Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Enemy Types RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Enemy Types RANKED!

With a slightly more diverse cast of enemies in comparison to Breath of the Wild, this game has a variety of fun enemies to battle! Sure, it is no classic Zelda game in terms of its enemies, but Tears of the Kingdom still has a respectable lineup of memorable enemies to fight. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Enemy Types RANKED!

20. Octorok - D Tier

Forest Octorock - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide - IGN

Even with four different variants (forest, water, rock, and treasure), these guys are just so forgettable and avoidable. Simply put, these enemies are just so eassy to avoid and they are taken down in just a single hit. Now with Recall being in the game, getting an Octorok to die is easier than ever. These guys aren't even good for their balloons anymore, and repairing weapons with Rock Octoroks was just so inconsequential. I don't hate these guys, but here are just so many better enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.

19. Aerocuda - C Tier

These are so low because, simply put, they are completely underwhelming. I was excited to get a new aerial enemy, but instead, we got a less rewarding, reskinned Keese who barely sets itself apart. Sure, their eyeballs are useful, and these enemies aren't bad or anything, but I still find Keese to be so much more interesting with their five variants. These are the most average enemies in the whole game in my opinion.

18. Little Froxes - C Tier

The third one-shot enemy on this list, as well as the most interesting one-shot enemy so far. They are cute and they drop Zonite, which is as cool as can be. These enemies are fun, but truly nothing special, especially compared to their bigger variants.

17. Pebblets - C Tier

Another one shot enemy, but this time, even cuter! The most interesting part about these easy enemies though is they require a little more than just a shot with an arrow. Bombs, Goron weapons, Yunobo, or even just a simple toss will kill them, but hey... that's more interesting than an arrow shot at least!

16. Evermeans - C Tier

The first time I saw one of these? I was quite excited, and very surprised. The first time my girlfriend saw it? She yelped the cutest squeal I've ever heard. Sure, they dropped just wood and lizards and were pretty weak and annoying after the first fight, but that initial shock? An amazing Tears of the Kingdom moment I loved.

15. Chuchus - C Tier

With four adorable varities, these guys are quite fun to fight. They aren't very hard, but their animations and colorful explosions make them such a cute and fun enemy that I adore. However, they don't do anything all that special, so the are a bit average.

14. Moblins - C Tier

I really liked these guys in Breath of the Wild, but they felt entirely underutilized in Tears of the Kingdom. I loved fighting these enemies, but I couldn't justify placing them higher since they are basically rarer, taller Bokoblins...

13. Wizzrobes - C Tier

These guys would likely be near the top in a Breath of the Wild ranking, but here? Gemstones aren't even rare in this game, and fusing gemstones to your weapons is just easier than hunting Wizzrobes down. I mean, getting these rods and un-Fusing them for Rupees at Tarrey Town? That could be beneficial. But with how easy it is to one-shot the Fire and Ice variants? And with Topaz not selling for too much? These guys have lost their novelty for me...

12. Keese - B Tier

Normal Keese are quite annoying, weak, and useless. Elemental Keese? Their eyeballs are very, very useful, and the elemental wings are great, cheap ways of giving the Master Sword elemental prowess. Hordes of Keese? Shoot a Bomb Flower at them, and you'll be able to harvest a plethora of useful eyeballs and wings to increase the throw distance of boomerang weapons! Personally, I just find Keese to have so much more depth than enemies like Aerocudas, and for that, they are in the low B Tier.

11. Like-Likes - B Tier

The normal Like-Likes piss me off. The elemental ones are quite fun though, and I love fighting the Rock Likes. As a whole, however, I just felt like these Like-Likes weren't anything that interesting, but hey, at least they don't permanently steal your shield this time around!

10. Horriblins - B Tier

Like Evermeans, there was quite some novelty in seeing Horriblins for the first time. But while they are much more fun to fight than Evermeans are, in the end, these are pretty much basic wall-climbing enemies that can usually be drowned, no problem (since the majority of caves have some sort of water source). These guys are quite fun, but nothing too special.

9. Bokoblins - B Tier

The most basic of enemies, but core to what makes Tears of the Kingdom combat what it is. Though basic, they are super fun, with their own distinct animations making them lovable and very real-feeling. Of course, my favorite are the Silver variants, as they are hard and drop great stuff. Simple and basic don't mean bad, and that definitely applies here.

8. Yiga Foot Soldiers - A Tier

With awesome bows, teleportation, bananas, and a great sense of style, the Yiga Clan is just so fun. While the Foot Soldiers are incredibly easy, their bows can give you a huge attack boost at the beginning o fht egame for nearly no effort. Them dropping bananas and Rupees upon death is also a great touch. Overall, love these guys, but they are a bit too much of a pushover for me.

7. Constructs - A Tier

I decided to put the Soldiers and Captains together because they didn't feel way too different enough to rank differently. Seventh place is where I felt the two variations evened out, with Soldiers being a little lower and Captains being a little higher. With core gameplay revolving around Zoani Charges and a large part of the story revolving around Constructs thematically, Constructs are awesome. And with the Captains utilizing the Fuse ability? They are incredibly fun to fight. Overall, these are awesome enemies, but not quite my favorite.

6. Boss Bokoblins - A Tier

The idea of a Bokoblin leader was fantastic. Having a Bokoblin boss with so many Bokoblins following it just completely changed how fighting Bokoblins was in this game, morphing the fight into a sort of awesome army. Overall, these guys are very fun to fight, and add a whole new depth to Tears of the Kingdom play.

5. Yiga Blademasters - S Tier

Just as fun as the Foot Soldiers, but not so easy it is laughable. These enemies are actually very formidable foes, and still have the fun get-ups and style of the Foot Soldiers, bananas and all. You also get the ability to basically be one of these guys later in the game, which is literally so cool. I just love these guys, okay? If you don't, you are just going to have to deal with it.

4. Lizalfos - S Tier

Witht he best battle animations, the most variants, and the most unpredictable of the game's foes, I love these guys as much as ever. Their thunder variants are especially fun and difficult, as well as the silver variant. Their water spraying and hopping is very fun, and makes them so much more dynamic than other standard foes like Moblins and Bokoblins. Overall, I just love these guys.

3. Gibdos - S Tier

Both the flying and walking variety are incredibly fun to fight, and the walking ones drop qutie possibly my favorite item in the game: Gibdo Bones. Both variants also play an integral part to the story in Gerudo Town, and tthey were a great new addition to Tears of the Kingdom. Exposing them with fire or thunder was quite fun and beating them was just so rewarding. Overall, dropping my favorite item, having a fun weakness, and being a part of the story all come together to make Gibdo's one of my favorite enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.

2. Gloom Hands - S+ Tier

The first time I killed these guys, I audibly gasped. When Phantom Ganon showed up, it was so epic. I'd still rank Gloom Hands very high on the list even without Phantom Ganon, but with two awesome back-to-back encounters, as well as awesome weapon drops of all variants? I freaking adore this gloomy fleshy appendages. Overall, easily some of the best enemies in the game.

1. Lynels - S+ Tier

The hardest enemy in the game and definitely the best, the Lynel is an absolutely awesome enemy to fight. Even better than they were in Breath of the Wild, Lynels are such a fun foe to fight. With their variety of attacks, they always feel like an accomplishment to destroy, and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll continue having Lynels as a mainstay in the franchise.

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