Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Central Hyrule Shrines RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Central Hyrule Shrines RANKED!

With 152 shrines, it'll be a task to rank all of them in a single article. Of course, that is a task I am willing to take on, but not without ranking each region individually first. With Central Hyrule being by far the biggest region, I decided to take it on last! With a total of thirty-four shrines, this region is enormous! Especially when regions like Faron only have six shrines... but I digress. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Central Hyrule Shrines RANKED!

34. Pupunke Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This shrine isn't as bad as the stupid Rock for Sale quest, but it is close. I don't want to give away five gold apples, that's just dumb! Sure, it is fun to go collect them, but I don't give away things to greedy Koroks. Any shrine that makes me part with my vaulables goes in the F Tier. This shrine is cruel and unusal punishment, give me my stupid apples back you dumb Korok!

33. Teniten Shrine - Combat Training: Throwing

If you played Breath of the Wild, this shrine just doesn't need to exist. And even if you haven't played it, this is intuitive enough to figure out. Honestly, this didn't really need to exist, but I'm not offended by it or anything. It just isn't great. D Tier for Combat Training: Throwing.

32. Makurkis Shrine - Combat Training: Archery

This literally just teaches you how to shoot a bow. Wow, it's so hard to do this, I'm dying trying to figure out the controls and how to aim and this shrine was totally necessary for my survival as a mortal meat blob! Said the freaking liar. This shrine is just the definition of unnecessary. At least it is more fun than throwing stuff. D Tier for Combat Training: Archery.

31. Tenmaten Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This is the definition of a completely uninteresting blessing shrine. I'm sorry, but falling down a well is not worthy of being rewarded. I don't deserve this chest and the Orb of Light for going down a well that I'm already getting ten rupees and a Bubblefrog and some enemy loot from. I'm sick and tired of some of these mediocre blessing shrines...  D Tier. I swear, you'll see tons of positivity further down this list.

30. Taki-ihaban Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Hey, unlike the last shrine on this list, at least we get to fight some Gloom Hands before coming into this shrine. However, I mean, they are completely avoidable, so I mean... this isn't much better. D Tier for this. Finally, we can move on from these boring blessing shrines.

29. Kamizun Shrine - Proving Grounds: Beginner

My only problem with this shrine is in the name... it is a shrine for beginners. Any person who played Breath of the Wild or has any semblance of combat experience can beat this shrine in about half a minute. This shrine is just so easy, and is definitely my least favorite of the proving grounds shrines present in Tears of the Kingdom. Overall, I don't have anything wrong with this shrine, it accomplishes its core idea, but it just isn't my favorite for how easy it is. C Tier.

28. Susuyai Shrine - A Spinning Device

Like the last shrine, this accomplished exactly what it needed to—introducing the player to wheels. But also, just like the last one, this is really not hard. It is something I could've easily figured out without an introductory shrine. Also, wheels are inherently an uninteresting and quite unoriginal idea, so overall, this is a C Tier shrine.

27. Usazum Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Fight a weak Hinox. Get a Crystal. Get into this shrine. Grab the chest. Grab the Orb of Light. Boom, boom, boom, Holy Ghost. Boom, boom, boom, bad. Boom, boom, boom, C Tier.

26. Sakunbomar Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

After a fun little adventure through the Korok Forest, a Stone Talus lies in between you and getting into this shrine. Sure, it isn't so much better than the other boss-killing quests, but the little trek through the forest adds a bit of a nice touch. Overall, this isn't too good, but not too bad either. C Tier.

25. Tsutsu-um Shrine - The Stakes Guide You

I'm not a big fan of stakes for some reason. I think they are cool but not utilized in very interesting ways. In terms of guiding the ball? It was fine, but not too unique. Made me miss some of the really unique Cryonis puzzles in Breath of the Wild, to be brutally honest. This just could not live up to some of those puzzles, and honestly, the shrine was just not all that good. C Tier.

24. Serutabomac Shrine - The Way Up

Any shrine focused on the Ascend ability is not for me. They are way too easy, way to derivative, and way too uninteresting. Just use the ability over and over and time it correctly and that's it. Sure, I like this better than some Ascend shrines because you get to use Ultrahand a bit to build your own little tower to get to the end of the shrine. This isn't bad, it just isn't great. C Tier.

