upgrades Medicines to Mega Medicines, which you can simply sell for a decent profit. If you need money during Disc 2, make sure you utilize this exploit!

14. Don't glitch yourself out in NG+‌

This likely will never affect you, even if you are playing on a New Game+ file, but this is a fun glitch to touch on nonetheless. In the Ancient Ruins, there are four treasure chests that are necessary to open to continue to the Flying Fortress: two containing Medicines, one holding a Light Crystal, and another housing a Phoenix Talon. If you have carried over a file with 99 Light Crystals, 99 Phoenix Talons, and/or 98-99 Medicines, you won't be able to open these chests correctly and you won't be able to progress in the game. Overall, if you are planning on playing New Game+, just keep this glitch in mind.

13. Is the sweet spot‌‌ worth it?

With physical attacks, the sweet spot is at the end of the charge meter, so if possible, you should charge it all the way because that makes it as strong as it can be. However, with magic attacks, they are either in the middle of the charge meter (most spells) or randomly placed somewhere on the meter (weird spells like Shadow and Extract). Despite what the game wants you to believe, the sweet spot is not necessarily better than fully charging it; they both have their own advantages. If you fully charge a spell, it will deal much more damage than if you charge it to the sweet spot. However. Charging it to the sweet spot lowers the MP cost, making it useful in some situations. Overall, I find fully charging spells much more useful, however there are still some situations in which the sweet spot can be of use.

12. Infinite Nene's Earrings‌‌

If you miss stealing Nene's Earring from the Phantom Dragon, do not fret! All of the legendary dragons except for the Blizzard Dragon can be fought within the Shuffle Dungeon, therefore you have a second chance at stealing this rare item. This also allows you to steal multiple of them, which is awesome because they are some of the best earrings in the game! Make sure to make use of this if you encounter the Phantom Dragon in the Shuffle Dungeon!

11. Using special items‌‌

Don't hoard those Gorgo Elixirs, gems, fossils, feathers, weeds, and whatever other special items you have in your inventory! They are lifesavers in tough enemy fights, especially in Hard Mode! They aren't all that hard to get, so don't be afraid to use them!

10. Get elixirs, not hearts‌‌

Let's be real—it is extremely easy to level up your Shadow Classes in this game! Thanks to Field Barrier, it's extremely easy to get SP... therefore, why would you waste your Medals on buying Hearts instead of Elixirs? Save up for Elixirs and get your stats increased as much as possible instead of wasting your Medals on useless Heart items! And speaking of grinding instead of using Hearts, I will now cover how to utilize amazing ability that is Field Barrier.

9. Grinding with Field Barrier‌‌

Field Barrier 3 is without a doubt one of the best abilities in the game. You can grind SP so easily and max Shadow Classes at a breakneck pace. For just a meager 1 MP per enemy killed, you can pair this ability with Regenerate MP to kill enemies with no MP cost! There are three optimal Field Barrier grinding locations in Blue Dragon. These include the Flying Needle Moles at the Laser Field, the horde of Kelolons in the Underground River, and the butterflies flying around the garden outside the Primitive Cube. My personal favorite of the three is the Laser Field, where there is a crevice in which you can kill Flying Needle Moles while being AFK, which makes it the most time-efficient of the three. And make sure you equip Black Belts or Eyepatches to get the most SP possible! Now I will talk about EXP grinding, as that is also very important to cover.

8. Grinding EXP

EXP is WAY harder to get than SP, as you can't grind it with Field Barrier! Here are the three optimal EXP grinding locations: the Ghost-Yeet (if you are highly-leveled with your Shadow Classes, this boss is a great way to get huge EXP), the enemies in the Shuffle Dungeon (this is great if you are planning on finishing it anyway), and the Masked Skimmers at the entrance of the Ancient Ruins - Forest (they are very fast to kill using the Encounter Circle, Shoes of Hermes, and Black Magic). And make sure you get the best EXP possible by equipping Leis on your party members! Speaking of the Shuffle Dungeon and the Ghost-Yeet, those will be the topic of my next two tips.

7. Shuffle Gear‌‌

There are three pieces of Shuffle Gear: the Shuffle Helmet, Shuffle Breastplate, and Shuffle Gauntlet. Although they suck by themselves, when equipped as a set, they become the best accessories in the game and boost all of your stats to an insane degree! Though they are extremely late-game accessories, they are simply amazing.

6. Infinite Ribbons‌‌

Due to the fact that you can fight the Ghost-Yeet infinity times if you exit and re-enter the game, you can steal as many Ribbons as you want from him! Ribbons are a top tier accessory (see the best special accessories in the game here), so this is an amazing tip to know.

5. Infinite Black Belts‌‌

Seriously, don't kill the Corrosive Poo until you learn about this! The Corrosive Poo allows you to steal as many Black Belts as you would like! If you steal it from him, run away, exit the Ancient Ruins, and reload the game, you can go back and steal another! Make sure to stock up as many as you want before you kill this guy!

