Octopath Traveler: All Warrior Skills RANKED!

Octopath Traveler: All Warrior Skills RANKED!

Octopath Traveler is a fantastic game with a fantastic array of jobs! The Warrior is your team's greatest tank, as well as having utility with abilities like Incite and Thousand Spears. However, as usual, some abilities are better than others, so this time around, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Hunter Abilities RANKED!

8. Cross Strike

Why should I use Cross Strike when I could use Thousand Spears, Spearhead, or a better single-target attack from a secondary job class? This is nice for Challenges at the beginning of the game, but otherwise, move on to a better ability (like the Warrior's Divine Skill, Brand's Thunder).

7. Stout Wall

This is good if you use Incite and Olberic's boosted Defense. But it really isn't even as good as Mole Dance or using the first Hired Help ability to buff defense, or using Starsong (preferably with Sealticge's Seduction). There just isn't really a reason to use this unless you are planning on turning Olberic into a tank. I can't really think of anytime where that is a great course of action, though.  

6. Abide

This ability boosts your Attack, which is nice! Use Transfer Rune, and you can buff everybody's attack! However, there is no reason to buff the entire parties attack, to be honest, since you probably will only have one or two physical attackers at a time. I love using this when using the Challenge Path Action, but otherwise, I'd steer clear of this ability.

5. Level Slash

This is a nice multi-target attack, and is better than Arrowstorm for quite a bit of time until you get equipment that raises your Accuracy. However, I can't think of a time I would rather use this over Thousand Spears or one of the Merchant's Hired Help abilities... honestly, this is one of the weakest multi-target attacks in the game. Just use it to break enemies and move on from it. Guardian Liondog is better anyway.

4. Spearhead

This ability is actually pretty dang nice. It lets you get in a physical attack very quickly and then take another turn almost immediately afterward. This ability is basically just a slight DPS buff, and is especially powerful during duels with NPCs. However, though it is a nice damage buff and is a very nice ability since it gives you another turn so fast, it is still a mediocre ability overall.

3. Brand's Thunder

I definitely think there are much better Divine Skills, but Brand's Thunder is still a very solid one. It does heaps of damage, more than any other Divine Skill out of the basic jobs. However, I still find Aeber's Reckoning to be much more powerful, and I'd rather use Alephan's Enlightenment and/or Aelfric's Auspices with magic to deal tons of damage to a single target. Overall, this is a decent Divine Skill, but not one I find to be all that good for me.

2. Incite

If you use this ability effectively to set up Olberic as a powerful tank character, than this ability can be very good! Though I never really have invested time into making Olberic a tank, I definitely see how this ability could work to be one of the strongest Warrior abilities in the game. Being able to provoke enemies and get them to beat you up while blocking most damage with a boosted Defend is a sure-fire way to survive a round of enemy onslaught! However, though this could be good, almost nobody makes Olberic a dedicated tank character, so this can't quite be in first place.

1. Thousand Spears

Octopath Traveller Part #34 - Snake Bitten

Gonna be honest, the Warrior is by far my least favorite class in this game. However, this ability is basically the one reason I invest any time in this class. This ability breaks the game with its insane breaking abilities, and it can actually deal quite a bit of damage if you have good Accuracy! Combine this with the fact it is super strong during Olberic's challenges and you have a sure-fire way to deal tons of damage early in the game. Overall, this is definitely the best Warrior skill and a must-have for some enemy encounters.

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