23. Sonapan Shrine - Missing Pathways

Another mediocre Ascend shrine, but still better than the last one. Even with some cool ideas here, this just isn't a puzzle. Ascend is so much better used in the overworld, and is not very interesting in the majority of shrines unless it is used for a secret chest somewhere. Seriously, I just don't like how simple Ascend is in the majority of shrines. C Tier for this shrine.

22. Yamiyo Shrine - Combat Training: Throwing

You probably are wondering why on earth this shrine is so high. Well, let me tell you... I had no idea you could throw items like this until this shrine came along! Being able to throw items instead of just dropping them is something that makes Tears of the Kingdom battles and exploration so much more fluid, and this shrine shows you how to utilize that in the world. Sure, I probably would've figured this out eventually, but I'm glad I figured it out so soon after I got to the surface. Overall, while this shrine isn't very good, I am biased because it introduced me to one of the best quality of life changes over Breath of the Wild. B Tier.

21. Kyononis Shrine - Combat Training

For people who haven't played Breath of the Wild since it first came out, a reminder of how to use all the complicated combat tricks is a welcome addition. While shooting a bow or throwing a weapon is just so intuitive, these things are definitely not. Although I beat Breath of the Wild for the second time not too long before Tears of the Kingdom so I didn't need this shrine, I will be the first one to stand up and say this shrine is good for what it is. Though a low B Tier shrine for me, this is still B Tier for me.

20. Ishodag Shrine - A Windy Device

A Windy Device is a great introduction to the Fan, one of my favorite Zonai Devices in the game. While about as simple as it can get, I just freaking love fans so I am biased. While simple, this shrine really does use fans in a couple of different ways, something that Ascend or other one-note abilities can't quite do. While simple, this isn't boring or super average, so I give this shrine a B Tier.

19. Minetak Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Usually I just totally dislike these Rauru's Blessings that are just hidden away in caves because they are super uninteresting, annoying to find, and with the entrances being misleading because of how lightroots work. However, in this case? I really just love the maze full of chests, Horriblins, and an interesting shrine location. Overall, I quite like this shrine, but it isn't phenomenal or anything. B Tier.

18. Jiosin Shrine - Shape Rotation

This shrine is kind of annoying and lacks depth, however, I'm okay with that! This shrine is innovative and fun, and something I did not expect to see at all! It isn't my favorite shrine by any means, but it is still rather awesome, and there is no denying that. Each different shape is fun to make, and while it took a while, this shrine had good pay-off. I just wish this was a bit longer and we could build some much more insane shapes. Overall, good, but could be better. B Tier.

17. Musanokir Shrine - Swing to Hit

While not special, the physics engine is used very well here. Like every other shrine where you have to hit a target, this one requires hitting a ball with some force behind it. While this is super easy, I got a kick out of the physics of the second puzzle, and getting the chest was easy, yet fun. Nothing too special here, but hey, I remembered this shrine, so I'll give it where credit is due. B Tier.

16. Sikukuu Shrine - Spinning Gears

This shrine is so easy it's funny. Recall a gear, Ultrahand a device and get on the gear, and then Recall that gear. Boom, the shrine is over. Super simple. That's not why this shrine made it up to B Tier. This made it up to B Tier because it has my second favorite hidden chest in the entire game. I realized I hadn't found the chest upon beating the shrine, and once I found the chest under the gear, I just had a huge grin on my face. This is the type of chest I want to open, not one that I just need to Ultrahand off of a pedestal. Overall, while not the greatest shrine, I really got a kick out of it. B Tier.

15. Ren-iz Shrine - Jump the Gaps

Rails? Spheres? Ramps? This is awesome. While not as cool as the ramp puzzle in the Fire Temple or in Orbs of Water, this shrine does a good job of making it fun to utilize these spheres and lauch them across these gaps. While this is yet another too easy and not too eventful shrine, I still thouroughly enjoyed it. B Tier for this one.

14. Tajikats Shrine - Building with Logs

There is almost nothing as simple as a shrine about attaching logs together in this game. This is literally something introduced before the second shrine in the game! However, this took such a simple concept and wrapped it up in a nice bow, making a shrine that was such a blast. This shrine didn't deserve the right to be as good as it was, but it was pretty dang solid for how basic it was. While low on the A Tier, this is definitely in the A Tier for me.

