Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED! (by Personality)

Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED! (by Personality)

Octopath Traveler is one of the most fun and unique RPGs when it comes to how the stories are told, and the characters truly bring these scenarios to life! From a hardcore dancer who wants to murder people to a go-lucky merchant with a notebook, each character has their own distinct personality that separates them from the rest. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED! (By Personality).

8. Therion - C Tier

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This might be my biggest Octopath Traveler hot take, but I just don’t love Therion. I feel like you either love him or hate him, and I’m more aligned with the latter. I don’t despise him, but I don’t really like him either. While I do occasionally thoroughly enjoy his sass, the way he treats everybody is more like a moody teenager than any moody teenager I’ve met. It’s like he is taking mood steroids or something. The fact he says “whatever” and rants about how much he wants to go to a tavern is off-putting, and so is his lack of trust. Like not trusting people makes sense, but the annoying way he talks about it is just too much for me. I love the ideas of Therion’s character, but the execution was just not for me, so overall, Therion falls in last place on this list.

7.  Primrose - C Tier

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I really loved Primrose and how she was executed during her story. Though she was a badarse character, as soon as she started talking to the others in the tavern, she just started to annoy me. She just spontaneously talked about her beauty much too often, and to me, that’s anything but an attractive character trait. As cool as she was, having severe daddy issues and talking about how hot she is being her two biggest traits? That made Primrose not very appealing for me. Sorry for the two hot takes in a row, but I just didn’t like Primrose very much either.

6. Cyrus - B Tier

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Okay, I really do like my man Cyrus. He’s so smart, yet so entirely oblivious. He is awesome, but sometimes, it is so cringeworthy to see Cyrus in situations where he is so intelligent but so unintelligent at the same time. I love the idea of the oblivious lovable character, but again, like with Primrose and Therion, I found the execution kind of annoying. While the lady who liked him was kind of an idiot so I didn’t want Cyrus to be stuck with her, I just felt like Cyrus didn’t really have an interesting arc about emotional intelligence, which could’ve been a really big highlight for this character. Also, while most of my favorite Octopath Traveler characters have meaningful relationships with the people around them, Cyrus just talks to everyone equally, making it feel like he simply just talks to people for the sake of spitting information at them. Overall, while I like Cyrus in many ways, he is too much for me to handle sometimes.

5. Tressa - B Tier

Tressa’s go-lucky, fun, and stubborn personality carries her otherwise mediocre story. Though her obsession with mercantilism is a little annoying, her meaningful interactions with the other Octopath Travelers, Captain Leon, Ali, and Noa elevate her character for me. Though she has flaws that are pretty annoying, I enjoyed the execution much more than the previous characters. So overall, Tressa is an above-average character to me, but not a fantastic character.

4. Olberic - A Tier

The ever-awesome holy and noble Knight character with his awesome monologues. Olberic was cringy to me, but in an endearing sort of way. For me, Olberic was an example of the good Knight trope done right. With a tragic backstory, a story with great stakes, and a fun not-too-stoic-but-not-too-whiney personality, I really liked him. His story with Erhardt was smooth and I really liked it a lot, and his second and fourth stories had a lot of awesome substance. Overall, I loved Olberic, even though some people found him basic.

3. Ophilia - A Tier

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Sure, she is a basic Cleric, and her personality is almost solely  centered around being kind to others… but unlike many Octopath fans, this is what I love about her. Though she is simple, her character is quite powerful. The way she helps people feel better just makes her quite inspiring, and I really do want to be more like Ophilia. The way she cares about her father and her sister has inspired me to be a better person myself. Overall, though she is kind of basic, her kindness makes her one of my favorite characters in Octopath Traveler.

2. H’aanit - S Tier

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We just love H’aanit. She’s such a vibe. Her old English is just a whole thing, and it made me laugh every time she would pull out a questionable one-liner like “comen, if thou darest.” She is just so fun and though I find her story mid at best, her interactions with characters around her makes her story worth playing. She has a lot of personality in everything she does, and while some people find this annoying, I personally really like it. Some people love Therion and hate H’aanit, and vice versa, and I always love hearing how different characters impact people in different ways. It is A-okay to have different opinions about different characters! Overall, I just think H’aanit is epic.

1. Alfyn - S Tier

Alfyn is just the biggest giga-chad around. Alfyn is just as nice as Ophilia, but with more depth, personality, and backstory. Alfyn is so cool, treating his best friend, family, and acquaintances all with such kindness. He is also fun, silly, and relatable, and he goes through a powerful character arc as he comes to realize that helping people is not always the best thing to do. That some people don’t deserve to be helped. I just found his story so great and intriguing, so overall, I love Alfyn and find him very relatable, so overall, he is my favorite character in the original Octopath Traveler.

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