Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED!

Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED!

Octopath Traveler is one of the most fun and unique RPGs when it comes to how the stories are told, and each story is unique and profound in its own way. From a vengeance story to a light-hearted story about money, there is a vast array of tales in this game. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED!

A quick explanation of each of the tiers:

C Tier - not bad, but doesn't do anything better than other characters
B Tier - great, but still outclassed
A Tier - almost always great, but is still outclassed in some way
S Tier - not quite the best, but should still be mainstays in your party
S+ Tier - the best of the best

8. Olberic - C Tier

I personally think that the Warrior class is the weakest class in the game. Other than its Thousand Spears ability, which is fantastic, it is just a very subpar class in my opinion... I'd rather use Thief or Hunter any day! The only other thing I can think of that would be cool with the Warrior class is adding Incite + Stout Wall + Bolster Defense and make Olberic into an overpowered tank, but that sounds like too much setup when there are better things to be doing (especially since almost every fight has at least one enemy with multi-target attacks). So by this logic, I'd only really want Olberic in my party if I was fighting a hard boss with a spear weakness, or maybe if I wanted to challenge some enemies around the town. The Merchant has better access to powerful sword attacks, and the Starseer and Dancer have much stronger buffs than the Warrior. I just really can't think of any time the Warrior is better than another class unless you are fighting a challenging boss weak to spears, and you may as well just equip the Warrior class on a better character like H'aanit or Therion. On top of having a mediocre base class, he also has the worst Talent in the game, and is one of three characters who does not have some sort of broken setup. Honestly, I only used him so he would be leveled enough for the Galdera fight. Overall, Olberic still isn't that bad, but he's still easily the worst in the game. Still find this to be weird, as he is supposed to be a legendary warrior, but somehow an 18 year-old merchant is stronger than him... how sad ;)

7. Primrose - C Tier

How to pick a character in Octopath Traveler - Polygon

Okay, I get why a lot of people say Primrose is the worst, but personally, I would much rather have a character with the exclusive Dark element and tons of buffing skills over an undercooked Warrior class. Besides, Sealticge's Seduction is quite broken, and the Allure talent is better than Bolster Defense. But seriously, putting Dancer on Ophilia is just the better choice, as it makes her a great healing and buffing character, while Primrose has too low of Elemental Defense to be a good healer. However, she has good Elemental Attack, and is a great candidate for the powerful Scholar class! Like Olberic, though, she doesn't really have any good or unique strategies like many of the other characters. Overall, there is not much more to say about Primrose other than that I prefer her over Olberic.

6. Ophilia - B Tier

How to pick a character in Octopath Traveler - Polygon

Okay, Ophilia is an awesome healer. And I would never be complaining if I had to have Ophilia in my party, I mean, she is leagues ahead of Olberic or Primrose. She also has the best Elemental Defense, so that's awesome. Giving her the Starseer class can make her a very powerful character, and she can be a fantastic support character. However, in all reality, she is just worse than Alfyn... Concoct is just better than anything that Ophilia can do. Giving a different character Cleric will do the job, and her Talent is not anything special. Overall, Ophilia is a great healer, and her base job is much better than the last two characters, but she simply cannot hold up to the next characters on this list.

5. Tressa - A Tier

Early in the game, Tressa is very good as a versatile physical and magical attacker! With spears and bows, as well as being the only good wind mage? She's a very good character to have in the party, especially since she can get you tons of Leaves with relatively no effort! In addition, the Donate BP ability is absolutely broken early in the game, as you do not have an ample supply of Energizing Pomegranates! This makes her a fantastic BP battery. Hired Help is extremely powerful for the midgame, but can also be broken in the early game if you grind Leaves in harder areas with Eye for Money! Speaking of, her best use throughout most of the game is to get you tons of cash, and it can't be stressed enough how good her Eye for Money ability is! However, where Tressa really shines is the late game due to the overpowered Runelord Tressa setup. This basically just nullifies all physical damage to the whole party without even having to use a Divine Skill or anything, which is just stupidly powerful! On top of that, she can double-buff her wind magic through weapons like the Tradewinds Spear and the Primeval Bow of Storms, which can allow her to dish out tens of thousands of damage for little effort. Though she is probably the best character during the endgame, I couldn't justify placing her higher on this list because there are characters that are stronger than her for most of the game... the endgame is just a very short window of time in the grand scheme of things. I'd say she is S+ Tier during the endgame, but B during the rest of the game... so I couldn't put her higher than A. Overall, with one of my favorite base jobs and a great endgame setup, she is one of the strongest characters in Octopath Traveler.

