Octopath Traveler II: All Characters RANKED!

Octopath Traveler II: All Characters RANKED!

Octopath Traveler II is one of the most fun and unique RPGs when it comes to how the stories are told, and each story is unique and profound in its own way. However, this does NOT mean that the battle system is bad... far from it. Improving in every way from the first game, the battle system is a masterpiece here. However, some characters are better than others, so without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Characters RANKED! (By Battle).

8. Osvald - C Tier

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Osvald is by no means a bad addition to your party. In fact, for about the first third of the game, using Concentrate Spell, Advanced Magic, and an elemental spell may just be the strongest way to deal damage in the game! Even Hikari can’t deal as much damage as Osvald during the early game. But honestly, as soon as you pick up the Scholar secondary job, Temenos seriously outdoes Osvald in almost every way. Osvald’s EX skills, One True Magic and Teach? One True Magic isn’t as good at breaking enemies as Temenos’s Latent Power or Ochette’s Provoke Beasts, and does not dish out nearly as much damage as Hikari’s Learned Skills. Teach? It is incredibly situational, and though it has its uses, I can’t really think of any strategies that could be built around this ability. His Talent, Study Foe, is also much less useful in this game than it was in the first, as there are many easy ways to reveal enemy weaknesses… Akala, Mahina, Elemental Barrage, and Sixfold Strike can all reveal enemy weaknesses more reliably than Study Foe or Analyze can. And by the end of the game, Concentrate Spell is easily the weakest Latent Power, as all it can do is increase damage… whereas other latent powers can easily break enemies, restore full BP, give you extra turns, et cetera. Overall, though his magic stat and SP are both great and he is the best for dishing out damage during the early-game, with a lack of good character skills, he is easily the worst character in Octopath Traveler II.

7. Agnea - B Tier

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This may be controversial, as so many people adore using Agnea as the ultimate support character, the ultimate wind mage, or for some people, the ultimate Armsmaster. However, I just don’t love Agnea as much as most. Her Windy Refrain and Song of Hope abilities are so powerful, and are definitely worth having Agnea in the party for. Her Dance Session ability makes the otherwise weak Dancer abilities much more viable to use in battle. However, that’s kind of where her problems lie. She’s a Dancer, which I find to be the worst or second worst job in the game. Dance Session isn’t really worth utilizing since the Dancer abilities are pretty bad outside of Sealticge’s Seduction. And her Latent Power? Though it is a bit more inconvenient, her Latent Power can be replaced with Sealticge’s Seduction. With how easy it is to get BP using Castti or Partitio, spamming Divine Skills is not really that hard, and when Windy Refrain and her Latent Power are her biggest things going for her? I just don’t really love Agnea all that much. Does Agnea deserve to be ranked higher according to some people? Yes. But do I personally find her Latent Power good enough to keep her in the party? No. Overall, Agnea is a character many people love, but not one that I love.

6. Throné - B Tier

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Throné has one of the weakest base jobs in the game. Though Surprise Attack and the two debuffs are good abilities early in the game, they are very quickly outclassed by much stronger abilities. Though I originally believed that Throné’s Latent Power would be the best in the game, due to Aelfric's Blessing and Hikari being able to take a second turn with his Hienka ability, Throné isn’t quite as good as the next few characters on this list. However, Throné definitely has more positives than Osvald. Blessing of Darkness is arguably the best Dark spell for the majority of the game and the versatility that she has with the Disguise ability and her ability to take two turns is quite cool. She can take one turn to give herself a Divine skill buff and utilize it right away (this is insane with Dohter’s Charity). She can hit twice with two very powerful abilities without taking a turn away from your Cleric. Her speed lets her dish out a lot of damage early in the turn with either Surprise Attack or Aeber’s Reckoning. She can also be a very powerful Armsmaster! On top of that, her Blessing of Darkness ability can be incredibly useful for basic enemy encounters, and bringing her along for her Steal Path Action is always a smart idea. Overall, with a good Latent Power and an even better Talent, Throné is still a much more viable pick than Osvald and is still a decent character. Nonetheless, what Throné can do, Hikari can do much better, so I just can’t put her any higher on this list.

