Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: All Characters RANKED!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: All Characters RANKED!

The Golden Sun series is known for its selection of characters that correspond with fire, water, wind, and earth. But, like every other game with diverse characters, some of them are much worse than others. I will be considering Psynergy, weapons, weapon abilities, and stats as I rank these characters. Now, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: All Characters RANKED!

D Tier

8. Rief

Rief is still playable... I mean, this game is incredibly easy save a couple of the optional bosses. Other than his high Luck stat, he has very average stats and very low Agility, making him a rather frail character. He also has the worst weapons in the game, causing him to have basically no physical prowess. His stats are just worse than Amiti's for the most part, which makes me question who was balancing the characters for this game. Water Adepts also suffer from very subpar classes, so overall, Rief has almost nothing going for him. Anything that Rief can do, any other character can do better. Unless you just really love him as a character, ditch Rief as soon as you can.

C Tier

7. Amiti

Amiti is basically just an upgrade of Rief, so that's one thing going for him. However, his stats are still pretty poor, and he is almost too much of a jack-of-all-trades character that he isn't even that good at anything. In this game, Water Adepts simply don't have the weapons, classes, or stats that the other characters boast, so overall, Amiti is no better than a C Tier character. Use him if you want one of each Adept or if you need to kill a monster weak to Water, but otherwise? Leave him in your reserves.

B Tier

6. Karis

Karis has the potential to be one of the best healers in the game due to having the highest agility stat of any character! She has better stats around the board than Rief, and her stats lend much better to a mage role than Amiti's "well-rounded" stats. She also has access to many more weapon types than the two Water Adepts, making her a much better choice. However, even though she is more versatile than the two Water Adepts, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a game where, with the right Djinn setup, anybody can have powerful Psyenergy. With Sveta being as powerful as she is, Karis is very much outclassed as a Wind Adept, and Himi is arguably the better character all-around due to her better class options as a Earth Adept. Overall, Karis can be a very swift healer and attacker, but due to her being outclassed by characters like Sveta and Himi, I can't justify placing her any higher than the B Tier.

A Tier

5. Himi

Though she is by far the worst character story-wise, Himi is pretty solid in battle! I personally find her to be the best mage in the game due to her high agility and due to having the best PP in the game. Her Dragon-based abilities are incredibly lethal, her physical attacks aren't too shabby, and since she is an Earth Adept, she has extremely powerful classes. Overall, Himi is a very solid mage and attacker, but I don't quite find her to be in the top four characters.

4. Eoleo

Eoleo and Tyrell are functionally almost identical. Eoleo has better stats all around (as well as the best HP in the game), and Tyrell has better weapons. Personally, I believe Tyrell is better, but they are almost the same, so take your pick who to use in your party! Or even better, use both of them! That's what I do. Overall, Eoleo is a very great character, so definitely give him a try!

3. Tyrell

With the best defense in the game and the second best weapons, attack, and HP, Tyrell is an extremely powerful physical fighter. Just like Matthew, he has very strong weapon unleashes and has a decent selection of Psynergy! He ranks above Eoleo even though Eoleo has better stats due to his much broader weapon selection. However, they are both very strong characters and usually interchangable. Overall, Tyrell is a very strong attacker and is only second to Matthew in terms of physical attacks.

S Tier

2. Sveta

Sveta has the best Psynergy in the game, at least in my opinion. With her exclusive, extremely powerful Beast Mode ability, she can clear hordes of enemies in just a couple of attacks! Though her equipment and weapon unleashes are not quite as powerful as Matthews, and she isn't the best choice for a healer due to her mediocre agility and PP, she still can be a great healer due to her status as a Wind Adept. Overall, it was a tough choice between Sveta and Matthew, but Sveta is just a little bit weaker. Just like Matthew, once you get Sveta, I advise to never take her out of your party.

1. Matthew

Matthew, like many other main characters, is quite easily the best character in the game. With a slew of powerful weapons (with even more powerful unleashes), including the most powerful weapon in the game, Matthew is your best damage dealer throughout the entire game. His default Psynergy also allow for nice support and damage across the board! He has the highest attack in the game as well! Overall, Matthew is the strongest damage dealer in the game and he should always be in your party no matter the situation.

As a bonus, I'll throw in my favorite party combinations:

The Elementally Balanced Team: Matthew, Sveta, Amiti, Tyrell
The Physical Team (aka My Favorite Team): Matthew, Tyrell, Sveta, Eoleo
The Overall Worst Team (aka the Magical Team): Reif, Amiti, Karis, Himi
The Overall Strongest Team: Matthew, Tyrell, Himi, Sveta
My Favorite Team Character-Wise: Karis, Sveta, Eoleo, Tyrell  

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