Octopath Traveler: All Hunter Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler: All Hunter Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler is a fantastic game with a fantastic array of jobs! The Hunter is your team's greatest multi-target physical attacker, as well as having utility with abilities like Leghold Trap and Mercy Strike. However, as usual, some abilities are better than others, so this time around, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Hunter Abilities RANKED!

8. True Strike

Why should I use an ability that lets me hit for one critical hit when I can use Rain of Arrows or Arrowstorm? Or use Take Aim or Divination to make every hit a critical hit? Or use Draefendi's Rage for an even stronger one-hit attack? I don't know, this ability is one of the worst abilities in this game in my opinion. Feel free to disagree though :)

7. Thunderbird

Like Holy Light, Moonlight Waltz, Icicle, and Fireball, this ability is just outclassed. The Scholar and Sorcerer can deal lightning damage so much better, so honestly? This ability is only good in the rarest of circumstances.

6. Take Aim

Assuming you don't have your entire party as physical attackers, this ability is just worse than Divination. That ability guarantees critical hits, where this just gives you a small boost to your critical hit chance. And if you do have a party of physicl attackers? Divination with Sealticge's Seduction would still be a much better option. Overall, this ability is not really that good when it comes to boosting critical hit chances, but I guess it can be good if you want to increase your accuracy for multi-hit attacks.

5. Rain of Arrows

This is basically just better than a physical attack as long as you have a decent Accuracy stat. This ability does a ton of damage if you get your accuracy and critical chance up, and is amazing at breaking enemies! This is better against single targets since it does more damage, but it does not have anywhere near the utility of Arrowstorm, so it falls in fifth place on this list.

4. Draefendi's Rage

This is one of the weaker Divine Skills in Octopath Traveler. If I want to break an enemy, I am going to use Rain of Arrows or Arrowstorm. If I want to deal tons of damage to one enemy, I'm going to use a different Divine Skill like Brand's Thunder or Winnehild's Battle Cry. If I want to deal a ton of damage to multiple enemies, I am going to use the much stronger Aeber's Reckoning. Honestly, this isn't all that great, but it is still better than the previous abilities on this list.

3. Mercy Strike

This is basically Octopath's version of False Swipe from the Pokemon series. It lets you weaken enemies so you have a higher chance of catching them with H'aanit, as well as having a higher success rate with Steal and Collect. Overall, it is a nice utility ability to have, but it still isn't that great.

2. Arrowstorm

There is a HUGE gap between this ability and the last ability. This ability is absolutely insane, especially in encounters where multiple enemies are weak to Bows. Even if they aren't weak to Bows, with a decent Accuracy stat, you can dish out heaps of damage! Overall, this is one of the best attacking abilities you can get until you get the Warmaster and Runelord jobs, and I highly recommned using it.

1. Leghold Trap

Octopath Traveller Part #34 - Snake Bitten

There is another huge gap between this ability and the last ability... Leghold Trap is one of the best abilities in the game! It basically makes bosses so much weaker because it lets you have the entire turn to prepare for their attacks or to break them! The only downside with this ability is that enemies go first no matter what if they are coming out of the Break state... but there had to be some sort of downside to such a broken ability! Overall, as much as the Hunter is one of the weakest classes in the game, this ability alone makes it a class that someone in your party should have!

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