Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Engineers RANKED!

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Engineers RANKED!

You know what? I actually love the Engineer class. Many people find them to be one of the least interesting classes in the game, but there are quite a few classes that are much worse than these guys in my opinion! To be honest, even though I love these guys, all ten of them are rather similar, so I apologize in advance for the very short explanations for my rankings. Just like the All-Star class, many of these characters are highly interchangeable due to their lack of diversity, so take this ranking with a grain of salt—this is a much more subjective ranking than some of my other Garden Warfare 2 articles, so don't be offended if I rank one of your favorites rather low! Anyway, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Engineers RANKED!

10. AC Perry

Ice characters are pretty dang weak as a whole, with only a couple of them standing out! The AC Perry is not only my least favorite Engineer, but also quite possibly my least favorite Ice variant! This guy may be able to summon ice with an air conditioner, which is some pretty insane arcane voodoo, but arcane voodoo is not good enough to save the AC Perry from the D Tier. With a very weak and clunky primary weapon, the AC Perry is just weak... and the Ice effect does not make up for it. Overall, an underpowered character. D Tier.

9. Engineer

The Engineer isn't bad. but he isn't anything to write home about either. He is essentially just inferior to the next few variants. Overall, just average. C Tier.

8. Plumber

The Plumber does more splash damage, but less impact damage. This is helpful if you don't have great aim, and is also useful for hitting multiple targets at once! Overall, just a slight upgrade to the Engineer, but still C Tier.

7. Welder

Like the Engineer, but with Fire damage! The DPS difference isn't all that drastic, so I see this as a small upgrade to both the Engineer and the Plumber! Overall, just a little better, but still C Tier.

6. Electrician

The Electric effect on this is perfect for the Engineer! It really aids in the splash damage and crowd control capabilities of the class! Though much weaker than, say, Electro Pea, Electrician is still a viable option! However, is DPS is not all that high, even if his effect is amazing. Overall, there are still much better Engineers. B Tier.

5. Sanitation Expert

With a weaker effect but a higher DPS in comparison to the Electrician, I see these two characters as rather interchangeable. However, since this one fires faster, its Toxic effect will spread at a faster pace, so all around, I find it a bit better than the Electrician! B Tier.

4. Roadie Z

I'm not a big fan of this character, but I cannot deny the fact it dominates at short-range! I've gone on many, many 10+ streaks with this guy in both Team Vanquish and Suburbination! However, his short-range makes him quite limited, especially in Turf Takeover! So overall, Roadie Z is very powerful at short-range, but since he has no long-range capabilities, he should only be used in small-scale gamemodes, where he excels greatly. A Tier.

3. Painter

I love this character so much! The Painter has amazing range and good damage, and probably the least awkward projectile of any of the Engineers! Though Painter has a pretty low DPS, it has very long-range and great splash, which makes up for it. Overall, since it has great range and no projectile drop-off, the Painter is amazing! A Tier!

2. Mechanic

Easily the highest DPS of any Engineer in the game! By quite a bit! But with short range and insane recoil, Mechanic is not my number one. The best? Probably. My favorite? Not at all. Overall, the Mechanic is extremely powerful at close range and is an S Tier Engineer, but overall, I still prefer the next character on this list.

1. Landscaper

The second highest DPS, a quick-firing semi-auto weapon, and good range and splash damage, I think the Landscaper is my favorite overall! Maybe not as dominant as the Mechanic, but still my favorite. I find this character more reliable due to his better range! Overall, I find the Landscaper to be S Tier, as well as the best Engineer in Garden Warfare 2.

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