4. Make use of all of your equipment‌‌

There are lots of pieces of situational equipment in Blue Dragon that are fantastic if used correctly, so I will explain them here. The first type of situational pieces of equipment to cover would be the "crusher" bracelets. These bracelets allow you to have a chance to instantly kill enemies of certain types when they are equipped. There are four of these: the Life-Crusher Bracelet, the Ghost-Crusher Bracelet, the Magic Life-Crusher Bracelet, and the Tech-Crusher Bracelet. These are simply great if you are trying to kill certain types of enemies with one blow. However, even better than these bracelets is the Poo Bracelet. The Poo Bracelet is similar in function to the "crusher" bracelets, but it has a 100% success rate, making it much better. The Poo Bracelet allows you to instantly kill Poo Snakes, which is perfect for killing the Jumbo and Corrosive Poo Snakes in the Ancient Ruins, killing the Golden Poo Snake on Poo Snake Island, killing the Jumbo Poo Snake in the Mechosaur fight outside the Primitive Cube, and to kill any other Poo Snakes in the game that cause the player any trouble. The Diamond-Encrusted Ring is a terrible ring to put on attackers, however, when you attack, you can gain Gold, which is great if you are running low! There are many necklaces that prevent status ailments such as the Ordeal Necklace, the Ancient Warrior's Necklace, Himiko's Necklace, Nene's Necklace, Eternity Necklace, Infinity Necklace, and Renew Necklace. All of these necklaces also have a set of earrings that resists some sort of status ailment as well, but the earrings category also contains the Death Earring, which protects against instant KO as well!

There are also many pieces of equipment that have spells infused inside of them, such as the Shell Earring, the Shield Earring, the Kelolon Necklace, the Mirror Earring, the Mirror Necklace, the Prismatic Wind Bracelet, the Prismatic Cyclone Bracelet, the Witch's Charm, and the Fighter's Charm. There are also pieces of elemental equipment that are very useful as well: the necklaces and earrings are great at lowering damage against enemy spells, and the rings boost damage of elemental spells. The elemental bracelets are rubbish in comparison to Magic Sword attacks, however. When you are far in the game and have maximum Magic Attack using powerful accessories such as the Shuffle Gear, you can equip an elemental ring to boost magic damage without having to worry about not getting enough Magic Attack! Special accessories, of course, are amazing, but since they all boast special and situational effects, I will cover them in another article instead of here. And last but not least, there are some very special accessories that have skills infused into them! These include the Sun Necklace, the Devee Idol, Crimson Earrings and the White Gold Earrings. Overall, make sure you pay attention to these items: they may not have the best stats, but they have great uses outside of pure stats that should not be ignored!

3. Steal overpowered items

There are some overpowered accessories you can steal that can help you A TON and carry you throughout the game! I'll make a complete list of these helpful accessories. In Disc 1, you can steal a Silver Bracelet from Flamboyant Dinoram, a Silver Ring from Icefire Wolf Ghost, and a Mythril Earring from King Ghost, which are nice but you can buy those easily otherwise, so those aren't all that special. However, Disc 2, it gets much better, where you can steal Diamond Necklaces from Parvenu Pelicans, a Bellybutton Ring of Fire from Blazing Kirin, Magic Life-Crusher Bracelets from Visage Vipers, Black Belts from Corrosive Poo, and a Lei from the Moody Dragon. In disc 3, you can steal a Black Belt from Eat-Yeet, a Bellybutton Ring of Earth from the Azure Sentinel, a Bellybutton Ring of Water from the Azure Abyssal Dragon, a Bellybutton Ring of Wind from the Land Shark C, Ribbons from the Ghost Yeet, Belt of Hermes from Mechosaur, Nene's Earring from the Phantom Dragon, a Ribbon from the Blizzard Dragon, an Ancient King's Ring from the Amethyst Dragon, an Ancient King's Bracelet from the Spark Dragon, Ballet Shoes from the Pyro Dragon and the Gold Scything Skull Spider, the Sun Necklace from Hot Hot Hydra, and Nene's Ring from Ultimate Szabo.

There is not much notable in Disc 1, so none of those are absolutely worth reloading a save to obtain. In Disc 2, grinding for a Diamond Necklace per person and a Magic Life-Crusher Bracelet per person will allow your party members to be beasts, as the equipment obtained around that time is vastly inferior to those accessories. The Lei is also a must to steal because they are very limited in this game, and stealing five Black Belts from Corrosive Poo this early in the game is a splendid idea. Other must steals would be the Bellybutton Rings throughout Discs 2 and 3, 5 Ribbons from Ghost Yeet, the Nene's Ring and Earrings, and the Belt of Hermes from the Mechosaur. Overall, make sure you steal from bosses and enemies to make your team as strong as they can possibly be!

2. Kelolon strategy‌‌

The Kelolon status seems to completely suck at first glance. It disables abilities and lowers your damage to single or double digit damage, which is hot gutter trash. But there's more to the Kelolon. Kelolons have a higher chance of hitting critical hits, as well as doing extremely high critical damage. Pair the Kelolon status ailments along with Boost Critical Damage and Critical Hit Lift, and you have an insane setup. Wear the Kelolon Necklace, use the Kelolon Powder item, or cast the spell on yourself to utilize this strategy! Oh wait... You thought that was all? HA. You. Are. Wrong. With the Kelolon Elixirs you can buy in shops midway through the game, you can skyrocket the critical hit rate to be even higher. All in all, with the Kelolon Necklace, Boost Critical Damage, Critical Hit Lift, and a Kelolon Elixir, you can unlock the true power of the Kelolon and become a true "ultimate battle machine."

1. Double-Cast charged magic exploit

This was my favorite trick to utilize in the whole game. In fact, I used it just about every battle once I figure it out. When you Double-Cast two spells, it averages the charge time of both of the spells... using this, you can fire off one high-charged spell and one uncharged spell. This is more useful than you realize! Just let that sit for a bit. Using this, you can fire off a spell that doesn't need to be charged and a powerful full-charge attack. This is much better than firing two mid-charged spells. This might not seem very useful, but overall, I think it is one of the best and most interesting tricks to utilize in Blue Dragon.

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