Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Peashooters RANKED!

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Peashooters RANKED!

Yes, I know that the picture I snapped for this article is from Garden Warfare 1. But do I give a heck? No. When it comes to Garden Warfare articles, first, I did the snipers: Cactus and Captain Deadbeard. Next up is the light assault characters: Peashooters and Engineers. And obviously, this article is based off of the Peashooters! As always, I will be ranking all of the options from worst to best based off of my own personal opinion while trying to provide unbias reasoning to justify my claims. Anyways, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: All Peashooters RANKED!

11. Rock Pea

Nothing screams useless like a pile of rocks smashed on a disfigured pea plant. It's like, those rocks were like the remnants of Pompeii or something. Okay, Rock Pea is a terror against humanity and a threat to us all because of how terrible of a character he is, but at least he is not an Avengers-level threat that killed thousands of people. You know? I'm sounding about as stupid as the time a teacher at my school compared a kid to Hitler over refusing to color his assignment. Okay, I'll shut up and talk about Rock Pea now. Rock Pea gets 25 bonus health, but sacrifices speed and DPS. And since Peashooters thrive when Pogo Pea-ing their arses off and bean jumping to get higher than the Empire State, Rock Pea's decrease in mobility would have already been bad enough for me to place him as a bottom-tier Peashooter. However, EA and Pop Cap had the brilliant idea to give the not-so-cracked crap pea even more to make him hateable! His DPS is the lowest, just behind the elemental peashooters... and the elemental peashooters have pretty good effects to make up for it! Rock Pea also has pretty bad splash damage. Sure, he has more than the original Peashooter, but since he shoots slower, and since it has a very small blast radius, it simply sucks. Also, I find the Rock Shot to be the most awkward projectile in the entire game. Nope, not an Engineer character. Nope, not the Yeti Chomper. I think that Rock Pea has my least favorite projectile in the entire game. Heck, I think not only the Yeti Chomper, but all the chompers are more viable than this pile of discombobulated lattice of cow pies and rocks! I'd rather waste my stars leveling this dude up with the freaking dead fish than waste my time playing this nimrod of a character. Rock Pea is an F Tier Peashooter, an F Tier character, and possibly the worst character in the entirety of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

10. Ice Pea

Okay. Ice Pea is not bad. But he isn't very great either. As a whole, Ice characters are rather weak, save a few of the really good ones like Arctic Trooper. I honestly feel like a Peashooter more than most classes doesn't seem like the type of character I would ever really want an Ice effect for. Simply put, the Ice Pea's Ice effect isn't worth the damage tradeoff over the base Peashooter, therefore it ranks in ninth place. A C Tier character overall.

9. Berry Shooter

Yes! Of course I am including the Berry Shooter! Because it should have been in Garden Warfare 2! As much as I love this character and wish they brought it back, this character is essentially just an upgrade of the Rock Pea. It fires slower than the original Peashooter like the Rock Pea does, but the Berry Shooter also has really good splash damage. Also, the Berry Shooter did not have a huge mobility nerf like the Rock Pea does. However, the DPS on this guy is still lower than base Pea. So overall, even though I love this guy, he is still a slight downgrade from the original Peashooter, therefore he can't go any higher than ninth on this list and he isn't anything better than a C Tier character.

8. Peashooter

The base Peashooter is the first of the very solid characters on this list... as unlike many character classes, the majority of the Peashooters are amazing! This Pea has really solid damage, and has the fourth best DPS of all the Peashooters! However, DPS along can't save this Pea from being near the bottom of the barrel. In terms of DPS along, Law Pea, Plasma Pea, Agent Pea, and commando Pea all dominate the original! And this guy doesn't get any really good elemental effects or anything like that. So overall, a great but outclassed character that cannot rank any higher than B Tier in my eyes.

7. Fire Pea

I find Fire Pea to be just a teensy bit more dominant than the base Pea. Still a B Tier Peashooter, but still a very viable option! His Fire damage can be incredibly useful at spreading the damage across multiple characters and taking out multiple enemies at the same time. Giving multiple enemies Fire damage helps with the AoE style of the Peashooter, and this fire effect also makes up for the weak splash damage since, unlike the Ice Pea, its effect works is inflicted with splash damage, not just direct damage! This alone already makes this character much better than the Ice Pea! However, this variant has quite a bit less DPS than the original and many other Peashooters on this list, and I personally find Toxic Pea a direct upgrade of this guy, so overall, I can't bring myself to rank Fire Pea any higher than seventh on this list.