13. Tadarok Shrine - Fire and Water

I liked what we got here with the fire and water puzzles meshing to make a fun shrine. However, when I directly compare this one to Fire and Ice, this one just doesn't hold up all that well. On its own, this might be a low A Tier, but when there is another shrine that is just so comparable, this one is not quite as good. However, the Ascend puzzle at the shrine is actually quite unique, and I liked that a lot. If we got a more in-depth shrine that was maybe two rooms bigger? This could've been an S Tier. But like too many shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, this one ended before it could truly become great. Low A Tier for this shrine.

12. Ninjis Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Diving from the sky into the Korok Forest was a great way of utilizing the main mechanic of the Korok Forest—the Lost Woods mechanic of it. The idea that diving quickly and directly into the forest from the sky just really utilizes the rules of the forest well and it made me admire the developers a bit more just for how well they know the world of Hyrule they created. While this shrine shouldn't be special to me, it is. A Tier for this shrine.

11. En-oma Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Without any puzzles, this shrine is similar to the last one. What is the only thing cooler than realizing you can dive into the Korok Forest from the sky without getting lost in the woods? Throwing a crystal into a hole in an island and then diving after it all the way to the surface right into a whirlpool? This was bat-crap crazy and I was here for it. Sure, it was about ten seconds of pure epicness, but that isn't enough to put it in front of the rest of the shrines on this list, all of which have more epic moments, well-designed puzzles, or fun combat challenges. A Tier for this shrine.

10. Ekochiu Shrine - Rise and Fall

How to Complete the Ekochiu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom - Prima Games

This shrine is a very strong shrine, though yet again suffers from being a bit too easy. However, with three distinct Recall puzzles that all bring different things to to the table, this shrine is pretty awesome. The first two puzzles are so intuitive it is almost laughable, but the third puzzle is one of my favorite Recall puzzles in the game, utilizing a weight switch that you need to to manipulate to make good use of. Overall, though the first two puzzles are basic, they don't hinder the fantastic third puzzle and basic doesn't necessarily mean bad. A Tier for Rise and Fall.

9. Sepapa Shrine - Backtrack

This shrine is only a smidge better than Rise and Fall for me. This shrine comes up with two unique puzzles that encourage using Recall to 1) light a torch and 2) open up the way to the end of the shrine. While the first puzzle can be cheesed a little to easily, if you do it right, it is rather cool and the candles in the water is a more aesthetically pleasing than it should be. The second puzzle is one of my favorite puzzles in the whole game, I don't know why it is so cool to Recall something and unlock two different doors at different times, it just was and I will say that until I am taken to my grave. Overall, this is a great shrine, but could have a bit more substance to it. A Tier.

8. Runakit Shrine - Built to Carry

Runakit Shrine - Zelda Dungeon Wiki, a The Legend of Zelda wiki

I freaking love shrines that incorporate rails and a I freaking love shrines that start and end in the same place. This shrine is just so well designed, and it utilizes a multitude of ways to manipulate rails for transportation. Yet again, a bit too easy, but yet again, still fantastic and isn't too hindered by its difficulty. A Tier.

7. Riogak Shrine - Force Transfer

In an alternate universe, this could have been a top 3 shrine for me. The idea of transferring the force from one contraption to another is just awesome in my eyes. If we could have a bit more of a complicated Rube-Golberg machine added to the end of this shrine? I would've adored this shrine. While this shrine still utilizes the idea of transferring force well, it doesn't fully utilize its base premise. I would've loved to see an enormous final room full of different contraptions scattered about locked behind hidden Small Keys, and after unlocking each of these contraptions, there would be a large centerpiece in the middle of the shrine in which you would have to build a contraption that transfers the force from a spinning gear on the floor all the way to a spinning gear on the roof that would open the door to the end of the shrine. I don't know if you guys liked that idea, but personally, I'm pretty proud of it, so at least give me a courtesy round of applause. I seriously want to see this idea in some sort of Zelda dungeon down the road, but I digress. Even outside of that idea, I can think of like six more ideas for awesome rooms related to transferring force from one object to another, but apparently the developers could not think of these ideas. Okay, now I am just sounding rude and all that, but I mean, this is still a shrine I love. I just could've loved it so much more. Still an A Tier for me, though.

