Final Fantasy Dimensions: All Jobs RANKED!

Final Fantasy Dimensions: All Jobs RANKED!

The Final Fantasy Dimensions job system took everything wrong with Final Fantasy V’s job system and remedied it. With different skills taking up different amounts of slots, with each character having an equal amount of job levels, and with exclusive jobs for both parties, this job system is very in-depth! Add to this the plethora of F-Abilities you can unlock, and this game has a masterpiece of a job system. Now, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents… Final Fantasy Dimensions: All Jobs RANKED!

19. Jobless (Darkness) - F Tier

There is no reason to ever be Jobless as a Warrior of Darkness, even if you do master every job in the game and gain six ability slots. Why? Because what is the point of using this job over another job with much better stats? Sure, being Jobless allows you to wear every piece of equipment in the game, and is the only way to use a holy sword as a Warrior of Darkness, but overall, with their terrible stats, not even six ability slots and great equipment can make them good.

18. Thief - D Tier

Bruh. Why does it take two slots for the Steal command? If Steal and Mug were only one slot each, maybe I’d like the Thief better, but as is? Their abilities kind of suck, and so do their stats… they have the worst stats of any physical job in the game! Basically the best reason to use the Thief is to get Item Finder and Treasure Hunter so you can hunt for Tails and Fangs, and move on to a different job. Overall, the Thief has two good abilities that you should get on one of your characters as soon as possible, but once you get those abilities? Never use the Thief again.

17. Red Mage - C Tier

The Red Mage is even weaker in this game than in other Final Fantasy games. Also, in a game where Black Magic and White Magic are much worse than Summons, Red Mage simply can’t match the Summoner’s skillset. And on top of that, Red Magic falls off even earlier in this game than in games like FF3 and FF5! Though the Red Mage is dominant for the first couple hours of the game, there is no reason to use them after that except to get Dualcast and maybe Magic Blade (if you are interested in that). However, with completely overpowered F-Abilities that you can unlock, Dualcast is a lot less useful in this game than in Final Fantasy V. Overall, dabbling in the Red Mage at the beginning is nice, and Dualcast is pretty good, but for the majority of the game? The Red Mage is very weak.

16. Black Mage - C Tier

Just like in Final Fantasy V, Black Magic is completely outclassed by Summons in this game. I wouldn’t use this job unless you just love Black Magic in games, because its not really worth it. The biggest draw of the Black Mage is to master it and learn Magic Font, one of the best abilities in the game… and take it over to the Summoner. This also affects healing magic, making it a boon to have for your Summoner or Seer. Overall, the Black Mage isn’t that great on its own, but its Magic Font ability is an ability every one of your magic casters should learn eventually.

15. Warrior - C Tier

The Warrior is a very mid class, but it’s still pretty solid. It’s reliable, it dishes out a decent amount of damage, and has a good amount of stamina. Strike is a very cheap option for dishing out a lot of damage, and War Cry is a must-have for boss fights. However, once you are able to get the Mighty Wall F-Ability, you no longer need to use Battle Arts to boost your attack, so that eventually becomes obsolete. Strike also gets outclassed once you have a sufficient amount of MP to use stronger abilities. Also, Double Attack is one of the worst final abilities for a job class: even with Dual-Wield, it still doesn’t hit more than twice, unlike the Ranger’s Spreadshot, which can hit for eight attacks and deal even more damage. It also has nothing on abilities like Ebony Slash or Ivory Slash, and definitely has nothing on abilities like Magic Font. Overall, the Warrior has a few great abilities, and is very reliable, but it is much weaker than jobs like the Dark Knight or Paladin.  

14. Dancer - B Tier

The Dance command is actually pretty great in this game! You can cast Blink on the entire party, drain HP and MP, debuff the strength and speed of enemies, heal your party and cure them of status ailments, do quadruple damage, skyrocket the user’s stats, and inflict status ailments on the enemy! The biggest issue is that the Dancer does not unlock Sword Dance until the final dungeon of the game… so they have very few ways to deal damage! The Dancer also has relatively low stats, so that definitely hinders the usefulness of this job. However, using Trance and Sword Dance together is extremely powerful, and being able to weaken tough enemies is always a great thing to use a turn on! Last of all, without the Dancer, you can not unlock Phantom Rush, which is the best way for the Warriors of Darkness to dish out a ton of damage. Overall, the Dancer is a versatile class with a lot of cool abilities, but their weak stats and how late you get their good abilities causes them to fall at the bottom of B Tier.

