Final Fantasy IX: All Flair Abilities RANKED!

Final Fantasy IX: All Flair Abilities RANKED!

Amarant is not my favorite character story-wise. I'd say he places in second to last in terms of story, with Quina coming in last. However, in terms of battle? This dude is my go-to man! He is my third favorite character to use in battle! See more about my opinions on the character in battle here! I love Amarant's Flair abilities, but some of them are much better than others. Some abilities in this skillset make Amarant a very great support character, and others make him deal tons of damage! Amarant is definitely a jack-of-all-trades character, and I love him for that. Now, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Final Fantasy IX: All Flair Abilities RANKED!

D Tier

8. Demi Shock

Literally why on earth would I waste my time on using Demi Shock when I could destroy the target with No Mercy, Throw, or a physical attack? Heck, even Countdown and Spare Change are more reliable ways of killing an enemy than Demi Shock. It looks really cool, but other than that, I only see one reason to ever use this ability: to help Quina eat enemies. Since it is situationally helpful, I did not put it in F Tier, but instead D Tier. Overall, this is just a dumpster-fire of an ability if I've ever seen one.

7. Spare Change

There might be a couple of instances where this ability will out-damage No Mercy! So, like Demi Shock, it doesn't deserve to be a F Tier ability because there are a couple of uses for it. However, in a game where the damage limit is very easily reachable, there is hardly any reason to waste your hard-earned dough on a mediocre ability that is usually outclassed by a physical attack, Throw, or No Mercy. Overall, this may come in handy a couple of times, but not enough to let it rank any higher than in the D Tier.

C Tier

6. Countdown

This ability looks really cool just like Demi Shock! But sadly, looks can be deceiving. This is definitely a time where you should not judge a book by its cover, because this ability is nothing more than an average, C Tier ability. Sure, this can be useful when fighting Yans. Sure, Countdown is more reliable than Quina's Doom spell, but in comparison to using Soul Blade with the Masamune? This is just a really average and outclassed ability. I mean, even using Soul Blade with the Masamune isn't that useful, because the Doom ailment is just not ever really necessary in the first place! Overall, this ability is more unique and more situationally useful than the last two, but since the Doom ailment is not all that great anyway, this is just a meh ability.

B Tier

5. Curse

This gives enemies a random elemental weakness... and it can stack so the enemy can have multiple weaknesses! However, many enemies aren't durable enough to waste a turn on using this anyway because you could just kill them with No Mercy instead! However, for durable enemies it is pretty incredible! This is way better than Harley's Piercing Sight in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years! Why didn't they make that ability like this one? The other downside with this ability is many of the most powerful attacks in this game are non-elemental, so this won't help with boosting the damage of those abilities! And hitting 9,999 by endgame is easy enough without this ability in the first place... so even though it is great, it isn't really necessary to ever use. Overall, this is a cool ability, but it is a gamble and it isn't all that useful for the endgame. However, if you can make use of this ability, then it can be an insane ability, solidifying its place in B Tier.

4. Revive

This is just a better version of the Life spell... but on a fighter!? What's not to love? Sure, it is just a resurrection ability, but this ability really contributes to Amarant's versatility in battle! Since it is guaranteed to revive the target with more than 20% of their HP (this ability is dependent on the target's Spirit stat, so it can revive for a ton of health if you have high spirit!), whereas Life is only guaranteed to revive at 5%! Overall, Revive is a much better option over Life or a Phoenix Down/Pinion! However, Revive is still no match for Full-Life, and sadly, Revive cannot insta-kill undead enemies like Life and Full-Life can. Overall, Revive is a very useful ability for Amarant to have, but it is outclassed by Eiko's Full-Life and it simply isn't as good as the remaining three Flair abilities on this list.

A Tier

3. No Mercy

No Mercy is Amarant's most useful way of dealing damage! It deals 170% of his normal physical attack damage, and also adds his weapon's elemental affinities to the attack! Unless you use MP Attack or throw Wing Edges, you can't really compare to the damage this ability provides! However, overall, since those other options do exist, I simply could not justify placing this ability above third place since the next two abilities don't have an alternative in Amarant's skillset.

2. Aura

An ability that allows you to apply Regen and Auto-Life at the same time? Yes please! This is an amazing ability! Sure, Auto-Regen makes the Regen effect obsolete. But since the Auto-Life passive ability costs so many Magic Stones and isn't usually worth it anyway, this is a great and efficient alternative! This is simply a better version of Quina's Auto-Life spell! Overall, this is a very solid support ability... but it still isn't the best of the bunch...

S Tier

1. Chakra

This is easily one of my favorite abilities in Final Fantasy IX! Along with the dirt cheap 3 Magic Stone-costing Power Up ability, Chakra can heal 40% HP and MP to a party member... for a measly four MP. To put that in perspective, a Cure spell is six MP! And since Amarant can use this on himself, he can use this ability indefinitely! This can easily provide sufficient MP for any magic user! Overall, this is easily the best Flair command and overall is one of my favorite abilities in Final Fantasy IX.

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