5. Ochette - S Tier

Going to leave a gap here, since I really do think that the last 3 characters are much less viable for how I play the game (yes, some people will love those guys, but I don’t, please do not cancel me). Anyway, I digress. Ochette is the master of the midgame, yet still very strong in the early and late game. With her Light Revenant spamming at around level 20, it is so easy to absolutely destroy everything throughout the middle of the game and grind so fast it isn’t even funny. She was easily my best character until I got some insane Learned Skills with Hikari and had full access to the advanced job classes! However, cheesing Light Revenants is not the only good thing about Ochette. Summoning the legendary beasts can also be very powerful, and of course, her stats lend very well to strong classes like the Armsmaster or the Warrior. Early in the game, using Akala or Mahina can absolutely cheese finding weak points while still doing damage, as opposed to wasting your time with Osvald’s Analyze. Okay, so you may be thinking, how is Ochette S Tier? Trust me, I haven’t even scratched the surface. First of all, with her Latent Power and her Prepare ability, she can basically become a much better Dancer with all of her awesome food items (granted, she can’t use Sealticge’s Seduction, sadly) and her great debuffing and breaking that comes with her Beastly Howl, Leghold Trap, and Abating Orb. On top of that, I like to give her Dancer, since she is good enough that she doesn’t really need a secondary job, and because I’d rather have Ochette Dancer for Sealticge’s Seduction than Agnea (sorry Agnea fans!). But her biggest strength is her overpowered Provoke Beasts ability, which is easily the best way to break enemies in the game. Get an arsenal of multi-hitting attacks of different weapon types, and fully boost Provoke Beasts, and you can easily hit for 18+ Shield Points in a single turn. However, the biggest problem with this is you have to sacrifice strong attacks like the Revenants to fill up these slots, and most of the time, Scholar Temenos can get the job done. Still cool to think about that you can deplete 36 Shield Points with a fully boosted Ochette and full-boosted Provoke Beasts, though. But even if you would rather use Temenos’s Latent Power to break enemies, Provoke Beasts still has one broken use: summoning Chubby Caits. Though they can be a little tricky to catch without some grinding and luck with Auto-Capture, summoning a Chubby Cait six times can give you insane buffs, healing, and make you invincible to oncoming attacks. Overall, with the versatility and strength in her Capture/Provoke ability and her buffing, breaking, and debuffing capabilities, Ochette is an S Tier character in my book.

4. Partitio - S Tier

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Partitio’s ability to instantly give himself 5 BP with his Latent Power is really the best thing about his character. This makes him an overpowered BP battery, and if you give him Full Power, A Step Ahead, and/or BP Regeneration, you will be absolutely overpowered. Judging how easy it can be to grind Leaves early on using Ochette’s Light Revenant strategy, having the Hired Help ability without having to waste a secondary job slot on the Merchant is also insanely useful. Add to that his powerful Negotiate Schedule ability, and you’ve got an amazing support character. And once you get the Arcanist? You can use Seal of Diffusion, as well as Sidestep to basically make yourself impervious to all physical attacks. Get Agnea or a character with the Dancer subclass in your party, use Sealticge’s Seduction on Partitio, and now you’ve got a character who can make your party virtually invincible to all attacks. Overall, with his abilities as a BP battery, his insane Arcanist setup, and his awesome Merchant abilities, he is easily one of the best characters in the game.

3. Temenos - S Tier

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Temenos is the first of three characters on this list that I rarely took out of my party unless I had to. First of all, Temenos innately has the Cleric job, easily one of the best jobs in the game. His Moonlight Judgment Talent is so helpful in clearing out random encounters, and his Latent Power is the best way to break enemies for the majority of the game. But even once his healing and Latent Power start to become weaker due to Concoct and Provoke Beasts, it is not an issue, as he has by far the best pair of EX Skills in the game. With Heavenly Shine being one of the strongest attacks in the game and Prayer for Plenty being the best healing ability in the game, it’d almost be stupid to not use Temenos (in my opinion). Temenos Scholar may just be the best combination of jobs in the entire game, as his Latent Power and Elemental Barrage is simply that powerful, and having access to all those elements and being able to nuke enemies with a Heavenly Shine buffed by Alephan’s Wisdom is just stupidly powerful. And the best thing you can do with Temenos? Give him Sealticge’s Seduction and use Prayer for Plenty… it is laughable how broken this is. Overall, being an amazing healer and damage dealer with the best EX Skills in the game and a great Latent Power, I personally find Temenos to be one of my favorite characters in Octopath Traveler II.

2. Hikari - S+ Tier

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Hikari is easily the best damage dealer in the game once you start picking up some good Learned Skills. From Limb to Limb to Divine Protection to Boost from Beyond to Last Gasp to Merciless Blade, he has some absolutely broken abilities that nobody else can come even close to. Give him equipment that makes him do more damage the lower health he has, and he will easily do 99,999 damage consistently as long as you have decent equipment. Add to that his ability to take multiple turns with Hienka, his awesome Shinjumonjigiri EX Skill, and his already great base class, and you’ve got one of the best characters in the game. And give him Armsmaster? He’ll be unstoppable. The only downside for Hikari is that he takes a little bit longer than like Osvald or Throné to be good right at the beginning of the game, but overall, he quickly outclasses them and becomes one of the best characters in the entire game.

1. Castti - S+ Tier

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Castti really is just the best character in my opinion. Give her the Full Power Support Skill and A Step Ahead, and you can win every battle so quickly because of her ability to just fully restore everybody’s BP. And even without her Latent Power, it is not really that hard to pick up materials for her Concoct ability, as all of them can be bought from shops from around the world! This makes her a powerful character who can heal HP, SP, and BP, can buff allies, and break enemies, and she can basically be amazing in any situation. Give her a secondary class that increases her support capabilities like the Inventor or Cleric, and you’ve got yourself the best support character in the game! Personally, as much as I think Hikari is the strongest damage dealer, abilities like Lionheart’s Axe, the Divine Skills, and Heavenly Shine can still deal tons of damage. However, nobody can get anywhere near being as good as Castti, so overall, Castti is my favorite character in Octopath Traveler II.

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