Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: All Characters RANKED!

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: All Characters RANKED!

While this game's heavy-lifting is done by the Familiars, the four main characters of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch also have their own benefits in battle! From spells, to songs, to trickshots, each of the characters have their own unique stats and skillsets that set them apart from one another. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Ni No Kuni: All Characters RANKED!

4. Marcassin

To be honest, as much as I think Marcassin is a powerful character ,there's no way that he deserves to be anywhere but last place on this list. Oliver has exclusive spells, Swaine can steal and attack at range, and Esther can buff, debuff, and tame. Sure, Marcassin has the best stats of any swappable character, but he is still inferior to Oliver, especially when the Jack the Giant Killer Merit Award is unlocked. Marcassin is also a late-game character who joins at a rather low loevel, which is a huge detriment to his character. Though Marcassin has many weaknesses, his great stats, decent physical damage, and reduced casting time cause him to be a the best pick during the late and postgame superbosses—with vastly superior stats compared to Esther, he is often the better pick in those fights! Overall, Marcassin is really good in boss fights, but since he is just a weaker version of Oliver that doesn't have the unique benefits of Swaine and Esther, he can't be anywhere but in fourth place.

3. Swaine

Swaine has great survivability and physical stats... I find attacking with his gun to be pretty dang useful, which isn't true with the other characters! Swaine is unique in that he is the only ranged fighter in the game, which allows him to deal nice chip damage from a distance! though his MP is abysmal, he makes up for it in his unmatched HP! His main draw, however, is his ability to steal. Unlike many games, stealing is a pretty big deal in this game. Without stealing, you can kiss high-tier weapons and armor goodbye, because stealing gives you alchemy ingredients! Alchemy is where all the really good equipment is made! However, even with his really high HP, long-range attacking, and stealing, he has one huge flaw—his weak Trickshot skillset. Mugshot is essentially the only ability in the skillset that is useful, save a couple of instances such as the Red Dragon fight. Spells and Songs are both super useful, but Trickshots are not. Inflicting status ailments is nowhere near as useful as buffing, healing, or dealing insane amounts of damage! And even though his stealing is amazing, technically, it is not all that necessary if you don't care for the alchemy system. Overall, Swaine's stealing and long-range attacks cause him to be better than Marcassin in normal encounters, but he is the worst in boss fights out of the four characters.

2. Oliver

Oliver is the master boss-killing machine and the horde-clearer of the team. And as the main character, he is always a required character in battle! He can dish out huge, screen-wide magic damage, as well as slay bosses. He can also buff the team and heal the team! Oliver has it all as a character, and I see why some people think he is the best. I find the top spot to be rather debatable in Ni No Kuni. Overall, Oliver can do it all as an attacker and a healer—but for me, that isn't enough to place him in first place.

1. Esther

Esther may not deal good damage like the other three characters, but she is easily the best support character in the game. However, to make up for this, her stats are by far the weakest in the game. Honestly, if it just stopped here, she'd probably be in third or fourth place on this list. But with one word, that all becomes different: taming. Whereas Oliver can do a ton of awesome things with his powerful spells, Esther can recruit hundreds of monsters that do his job just as well (if not better). In battles, she is amazing for taming, and in bosses, she is amazing for buffing. Without familiars, Ni No Kuni wouldn't be nearly the same experience, and without Esther's taming, you only have access to a few required mid to low-tier familiars that aren't nearly as good as their tameable counterparts. Overall, Esther may not be the best to some people, but because of her taming and Songs, she is definitely the best to me.

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