13. Bard - B Tier

I think the Bard is slightly better than the Dancer. With incredibly powerful buffing abilities, as well as HP and MP-restoring abilities, they can make your team become incredibly strong. The Bard is insane when it comes to utility… multiple of the best F-Abilities for the Warriors of Light require the Bard! However, they can’t be any better than B Tier since they are completely idle when they are singing their songs. Overall, with their great buffing capabilities and F-Abilities, they are a good class, but not a great class.

12. Ranger - B Tier

The Ranger has some sick abilities: Quick Shot, Precise Shot, and Spreadshot are all phenomenal in their own ways! Quick Shot is great, as it basically lets you attack endlessly until you run out of MP… it’s absolutely broken for a while once you get it! Precis Shot is great against enemies like Cactuars, and Spreadshot is basically Final Fantasy Dimensions equivalent of Rapid Fire! However, although these are all great abilities, due to how broken F-Abilities are in this game, there are always more powerful attacks than these abilities. But luckily, the Ranger still has some things going for it! First of all, unlike most iterations of the Ranger, the Ranger can equip axes in this game, making them a formidable attacker comparable to the Warrior! And second of all? The Alchemy ability is one of the best abilities in the game… and it doesn’t get outshined by any F-Abilities! This allows you to use two items, which is absolutely fantastic. Overall, with decent Aim abilities, attack power comparable to the Warrior, and the broken Alchemy command, the Ranger is a pretty decent job you shouldn’t pass up.

11. White Mage - B Tier

The White Mage is your best healer up until you get the Unicorn and Argy summons! They have great supporting abilities, and obviously, great heals. They also learn Mental Discipline, which is great for random encounters and some of the games’ never-ending dungeons. In comparison to the Seer and the Summoner, the White Mage isn’t nearly as good. However, since you don’t get those two summons and the Seer until later in the game, overall, the White Mage is a crucial class to have early in the game, but is very weak later in the game.

10. Magus - B Tier

Meteor is the best source of single-target damage outside of F-Abilities, so if you don’t plan on grinding for F-Abilities, the Magus is a job you should definitely use! Ultima is also incredibly powerful for clearing out groups of enemies, and Flare is pretty good too! However, in a game where Summons and F-Abilities dominate, overall, I couldn’t put the Magus any higher on the list.

9. Monk - B Tier

The Monk is a very powerful job! They give you access to some of the best F-Abilities in the game, and though their Martial Arts are pricey, they are very powerful! The Raging Fist and Aurablast abilities are very strong single-target abilities, and Earthshatterer can deal a ton of damage! They also have great stats and damage with their claws! The Monk is always a solid choice no matter where you are in the game, and since this job gives you Final Heaven, it is essential to master to maximize your damage! Overall, the Monk is a very solid job throughout the entire game, and it teaches you some of the best F-Abilities, but it isn’t good enough to fall into A Tier.

8. Seer - A Tier

With the Curaga, Holy, Arise, Dispel, and the Res. Element skillset, the Seer is a very good healer and supporter. Though I think casting Argy, Phoenix, or Unicorn is the better option over White Magic, the Seer is still an incredibly powerful job. Without the Seer, you couldn’t get awesome F-Abilities such as Mega Raise! Overall, the Seer is an amazing healer and caster, and I totally recommend using them, but I personally like the Summoner better as a healer.

7. Jobless (Light) - A Tier

It is quite insane how much better the Jobless “job” is for the Warriors of Light. I mean the Warriors of Light are better in general, so I guess it makes sense, but there is a big difference here. Why? Because of Recollect. Once you earn six slots, you can equip Two-Handed, Recollect (assuming you’ve only upgraded strength and speed), and Strength +20% to become the strongest job in the entire game… and it isn’t even close! Though it takes a ton of investment to power up this job, it is well worth it, as it is just that good! However, it isn’t ranked higher because Jobless characters have pretty poor HP and MP stats, which makes this class a glass cannon. Overall, I would totally recommend having a Light Jobless character in your party to deal tons more damage than any other character, but if you have more than two of them, you will probably get quite a few Game Overs due to their very low HP.

6. Dragoon - A Tier

The Dragoon is just a better Warrior: faster and stronger. As soon as you get the Dragoon, swap your Warrior to this class to do extra damage Across the board, their abilities are not the best except for Healing Breath, which can be pretty good! However, their final ability, Dragon Soul? It revives all characters with full HP and MP, sacrificing your own HP and MP. However, this can be utilized to great effect, allowing you to effectively restore MP at any point in time! This gives you infinite MP! This also is one of the best abilities to bring to a boss fight, and if you utilize Jump? You can dodge powerful attacks and then fire off a Dragon Soul when the rest of your party is dead! Overall, due to great stats, equipment, and the Dragon Soul ability? The Dragoon is one of the best attackers in the game.

