Dragon Warrior III: All Classes RANKED!

Dragon Warrior III: All Classes RANKED!

This list is based on the original NES version.

Dragon Warrior III is often regarded as one of the best entries in the series, and is almost always considered the best on the NES. With the ability to add party members with different classes and change those classes, Dragon Warrior III utilizes the NES’s capabilities much better than, say, the original Dragon Warrior. In this article, we will be ranking the eight classes of Dragon Warrior III.

#8 – Goof-Off

Starting off this list, we have the Goof-Off. This class has the highest luck, but that doesn’t make it useful. Goof-Offs’ selection of equipment is practically nonexistent, and they have no skills at all. The only reason you would ever use a Goof-Off is to become a Sage without the need of the Book of Satori. The problem is, you should be getting the Book of Satori before you would even have reason to become a Sage. Overall, the Goof-Off is just downright bad.

#7 – Merchant

The Merchant is another class that you probably shouldn’t use in your playthrough. The thing that makes the Merchant unique is its ability to find extra gold or items after a battle. If you are trying to find rare drops, such as the Shoes of Happiness, the Merchant could be useful, but with its small array of available equipment, you won’t find much use for this semi-obsolete character class.

#6 – Soldier

The Soldier is kind of like an alternate version of the Hero but without magical capabilities. Soldiers can equip most weapons and armor in the game, which makes them a good class. The problem is that since you have to have the Hero in your party, the Soldier doesn’t add as much value to the party. Another downside to the Soldier is that you will have to buy expensive equipment in order for the class to be very powerful. However, if your team is lacking in the offense department, a Soldier is a pretty good choice for your team.

#5 – Fighter

The Fighter is an agile attacking class that has high Agility and Strength. Unlike the Soldier, Fighters have a much smaller selection of equipment available to them. But they make up for this by having a high Attack stat with no weapon at all. Also they can equip the Fighting Suit, which is a great piece of armor for the time you get it. You should definitely include a Fighter or Soldier in your lineup, but the Fighter is a better choice if you prefer speed over hard-hitting or you don’t want to grind for Gold.

#4 – Wizard

The Wizard class is your JRPG Black Mage in Dragon Warrior III. With the ability to cast offensive magic spells and the amazing BiKill, the Wizard is a valuable asset to your party. The Wizard has high Intelligence and Agility, so you can quickly and effectively deal with your foes. Unfortunately, similarly to Dragon Warrior, offensive magic just doesn’t go very far later in the game.

#3 – Pilgrim

Every JRPG has healing spells (excluding you, Paladin’s Quest), and almost always are they useful. The Pilgrim learns every healing spell except for HealUsAll, and has a substantial amount of MP to use on these spells. Pilgrims also have access to the Inferno line of spells and instant death (which is strange to have on the healer class) which can be helpful against early-game enemies. Unless you have a Sage, you are going to want a Pilgrim in your party to keep every member healthy.

#2 – Sage

The Sage class is an exceptional combination of the Wizard and Pilgrim classes, being able to cast 55 different magic spells ranging from Heal to BeDragon. Even with the requirement of needing a level 20 party member and the Book of Satori to acquire, the Sage’s good stats and wide array of magic makes this class a phenomenal addition to your party.

#1 – Hero

Unsurprisingly, the mandatory Hero class is the best in the game. With the ability to cast powerful magic spells such as Vivify, Lightning, and HealUsAll and the best offensive capabilities, the Hero is an unstoppable battle machine. The Hero can equip practically every piece of equipment available in Dragon Warrior III. Pair that with high Strength and Vitality stats, the Hero earns the first place spot on our list.

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