Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Review: The simplest entry of the series

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Review: The simplest entry of the series

Prepare to journey back to the Beanbean Kingdom in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, a delightful remake of the classic Game Boy Advance title for the Nintendo 3DS. With its iconic duo, Mario and Luigi, at the helm, this game promises a whirlwind of chaos, humor, and adventure in the beloved world of the Mushroom Kingdom. From dynamic battles where timing is key to exploring vibrant locations and encountering quirky characters, this game offers a nostalgic yet refreshing RPG experience for fans old and new alike. Join us as we delve into the heart of this charming adventure, uncovering its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. So grab your trusty hammers and prepare for a journey filled with beans, Bros, and Bowser's minions!

Battle System - 8

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With the ability to control Mario and Luigi at once, this battle system gets fun and chaotic really fast! With jump attacks, hammer attacks, hand attacks, and combined Bros. Attack, there's plenty of variety here. However, the moves themselves are a lot more interesting when you take into account the timed button presses. This game isn't just another game with unnecessary quick-time event button pressesā€”this game makes attacking, dodging, and guarding feeling completely different depending on which enemy is being faced. While the combat is simple and not all that tactical, this game's combat is fun and satisfying to master.

Story - 4

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While this game certainly had more depth to its story than saving Princess Peach from Bowser, this game's fun story can't hold up to much more in-depth RPGs of other franchises. While it may be the most humorous of the Mario and Luigi series, its story also feels the most unoriginal. However, in the end, this game still provides a fun Mario story that has just enough narrative to drive the game forward as you explore the Beanbean Kingdom.

Characters - 5

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Mario, Luigi, Fawful, and Cackletta are all hilarious, fun character, but they are severely in-depth compared to other RPGs. While they certainly achieved there goals in matching with the tone of the game, I'd honestly feel silly giving this category any higher of a score. They're fun, but not fantastic.

Music - 6

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This game has tons of fun tracks that fit perfectly with the tone of the game! While I struggle to remember the music of this game over any of the Paper Mario games (or most RPGs in general), this game's soundtrack perfectly encapsulates the energy of the game down to the last minute detail. It isn't a phenomenal soundtrack, but it's certainly solid enough.

Sidequests - 3

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Outside of brewing up coffee with Beans you collect around the Beanbean Kingdom and learning new Bros. Attacks, this game is lacking in the sidequest department. As someone who generally dislikes reliance on minigames for sidequests, I found this game to be incredibly weak in this category. The fact I had to do research to remember any of the sidequests present in this game goes to show how unmemorable they truly were. And, honestly? None of them are worthy enough to mention in specifics, so I'm done here.

Customization System - 6

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With an above-average equipment system, stat choices on level ups, an assortment of unique badges and items, and a variety of fun Bros. Attacks, this game isn't going to blow your socks off with its customization, but it isn't too shabby either. Compared to later entries in the series, this game's abilities simply feel severely lacking, warranting a lawyer score in this category.

Art & Graphics - 7

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To be blunt, I'm not a huge fan of the graphics in this game. They aren't an eyesore and they fit alright with the game, but I still find the old graphics quite a bit more charming as a whole. But, as always, I review the most "updated" version of the game, so here we are.

Locations - 7

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The locations in this game aren't as interesting and puzzle-heavy as later entries in the series, but I do enjoy the expansiveness and less linear dungeons present in this title. While these locations aren't as interesting as the other titles (save, possibly, Paper Jam), they are still fun and memorable enough to deserve a slightly above-average score.

Quality of Life - 8

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I only have a few minor issues with this game. The low save file count is questionable and the lack of features added in later titles that didn't make it into this remake was saddening. However, outside of these things, this is a very well-polished game with very few noticeable issues.

The Verdict

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Fun Factor: 7
Overall Score: 61%
Letter Rating: B

I've never found this game to be all that spectacular, especially when put up to other entries in the series and other Mario RPGs. I know, how controversial of me. However, even though it isn't my absolute favorite, it is still lots of fun and certainly worth a playthrough for anyone wanting a fun, easy-going RPG!

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