5. Paladin - S Tier

The Paladin is a fantastic attacker. With great stats all-around, great equipment, and some great abilities, you definitely should use this class. Basically all of the Holy Blade abilities are amazing and have some sort of use… and Doublehand can allow you to deal double the damage! They can also act as a tank with the Cover and Guard abilities, but not to the same effect as the Dark Knight. Overall, the Paladin is a very solid job, but without the powerful tanking of Draw Attacks or the broken Last Resort, they can’t quite reach the highs of the Dark Knight.

4. Ninja - S Tier

The Ninja may not have a ton of strength, but with their insanely high speed and their Dual-Wielding, they are a formidable job class that you should definitely use! Take Dual-Wield over to a Dark Knight, and you will be unstoppable for sure! Another good use for the Ninja is to equip them with the Alchemy command, which allows them to be a super fast healer, supporter, and reviver! The Ninja also has some pretty awesome healing abilities… and they can be used outside of battle to heal party members! They also have the Throw ability, as always, which is also good! Overall, with their fast speed, they can deal tons of damage or they can support the party with their healing Ninjustsu and Alchemy! And make sure to get all your attackers Dual-Wield by using this job!

3. Dark Knight - S+ Tier

The Dark Knight is a fantastic job. They have some of the best equipment in the game, and they have some amazing abilities! First of all, they have Dark Swords, which are amazing. Second of all, they have great dark attacks, including Onyx Wave, Ebony Slash, Final Thrust, and Last Resort! Onyx Wave is great at clearing out enemies, Ebony Slash is an incredibly strong attack against light enemies, and Final Thrust is great for dealing a ton of damage earlier in the game or for slaying enemies with high defense! But best of all is Last Resort, which increases your stats significantly, allowing you to deal tons more damage! Sure, it casts Doom on you, but it is really easy to revive your characters with powerful abilities like Arise, Mega Raise, Phoenix, Dragon Soul, and Alchemy! Third of all, they have Backliner, which allows them to attack from the back row for full damage! And last but not least, they have Draw Attacks, which is incredibly powerful (especially in tandem with Backliner)! Overall, the Dark Knight is one of the best classes in the game, and you should definitely have one in your party for as long as possible.

2. Summoner - S+ Tier

The Summoner is by far the best magical job in the game. They can deal damage of all seven elements (fire, thunder, ice, wind, water, light, and dark), revive the entire party with Phoenix, heal status ailments and health with Unicorn, buff and heal with Argy, one shot enemies with Odin, or devestate enemies with Bahamut. They also can cast for a long time with MP +20%, as well as switch over to Call once you run out of MP! This allows the Summoner to not only be the best magic class in the game, but also to have the second best longevity of any magic class (the best would have to be the White Mage’s Mental Discipline ability). Overall, the Summoner is an amazing job that can cast anything you need, at almost anytime you want!

1. Memorist - S+ Tier

This job’s usefulness relies heavily on collecting past memories, as well as knowing what the optimal use of this job is. First of all, get the Moogle Charm from the Earth Eater, which is found in a secret tree area to the west of Castle Avalon. This will allow you to disable encounters, which is imperative for collecting memories! Once you collect these memories, the real fun starts. Basically, not only can you use all of your abilities from your other jobs, but you can choose your own stats! If you invest half of your memories into strength and the other half into speed? You will get the best physical attacker in the game. And gaining the Recollect ability and giving it to a character like the Paladin, Light Freelancer, or the Dragoon? You can deal obscene amounts of damage! The Memorist also has some pretty dang good equipment choices, so overall, the Memorist has tons of things going for it!

As a bonus, I will tell you my favorite party combinations:

Warriors of Light: Dragoon, Paladin, Jobless, Jobless, Summoner
Warriors of Darkness: Ninja, Ninja, Dark Knight, Magus, Summoner
Magic Party: Summoner, Seer, Magus, White Mage, Black Mage
Physical Party: Memorist, Ninja, Paladin, Dragoon, Dark Knight
Worst Party: Thief, Black Mage, Warrior, Red Mage, Jobless (Dark)
Wacky Party: Bard, Dancer, Memorist, Jobless (Light), Jobless (Dark)
Overall Favorite: Dark Knight, Ninja, Paladin, Dragoon, Jobless (Light)

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