Octopath Traveler II: All Latent Powers RANKED!

Octopath Traveler II: All Latent Powers RANKED!

Octopath Traveler II basically has Limit Breaks, and I love it. Whereas the original game had nothing of the sort, no Latent Powers or anything, the Latent Powers in Octopath Traveler II are absolutely fantastic and because they are so great, in this article, I have decided to rank all of them in a tier list. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler II: All Latent Powers RANKED!

8. Castti's Every Drop Counts - C Tier

At first, I loved this skill. I'd use Full Power and A Step Ahead at all times, letting her use Concoct before anyone else even has a turn. This would allow me to give the whole party multiple BP before the enemies could even have an action! But all things considered, as convenient as this ability may be, Concoct items become incredibly easy to purchase or come across. Castti doesn't need this ability, and while it is nice, it cannot even compare to other characters on this list that are very fleshed out by their phenomenal Latent Powers. As a whole, I don't really dislike anything about this ability, so it still lands a spot in the C Tier, but it is just the least necessary Latent Power on this list.

7. Ochette's Animal Instincts - C Tier

Let's be honest here—Beastly Claws and Beastly Fangs are great for about 2 hours before the become essentially useless. However, Beastly Howl is a fantastic debuffing ability for a longer amount of time (albeit still not that long of a time). However, these three abilities are all incredibly outclassed by her beasts about midway through the game. Overall, while not nearly as convenient or spammable as Castti's Latent Power, Animal Instincts actually has a lot of practical use in the first act of the game.

6. Osvald's Concentrate Spells - B Tier

This ability is absolutely busted for the first few hours of the game, cementing Osvald as the best DPS for the first portion of the game. However, as you progress farther in the game, Osvald will already be hitting really high damage numbers at the downside of only hitting a single target won't really be worth it anymore—especially if you are already hitting max damage by equipping elemental-buffing equipment. Osvald truly can dish out incredible damage with this ability, but it later becomes pretty unnecessary and highly outclassed by other Latent Powers on this list.

5. Agnea's All Together Now - B Tier

This ability basically is just an instant-use Sealticge's Seduction... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean, that does hold it back from being any higher than B Tier, but this ability does an awesome job of making Agnea one of the best support characters in Octopath Traveler II. Using abilities like Sacred Shield or Arkar's Coil on the whole party is absolutely insane, and using this Latent Power to use abilities like that is way less tedious than applying Sealticge's Seduction ahead of time. This ability also has the means to make Agnea an insane damage dealer—using Sixfold Strike or Lionheart's Axe on an entire enemy party is absolutely broken! Overall, this ability is very awesome, but not nearly as good as the next few abilities on this list.

4. Partitio's Hoot and Holler - A Tier

Instantly getting 5 BP at a time with the click of a button? That's phenomenal. While there are many ways to get BP otherwise, said methods take at least one turn to pull off—but this ability can be used even before taking an action! Use this ability in tandem with BP Regeneration, Full Power, Hang Tough, BP In Adversity, and the occasional Pomegranate? Partitio will have likely have max BP the majority of the time! While the next few abilities are still better than this one, this is still an incredible ability.

3. Hikari's Shadow's Hold/Light's Radiance - A Tier

By using Hienka (by far the best of the three abilities under this skillset), Hikari can dish out huge damage with Limit-Break-esque attack power and gain an extra turn! This ability is honestly quite incredible, and lets you add tons more damage to the character who is already by far the best damage dealer in the game! However, since this ability is pretty much outclassed by the top ability on this list, I couldn't rank this awesome ability any higher.

2. Temenos's Judgment - S Tier

How to easily Coerce with Temenos in Octopath Traveler 2

Outside of Provoke Beasts, using Temenos's Judgment is by far the best way to break enemy shields! Use Elemental Barrage or Sixfold Strike with Temenos, and you will be able to absolutely demolish bosses by knocking 6+ shields away from them at a time! With breaking shields being one of the most important aspects of Octopath Traveler II's battle system, and with it being quite hard to break a lot of them consecutively, this Latent Power is integral to beating boss fights throughout the majority of the game! The only reason this doesn't top the list is because in the endgame, Provoke Beasts easily outclasses this ability in terms of shield-breaking, but I am not complaining because that ability is one of the most broken abilities in the game. However, even though it isn't the best, it's damn near close.

1. Throné's Leave No Trace - S Tier

This is the only Latent Power that never becomes outclassed or unnecessary in Octopath Traveler II. While Hienka and the Cleric's Aelfric's Blessing abilities give the target an extra turn, those extra turns come at the end of the round, which balances those abilities from being absolutely broken. But this Latent Power? It allows you to have two consecutive turns, which just makes this ability fantastic. You can give Throné an awesome ability like Dohter's Charity or Alephan's Wisdom and instantly make use of this! Overall, this is definitely the best Latent Power in Octopath Traveler II.

Check out my old opinions on the Latent Powers in the video below! These opinions were rather stupid, so it's quite entertaining to see how bad at the game old me was!

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