6. Mayak Shrine - Timely Catches

This shrine's second puzzle may just be the most intense puzzle in the entirity of Tears of the Kingdom. The intesity of falling from the sky onto a switch before the ball gets there is just something that 1) is so cool and 2) absolutely defies any semblance of a law of gravity. Also, the first puzzle is nothing to scoff at either! Sure, they aren't hard or actually really puzzles, but they are insanely epic to pull of for some reason I can't explain. This shrine really just did it for me. However, its premise isn't all that groundbreaking and yet again, I could've used a third puzzle in this shrine. While I really enjoyed this, I still can't say it's quite top tier. Still a high A for me, though.

5. Mayachin Shrine - A Fixed Device

This shrine pissed me off when I first played it. But the more I've thought about it and let it simmer in the back of my mind, this is always a shrine when I bring up shrines in conversation with my friends and family. This shrine always comes to mind as a very memorable shrine. I love how this shrine trusts in your logic to build a contraption that works to solve this puzzle and does not hold your hand, something that I miss about older Zelda titles. This took longer than any other shrine in the game for me, and building this contraption was infinitely more interesting than a shrine like A Precise Strike or Swing to Hit. Overall, while it isn't too interesting on paper, being able to build your own device without any hand-holding just makes this shrine fantastic. S Tier.

4. Sinakawak Shrine - An Uplifting Device

I hate the stupid hot air balloons. Everything about them. Why on the planet would I use hot air balloons when I could use hover stones and rockets? Why would I use them over hoverbikes? Why would I use them over a campfire with pinecones? Well, I can tell you why! Because this shrine purposefully restricts you to have to use these contraptions, it is able to build a restrictive yet very open shrine that utilizes these contraptions to their best potential. This shrine is just one huge room, and I love it. No shrine introduces a Zonai Device better than this one, and unfortunately, the hot air balloon is the only Zonai Device that doesn't really have any other time in the spotlight. However, who needs another shrine about hot air balloons when this one just perfected the formula the first time around? Overall, I love this shrine, but I mean, it still isn't quite as innovative as other shrines on this list. S Tier.

3. Kyokugon Shrine - Alignment of the Circles

Okay, most people probably didn't like this shrine, but integrating the green rings into the roof of the shrine was genius. You know a Zelda game is throwing a curveball when it actually makes you look at the roof for once, like those stupid hands in Ocarina of Time. When I figured this one out, it was just so satisfying. And then I got hit by another curveball when I couldn't figure out how to get the chest. You know how I said A Spinning Device had my second favorite shrine in the game? Well, this one was my favorite. You had to grab a ball from the previous room and remove the floor below the glowing circle on the roof. I couldn't believe it, I liked getting a chest here more than A Spinning Device. While this is a simple shrine in retrospect, this was a very fun puzzle when I was playing it. Overall, with a puzzle I loved and my favorite treasure chest puzzle in the game, this is one of my favorite shrines. S Tier.

2. Kiuyoyou Shrine - Fire and Ice

Where Fire and Water was mediocre, this was phenomenal. Melting the ice to make it fit to hit the switch? Loved it. Sliding the ice down the spikes? Awesome. Taking the panel and getting it from point A to point B to block the fire and hit another switch with an ice block? Awesome. I just loved this shrine so much, and having these opposite elements come together to make a tight, incredibly interesting shrine was awesome. S Tier for me.

1. Kikakin Shrine - Shining In Darkness

This shrine is a dark maze full of tons of hidden chests, a locked door, and both spike walls and lasers to dodge. This shrine had some very inventive chests to find, and I kept checking my menu just to see I still hadn't unlocked all the chests. And then I'd proceed to find an even cooler treasure chest... this was just awesome to me. I loved this shrine's atmosphere, and I did not spoil it with the Brightbloom Seeds in my inventory. That would make this shrine so much less fun, just like cheesing any other shrine, of course. While this wouldn't be a very replayable shrine, I just really, really liked it. It felt like a good-old, typical dungeon, and while I love the innovations other shrines make, I need a shrine like this sometimes. S Tier for this shrine.

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