Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Cacti RANKED!

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Cacti RANKED!

I know, I know. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is not an RPG. But expanding my horizons for article writing is always a fun thing to do! So I'm going to test it out in today's article... Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Cacti RANKED!

11. Bandit Cactus                                          

Coming in at number eleven is the Bandit Cactus. This variant is not inherently that bad. But I can't really get around the point of its existence. Here's why. Yes, the Bandit Cactus moves faster than its sister variants (yes, Cactus is female, don't try to fight me on it), but why do you need to move super fast as a Cactus? It is a sniper. You snipe things. It even has a long-range weapon. Oh wait, no, Bandit Cactus isn't a sniper. You don't snipe things. And it doesn't have a long-range weapon. So, is Bandit Cactus even a Cactus? No, it is a green pickle with spikes that is possessed by the spirit of Billy the Kid. That is my problem with the Bandit Cactus. Yes, it is fast. Yes, it is better at close range than most Cacti. But with the subpar abilities of the Cactus, the Bandit Cactus pales in comparison to other fast-firing plants such as the Kernel Corn or even the Commando Pea. The Bandit Cactus doesn't excel in what it is supposed to excel at. And if you want a Cacti that excels at close range, there is still a better option. So overall, with its subpar weapon that cannot compare to the other Cacti nor other fast-firing characters, the Bandit Cactus simply has no place in Garden Warfare 2. F Tier for sure.

10. Ice Cactus

Who thought it would be a good idea to make Ice Cactus deal so little damage compared to the normal Cactus? Sure, the ice effect is helpful but not that helpful. I honestly do not think the ice effect is worth the lower damage of this variant. The only time I find myself thinking this variant is better than the original Cactus is when I am going up against a Z-Mech, and even still, don't expect to kill a Z-Mech as a singular Cactus. Overall, an underwhelming variant that goes in the D Tier. At least this variant has more of a reason to exist than the Bandit Cactus...

9. Citrus Cactus

Yes. I had the nerve to include the Citrus Cactus on this list. It deserved better. It deserved to be in this game, therefore it deserves to be on this list. I love this variant, even though I find it to be a D tier Cactus variant. Burst weapons are always super fun to use, but this Cactus is just a downgrade from the Sun Pharaoh in every way imaginable. It is also a downgrade from the normal Cactus, as its slow rate of fire causes its DPS to be significantly less than the base version of the character. Overall, a very fun character to play as, but not necessarily a good character to play as. If only we could have gotten a version of this character in Garden Warfare 2. A much better version of this character, that is.

8. Cactus

Finally. I can get done with the F and D Tier Cacti and move on to the C tier Cacti! C for Cacti everyone! Anyway. I'm acting a teensy bit tipsy here. The original Cactus is an amazing character. Its damage always surprises me every single time I use it. However, there is not much to say about this Cactus... it doesn't have any special perks that put it above its variants. And because of this, this lands near the bottom of the list. Still an amazing character nonetheless.

7. Jade Cactus‌                              

For me, Jade Cactus is interchangeable with the original Cactus on this list. This Cactus variant does less damage and is slower, but has more health and has strong splash damage. The reason I find this Cacti better is because you don't really need speed to play as a Cactus, and I find the 25 bonus health is a worthy trade-off. The splash damage is also really cool. Overall, in my opinion, this Cactus is just a smidge better than the original.

6. Petrified Cactus

The one and only Cacti in the B tier is the Petrified Cactus. The Petrified Cactus is what the Bandit Cactus fails to be: a Cactus that is amazing at short and medium ranges. This Cactus does really high damage and hits like a truck at short range, however, its slow projectile speed and slow fire rate make it pitiful at long range. Unlike, say, Captain Cannon or Electro Pea, who have abilities that mesh perfectly with their primary fire, the abilities of the Cacti are just not suited for short-range combat. Also, in comparison to other short range characters, this Cactus has very slow speed, which doesn't really make up for the health upgrade (unlike the Jade Cactus, who doesn't need speed). However, there is no doubt about it: the Petrified Cactus hits like a truck at short range. Though it isn't good at long range, the Petrified Cactus is still amazing and is the best pick for a short range Cactus variant.

5. Fire Cactus                    

The first of the A tier goes to the Fire Cactus. I love this variant because of its powerful Fire effect. What makes the Fire effect so good as a sniper is that, even if somebody spots you and decides to run away behind cover, the additional Fire damage can finish them off. And unlike Captain Flameface, who has a much lower DPS than Captain Deadbeard, this Fire variant still deals damage on par with the original Cactus. I find this to be the first of the Cacti who is simply a direct upgrade to the original Cactus: there are no catches. Overall, an amazing Cactus variant.

4. Zen Cactus

In my opinion, the Zen Cactus is yet another A tier Cactus. This Cactus requires a lot more thought and strategy than the other Cacti, but when you are able to get past the learning curve, this Cactus becomes a force to be reckoned with. This Cactus can deal huge amounts of damage, up to 60 per shot, as well as deal up to 15 points of splash damage. This is very much a high-risk, high-reward character because the enemy team can easily spot you, as well as count how much ammo you have left. Overall, the Zen Cactus is such a strong Cactus to use, but since it is risky and not very reliable, it cannot make it above the fourth place on this list.

3. Camo Cactus

Starting off the S Tier Cacti is the Camo Cactus. The Camo Cactus is one of the most fun plants to play in the entirety of the Garden Warfare franchise. ‌I will admit, this character's wacky zoom and lack of survivability holds it back from achieving true greatness. However, no Cactus can reliably snipe across the map like this Cactus can. This Cactus is the truest sniper you will find in the Garden Warfare franchise, and due to its insane 60 damage critical hits, you can dispatch distant enemies like no other. Overall, the Camo Cactus is a powerful Cactus variant that is the truest sniper in the game, but due to its lack of survivability, it cannot achieve the same power as the other two Cacti on this list.

2. Power Cactus

The second of the S tier is the Power Cactus. In my opinion, this is the most accessible and easy Cacti to get the hang of: with its crowd control abilities and its rapid fire rate, the Power Cactus has the DPS and versatility to make her great for newer players. This Cactus has a higher DPS than the base Cactus—even though the damage per shot is less, this variant's rate of fire makes it a direct upgrade to the original Cactus. The amount of chain electric damage is also insane, sitting at 15 damage per shot! Though there are not many situations that a Cactus will be firing into a cluster of zombies, if push comes to shove, this character can take them down. Overall, a very accessible Cactus that is a direct upgrade to the original Cactus in every way imaginable.

1. Future Cactus

‌The definitive Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is the Future Cactus... and its not even close. This character can charge its shots for up to 107 damage. This character can rapidly fire for 17 damage per shot. This character can dish out up to 30 splash damage. This Cactus has the highest DPS of any sniper in the game by quite a bit. There's not much going against this variant, to be honest. The Future Cactus has everything I could want in a Cactus, and therefore, it tops this list as the best Cactus in Garden Warfare 2.

Credit is given to Trent A. for helping me with this ranking. Check out his YouTube channel Neptune for more content.

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