6. Law Pea

Okay... to be honest, Law Pea, along with Rock Pea, are two of my least favorite characters to play as in the entire game. I feel like aiming with Law Pea is like attempting to play Rush E on the piano... virtually impossible. So why do I rank him higher than Peashooters like base Pea and Fire Pea? Because this deputy sheriff's DPS is potentially the highest in the game if you fire fast enough! However, Law Pea requires insane aim, and since his reload time is astronomical, you have to be like a professional Garden Warfare 2 player to utilize Law Pea to his full potential. Overall, if you have fantastic aim, the Law Pea can become one of the most broken characters. Otherwise? He sucks. So I think I'll just put him in A Tier. Because he can be S, but he can also be B or C. So I'll just average it out at A.

5. Toxic Pea

Generally, I like the Fire effect a whole lot better and find it more impactful. However, in the case of the Peashooter? I find the Toxic Pea to be more in-line with what I find a Peashooter to be good for: controlling a crowd of enemies with splash damage and Chili Bean Bombs. Since Toxic Pea's damage spreads across multiple target, as well as having splash damage on par with base Pea, Toxic Pea can control crowds like almost no other Peashooter can. In fact, Toxic Pea is my favorite Peashooter to play as, even if he is statistically not close to as good as the next peashooters... some of the next peashooters have double this guy's DPS. Heck... Agent Pea has triple this guy's DPS! So, overall, I think that Toxic Pea deserves to be ranked as an A Tier character, but I don't think he deserves any higher than fifth place.

4. Commando Pea

I think Law Pea is overrated. But Commando Pea? He's definitely underrated! I think he is at the top of the A Tier when it comes to Peashooters! Commando Pea boasts the third highest DPS in the game and a very forgiving weapon for newbies and veterans alike, Commando Pea is a force in a ton of situations. However, even though he has a better DPS than a couple of the next characters, he has a major flaw they don't have: Commando Pea sucks at Pogo Pea-ing! It is very difficult to hit accurate rapid-fire shots during Hyper with Commando Pea! In addition, it is hard for him to compete with multiple enemies at once. Overall, though he has some flaws, his powerful damage and relative ease of use lands him in A Tier and in fourth place on this list.

3. Plasma Pea

Who cares about Dormammu's niece coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the ruler of the cosmos is already taking out baddies in Zomburbia? Plasma Pea's charged and uncharged shots deal heaps of damage! And not only does he deal heaps of damage, but he also has great mobility in comparison to other charged characters that makes him possibly the best of them all: he can jump while charging! Combine the fact he can jump while charging, along with his high damage and his powerful abilities as a Peashooter, Plasma Pea is an amazing character overall. He is one of the best charged characters, one of the best Peashooters, and most importantly, one of the best characters in the game. S Tier Peashooter for sure.

2. Agent Pea

This character has a DPS rivaled by almost no other character! Sure, he has no splash damage and isn't great at taking out a ton of targets at once. Sure, he has less health. But he is also one of the best, if not the best, 1v1 characters in the entire game! Overall, there isn't much to say about the Agent Pea. His high DPS and a great ammo clip (looking at your terrible clip, Law Pea) make the Agent Pea not only a top 2 peashooter, but also one of the best characters in the game. S Tier for sure.

1. Electro Pea

Agent Pea definitely has a higher DPS than Electro Pea... but Electro Pea is simply the most broken character in the entire game. Though not as strong as Agent Pea in 1v1 fights, no character in the game can quite take out a horde of enemies like Electro Pea can. Not only is Electro Pea one of the three broken self-detonation characters, he also has enormous crowd-controlling capabilities with his insane splash damage and very high electric damage. Simply put, no Peashooter (or any other character for that matter) can wipe out an enemy team like Electro Pea can. This guy is definitely S Tier, no questions asked. Overall, with an overpowered primary weapon and the amazing abilities of the Peashooter class, the Electro Pea is the best Peashooter in the game, but also the best character in the game.

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