Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Bosses RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Bosses RANKED!

With a way more diverse cast of bosses in comparison to Breath of the Wild, this game is so amazing in terms of fighting! This game does away with the mid bosses of Breath of the Wild and has so many amazing bosses! Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Bosses RANKED!

28. Sludge Like - C Tier

While this may be the most difficult mini-boss in the game, that's about the only thing going for this boss. This is a less interesting fight than the Mucktorok, who has similar vibes, and not much more interesting than its Like-LIke bretheren. Overall, this is the most forgettable boss in the game, and does nothing to set itself apart from other bosses in the game.

27. Stone Talus - C Tier

How to Defeat Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

This may seem sacrilegious, but Stone Taluses just aren't that fun in Tears of the Kingdom. With a ton of new bosses and the Stone Talus being the easiest and least rewarding of the bunch of refightable bosses that there are, it is hard for me to put this boss higher than any of the other bosses this game has to offer. While stronger Stones Taluses later down this list give you powerful things to Fuse and rare gemstones, the basic variants don't drop anything outside of flint and amber. They aren't all that rewarding to fight or farm, so I can't place them higher on this list.

26. Molduga -  C Tier

How to defeat Molduga in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Polygon

In Breath of the Wild, I loved fighting these guys because they were rare and possibly the most difficult of the bosses in that game. I still remember how cool they were to fight for the first time! However, the novelty wore off in Tears of the Kingdom, and I simply think these guys are annoying to fight and unrewarding (unless you are exploiting Molduga Jaws and Bone Weapon Attack Up, but that's a whole other thing). Without infinite access to Remote Bombs, this was a rather stupid battle in my eyes because I had to keep wasting materials to kill this boss! Anyway, I still like fighting these guys, but they just aren't that interesting anymore.

25. Yunobo - C Tier

From a technical standpoint, this feels like the first boss in a New Super Mario Bros. game. From a cinematic and story standpoint, it is much better than a Mario boss. This boss for me kind of fits in the "so bad its good" category. I wouldn't be too sad if this boss just suddenly ceased to exist, but overall, it is a decent enough story boss that's fun to laugh at, but it's not the best gameplay-wise.

24. Hinox - C Tier

Yup, the Hinox is my favorite of the returning bosses! Sure, they aren't much harder than Taluses, but you can't Recall their attacks and cheese the fight like Taluses! And you can't just spam Stasis like you could in Breath of the Wild, making the fights against these guys much more interesting. While they don't drop powerful weapons this time around, their parts are still quite useful for elixirs and Fusing! Overall, not bad but not amazing. Just... average.

23. Stalnox - C Tier

How to Defeat a Stalnox in Zelda: TOTK

A more interesting take on the Hinox, I really enjoy the Stalnox, I like the eye popping out and having to throw it around and trap it before the boss retrieves it. It just makes the gameplay loop a bit more fun for these guys than the Hinoxes. However, these don't drop as good of materials as Hinoxes, nor do they hold a candle to other bosses on this list.

22. Frox -  B Tier

With the sucking habits of a Moludga, the name of a Hinox, and the weak points of a Stone Talus, this is a love letter to the trio of original bosses. However, the Frox doesn't do much to set it too far apart from these three bosses. Its drops are quite weak, and its minions are even weaker. While I like we got this as a new boss, it just doesn't feel nearly as cool as other Tears of the Kingdom exclusive bosses on this list.

21. Frost Talus -  B Tier

While these guys aren't much harder than basic Taluses, they are qutie a bti more interesting. Having to melt ice is great, and the drops you get from this boss are a significant upgrade from their weaker counterpart. While not a groundbreaking boss fight, its still a fun boss fight.

20. Igeno Talus - B Tier

Pretty much just as fun as the Frost Talus, but its much less annoying to be burnt than frozen. Of course, these guys also drop Rubies, which are less useful but more profitable than Sapphires. Overall, this is a solid boss fight.

19. Rare Stone Talus - B Tier

Yet another Talus variant, this is the hardest and most rewarding Talus to fight. With a large healthpool and the ability to drop Topaz and Diamonds just amkes this fight a step up from the less interesting Talus variants. These guys actually feel like a boss that could get some damage in, and for that, I have to give this Talus the edge.

18. Battle Talus - B Tier

The final Talus variant on this list is also the newest Talus, added in Tears of the Kingdom! While not nearly as rewarding as the last few Taluses, it is easily the most fun and unique, and a great new addition. With enemies to fight and a fort to Ascend onto, these guys are just a blast to fight.

17. Mucktorok - A Tier

At first, I designed fighting these guys. But as I fought more of them in the Depths, I started to like them a lot more. Attaching a Hydrant to your shield to clear goop instead of using Sidon's powers makes this a much more enjoyable boss fight. While this is the least fun of all the story bosses in the game (and the most annoying), it is still loads of fun to fight and a fun, memorable boss. Low A Tier for this one.

16. Monster Army - A Tier

This is less of a boss and more a horde of enemies, but I decided to include it anyway. This is a very climactic battle, being the first of four phases in the fight against Ganondorf. Fighting all these Bokoblins, Moblins, and Lizalfols all at once is incredibly satisfyingly, especially with all the Sages by your side. While I couldn't justify placing this too much higher since many wouldn't even consider it a boss, I just love how epic it feels to win this boss fight.

15. Marbled Gohma - A Tier

With unique gameplay mechanics revolving around Recall and Yunobo, this boss is incredibly fun to go up against. While the Ocarina of Time Gohma boss is still better and more iconic, this is still a fun fight. While not as unique or challenging as many of the other bosses in this game, I still thoroughly enjoyed this boss fight and was happy I could re-fight this boss in Depths whenever I wanted to.

