Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Lanayru Shrines RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Lanayru Shrines RANKED!

With 152 shrines, it'll be a task to rank all of them in a single article. Of course, that is a task I am willing to take on, but not without ranking each region individually first! With a total of fifteen shrines, this region is one of the more shrine-filled regions in the game! Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Lanayru Shrines RANKED!

15. Maoikes Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Unlike a lot of these hidden blessing shrines that are way too easy to find, this one is fun to find. It isn't so easy that it is actually stupid. I enjoyed finding this shrine, but it was still only a marginal joy to find this shrine. It just doesn't compare to other shrines on this list... C Tier.

14. Jogou Shrine - Rauru's Blesing

Just like the last shrine on this list, this is kind of fun to find, but it isn't anything too special. It is actually kinda cool to find, just like the last shrine. But I still am kind of bored of how many of these types of shrines there are in this game, so again, another C Tier.

13. Joniu Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Marginally better than the last two, this is more fun to get to because you get to raft your way down a river a bit. Sure, it isn't anything special, but it is pretty fun to get to. We love our Zonai Devices and our rafts and our Sky Crystals. Definitely S+ Tier for this shrine. Just kidding, this is definitely a C Tier.

12. Morok Shrine - A Bouncy Device

I am just going to straight up admit it... I don't love springs in this game. I always love rockets better. Even the A Launching Device shrine just takes this idea, but does it with rockets... something I like so much better. I don't hate this shrine, I just wanted to be using rockets the whole time. Sorry springs, my brother and my friends all love you, but I don't. I still like you though, springs, so don't be too offended. I give this shrine a B Tier.

11. O-ogim Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Okay, if the waterfall wasn't there? This shrine would probably maybe even be a D Tier. But flying through a waterfall was just so cool and aesthetic, and I really thought it was going to knock me off my wings. But it didn't. And I loved that. I really liked this shrine, if only for how cool flying through a waterfall is. I even went back and flew through the waterfall for fun a couple times, it was just that cool for me. Sure, call me dumb, but I think shrine is a solid B Tier shrine.

10. Jojon Shrine - Proving Grounds: Rotation

This is like the Proving Grounds: In Reverse shrine but done so much better. I really do love this shrine, and while it isn't one of the best proving grounds shrines, it is still a very good one. It is very tight and quite claustrophobic, which means that it is quite chaotic and interesting even outside of its original premise. While most proving grounds shrines are vast, this one requires more thinking to avoid getting hit. While this shrine is awesome, there are just more interesting shrines... especially more interesting proving grounds shrines. Overall, this is a solid A Tier shrine, but nothing too much more.

9. Apogek Shrine - Wings on the Wind

This shrine has some very interesting ideas for how to use wings, flying from platform to platform to get an accurate angle to fly to the end of the shrine. Unlike a lot of shrines in this game, it actually took me a second to try to find the answer to this shrine! That is a good thing, at least in my book. Not complaining about that. I really enjoy using Wings, and because of that, this shrine was just great in my opinion. Easy A Tier for this shrine.

8. Yomizuk Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

I'm going to have to admit, I think Lanayru might be my favorite regions in terms of shrines... as eight of 15 shrines are in S or S+ Tier for me! And while this is the lowest-ranked S Tier shrine of this region, that is by no means an insult towards this incredible shrine. I adore this blessing shrine because the puzzle is actually interesting. This is the only place in the game that I can remember utilizing the lowering and rising of tides, and it uses it to great effect, as navigating to this shrine feels like something straight out of Wind Waker or Phantom Hourglass. I just loved getting to this shrine, and the utilization of the tides was a nice bonus. An overall great shrine for sure.

7. Mogawak Shrine - The Power of Water

My only complaint about this dungeon is I wish there was more. The whole idea of this shrine is creating a turbine to create electricity and power an elevator to complete the shrine. There are two puzzles to do this, one creating the turbine and the other filling a cell with electricity. This idea was so awesome, but unfortunately, that's about all the substance we get in this shrine. I wish some of these ideas were utilized to great effect in the subpar Water Temple, but I digress. I loved this shrine, but since it is too short, I can't give it an S+ Tier.

6. Kurakat Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

How to Complete Kurakat Shrine in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom (Kurakat  Shrine Walkthrough) - YouTube

Dyeing to Find It. My favorite shrine quest in the game. This is so cool! The idea of dyeing something with a shadow to unlock a shrine? Phenomenal. Loved the play on words too. Waiting for the exact right time of day and building a sculpture to cast a shadow on the painting is just super awesome. Overall, an S Tier shrine and my favorite shrine quest in the game.

5. Ihen-a Shrine - Midair Perch

Okay, I am a simp for hover stones. Why? I literally have no idea, it is honestly kinda embarrasing. But I have to admit it, as this is my ranking. I love the great display of the hover stones abilities in this shrine, from manipulating walkways to shooting forward with rockets to building staircases, this shrine is just so fun. Sure, I may be biased because I love floating platforms, but seriously, why not be biased toward a great shrine like this one. S Tier for this one.

4. Zakusu Shrine - Proving Grounds: Ascension

A proving grounds shrine most likely means a high ranking on one of my lists, and this shrine does not disappoint. This is my second favorite proving grounds shrine in the game, it just has an awesome atmosphere and the whole room is just a blast to fight in. I do wish it was a tad bit more chaotic like some of the other proving grounds shrines, I wish it was a little harder. But overall, an amazing shrine. S+ Tier.

3. Jonsau Shrine - Deep Force

I will admit, this shrine is not hard at all. However, I love the unique use of physics in this shrine and how awesome it is to launch these flotational spheres up into the air. The last puzzle especially was incredibly awesome, and it just makes me think about what other ways I can manipulate the physics in this game. Have I been sleeping on some other really cool things you can do in this game? Well, I guess I won't know for a while, because I really need to start playing a different game so I can make new content... but I digress. This shrine is just a blast and was my favorite shrine in the game for like the first 50 shrines I beat. A testament to how great this shrine is.

2. Jikais Shrine - Jailbreak

The first time I played this, I don't remember it being all that memorable. But for this article, I replayed this shrine, and it was fantastic. It was one of two shrines in the game that I felt used Ascend as an effective puzzle mechanic (the other being the Alignment shrine), and I really enjoyed the idea this shrine posed. Sure, I wish the final puzzle felt more like an actual jailbreak and was as good as the opening section of the shrine, but I still loved this shrine. S+ Tier.

1. Tukarok Shrine - Forward Force

I had to make a new tier for this shrine because after beating all 152 shrines in the game, this was still my favorite shrine in the game. This is most definitely an S++ Tier shrine for me. This shrine is a huge puzzle loop, with tons of puzzles that you have to carry a ball through before you can get it back to the beginning of the shrine and open the final door of the shrine. You get to maneuver vehicles through lava, build an escalator out of wheels, and build a steamboat-like contraption out of the available materials. This shrine actually took quite a bit of thought, and each puzzle was so different from the last yet incorporated the same idea of forward force. Add on top of that just how well the layout of this dungeon was? This shrine easily adds up to be my favorite shrine in all of Tears of the Kingdom, and it isn't even close.

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