4. Cyrus - A Tier

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I feel like every ranking I've ever seen has placed Cyrus at the bottom. I find this pretty silly, as for about 90% of the game, he is one of the strongest characters in the party! His very high Elemental Attack and his awesome Talent allow him to always have use in a party, and his ability to clear enemies with his powerful magic is a boon to the party throughout the game. Though he basically falls off the map during the endgame (which is why I put him in A tier), the Scholar class is one of the best classes in the game up until it is replaced by the Sorcerer class! Seriously, having Tressa give Cyrus some BP using Donate BP and using his magic can clear out any battle in the game. Sure, peopel may say that having Ophelia or Primrose with the Scholar subclass is better, but why? I personally find Study Foe to be the best Talent in the game up until you get abilities like Winnehild's Battle Cry, Balogar's Blade, and Shooting Stars that can easily figure out weaknesses. Overall, I find Cyrus to be an incredibly powerful and capable character for the majority of the game that does more damage than anybody else, however, since he is completely outclassed the second you get the advanced jobs, he couldn't go any higher than the bottom of A Tier.

3. H'aanit - S Tier

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The Hunter job is an awesome physical job, and H'aanit is amazing at the job. Her high accuracy and critical rate is perfect for the job, and add her amazing Capture Talent? As long as you make good use of her Talent, she can be one of the best characters in the game. Add to that that her critical rate and strength is perfect for the Warmaster class, and then you have got one of the best and powerful physical attackers in the game. Though I don't like her quite as much as Therion, as he can get you so many free items, in terms of battle, she is the strongest physical fighter in the game and she should not be overlooked. Overall, H'aanit is easily the strongest physical attacker in Octopath Traveler, but still not quite my favorite character.

2. Therion - S Tier

How to pick a character in Octopath Traveler - Polygon

Therion is an amazing starting character due to his ability to get his hands on so many extra items, as well as having tons of powerful offensive abilities and debuffs! Therion may just be the most overpowered Thief in any game I have ever played! His HP and SP stealing abilities make him entirely self-sufficient, and give him Hunter? You'll have six ways to break enemies, as well as additional damaging and debuffing abilities. This is obscene. In my opinion, he is basically just an upgrade to Olberic and is slightly better than H'aanit. Though he is an amazing attacker throughout the game, in the endgame, he truly shines as a Sorcerer. Though H'aanit and Tressa can also double up on elemental damage-boosting equipment, they are both better in other classes, and that leaves Therion to be the Sorcerer. Not only can he deal huge damage often with his high Speed, but he can also Steal SP on his own as well as add to his debuffing capabilities with Elemental Break! Overall, Therion is an amazing starting character, your best physical attacker throughout the majority of the game and your best magical attacker in the endgame... but there is still one character that I think is better.

1. Alfyn - S+ Tier

Alfyn is so good he doesn't even need a secondary class. His Concoct ability makes him the best support character in the game, as well as the strongest healer in the game. He also has amazing breaking potential with his dangerous concoctions, and on top of all that, he has great abilities like Rehabilitate and Empoison that are hugely helpful in many a boss fight. Use Dohter's Charity on him, and he'll instantly become an unstoppable force that no other character can be nearly as good as. Overall, Alfyn is the best support character, and since nobody else can have the overpowered Concoct ability, there's just no replacing Alfyn as my favorite character in the game.

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