14. Flux Construct - A Tier

This boss was built perfectly with Tears of the Kingdom in mind. This boss is all about using Ultrahand to weaken the boss and expose its weakness, and using Ascend to reach it when it flies in the sky. Though this boss becomes a pushover after one or town of them are defeated, it is still incredilby fun, even if its easy. Though the game over-uses them for some of its quesets, honestly, I'm okay with that for how fun they are. I'd love to see these guys return in the next Zelda game with a new twist or two on how you kill them. Love these guys.

13. Moragia - A Tier

I love this boss so much... if only I could rank it higher. This boss suffers from the same problem as Yunobo... it is way too easy, and feels like a pushover Mario boss. While I love this boss and how Yunobo plays a huge factor in it, it is just so easy. I wish I could re-fight this boss, but with five times as much health. It'd move up so many spots on this list if it posed even a minute threat, but as it stands, I won't place it any higher on this list.

12. Demon Dragon - A Tier

Just as cinematic as the last boss on this list but with the weight of the story making it edge it out. This boss is basically Moragia and Dark Beast Ganon combined, and as cool as both of them are, this boss is just too easy. It is the final boss of the game, and it is just so amazing and cinematic, but like with so many fantastic bosses in Tears of the Kingdom, pure cinema can only go so far.

11. Lynel - A Tier

Many people consider this a normal enemy, but I am still going to rank it on this list, even though it doesn't have a special health bar. While not a new boss in Tears of the Kingdom, it perfected the formula of this boss by making it worth more. The amount of amazing drops the Lynel has... you'll surely get a good bow, fusable horn, or guts for elixirs. Without the ability to Stasis Lynels this time around, this fight becomes better and less easy. I love these guys as much as ever, and I hope they continue to return in the Zelda franchise.

10. Queen Gibdo - S Tier

No other boss fight in the game is quite as chaotic as Queen Gibdo. With awesome swarms of my favorite enemy, the Gibdo, as well as hives and having to constantly expose the bosses weakness? There is a whole lot of stuff going on. This bos is quite challenging, but in an incredibly fun way. I loved to go back and fight this boss over and over and over again. I truly believe that this is the first S Tier boss on this list, and this is one I constantly go back to fight because it is very fun and involved.

9. Seized Construct - S Tier

If only you could refight this boss the way you could with the other main story bosses. I believe this to be the black sheep of the Tears of the Kingdom bosses, as it revolves around using Mineru to deal damage. I love this fight, as Mineru is otherwise underutilized in every other boss fight and this highlights her (albeit few) strengths. This awesome mech battle is something I desperately wish I could replay, but alas, this is not the case. Maybe in the DLC. Or maybe we'll get something like this in the next Zelda game. Whatever happens though, I love this boss, and yet somehow, there are still 9 that I love more.

8-6. Gleeoks - S Tier

I couldn't choose which Gleeok was my favorite... Thunder was the most cool, but also the most annoying. Fire was the least cool, but also the least annoying. And Frost was somewhere in between. In my eyes, they are just all equally cool. Their first phase is already cool enough, but having to rocket high into the sky to beat them up before knocking them to the ground for huge damage? It's literaly some of the most epic stuff in Zelda history. Yet somehow, there are still a multitude of better bosses.

5. King Gleeok - S+ Tier

The last three bosses on this list merged together makes for perhaps the most formidable foe in the whole game... and also one of the best. Dealing with fire, ice, and thunder all at once during the second phase? It is some insane crap. It was so good, and they always give some great reward like a Sage's Will or something. I just love fighting these guys, but there a few more bosses that are this fun and pertain to the story! So let's move on to those.

4. Master Kohga - S+ Tier

Kohga is a joy to fight. All four of these battles are better than the Kohga fight from Breath of the Wild, and with a car, boat, plane, and mech? Kohga is just too much fun. They use the new building mechanics so birlliantly, and while they still aren't my favorite bosses in the game, they are dang near close to the top.

3. Phantom Ganons - S+ Tier

I'm not talking about the enemy-like Phantom Ganon, gloom-hand fights you see as you explore. I am talking abotu the amazing Phantom Ganons fight in the story. The cloning and the Sages make this into an awesome, large-scale battle. Fighting one Phantom Ganon is already engaging, but fighting multiple of them is an incredibly fun experience. But there are still two bosses I love more on this list.

2. Ganondorf - S+ Tier

With two phases and super fun deauling mechanics, this was an awesome fight. One of my favorite moments in the whole entire game was Ganon's health but int he second phase... if you know, you know. WIth how climactic and fun this fight was, I've just got to say that this may just be the best final bsos in the history of the Legend of Zelda series. Ganondorf is imposing, dodging your attacks and all. Sure, spamming Gibdo-Bone-Fused arrows with a 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow is possibly the easiest thing you can do here, and makes it boring... but if you just use a Monster Sword and Hylian Shield? This fight is just so fun. Overall, I just don't have anything else to say about this boss, it is just so amazing. But there's still one bsos left that I love more...

1. Colgera - S+ Tier

This boss felt more like a masterclass in Zelda cinema than an actually feasible boss fight. This was an just amazing. Diving through his weak points, using "bullet time", and using Tulin's powers? This is all some insanely awesome stuff that I didn't think would be able to be so cool, yet it as. If only more games had awesome cinematic fights like this. Overall, this boss has a sense of epicness that no other boss in the game has, and for that, this is my favorite boss in Tears of the Kingdom.

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