Star Wars Battlefront II: All Heroes RANKED!

Star Wars Battlefront II: All Heroes RANKED!

I absolutely love this game. Is Battlefront 2 my favorite game? No, I mean, this website is named after RPGs, not third-person shooters. However, I still adore this game, and my favorite gamemode to play is Heroes vs. Villains. Naturally, this has led me to ranking the heroes and villains before any of the other content present in the game! Even though hero modes are my favorite to play, and I am significantly better at small-scale modes than at large-scale modes, I tried my best to rank these characters across all of the modes they are present in. Now, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Star Wars Battlefront 2: All Heroes RANKED!

22. Chewbacca

Chewbacca is an absolute mess of a character... they tried to buff him to be better in Galactic Assault and Capital Supremacy, but in the end, this buff messed him up even more! He got a small buff at long ranges, sure, when it comes to modes like Heroes vs. Villains, he got a sizable nerf! Like... what? What were they thinking? This buff was so worthless! Chewbacca can still deal huge damage in hero modes with his Furious Bowcaster, stun tons of targets with his Shock Grenade, or weaken rooms of enemies with his Charge Slam. Heck, the only thing that Chewbacca can do that no other hero an do is efficiently knock Boba Fett out of the sky... but even still, Leia can do that as well, even if not as reliably! And, since Boba Fett can dodge these days, this is hardly even a boon on the battlefront! I don't really know what to say. Chewbacca used to dominate in Heroes vs. Villains, but it seems he doesn't even have that going for him anymore! Overall, this game failed everyone's favorite furry friend. F Tier.

21. BB-9E

Why do I think that a random unnamed droid is better than Chewbacca? Because in tandem with other dark side villains, his Shock Prod's Stun can indefinitely shock enemies. Though he is extremely weak on his own, he can be extremely helpful in taking objectives and killing single targets by stunning them. His other abilities are nothing to write home about, with one being a smoke-screen, one healing nearby allies, one launching enemies all over the place but leaving him very vulnerable, and one speeding up cooldowns of nearby allies. BB-9E is essentially just a much weaker version of Finn that can stun enemies. Overall, BB-9E can be quite useful in Heroes vs. Villains if he is used in tandem with a team of smart villains, but in most other circumstances, there is a much, much better hero to choose than BB-9E. E Tier.

20. Lando Calrissian

Night Sniper? More like mis-functioning, short-range water gun. There's no sniping with the Night Sniper: it is all just short-range, meh damage. In comparison, Leia and Han do much more damage and have no damage fall-off... so Lando already loses to them in the damage aspect. His Smoke Grenade is almost useless except that it cancels locking-on with a lightsaber, and ever since the Disabler was nerfed, it has become rather bad overall. Lando's only redeeming quality is the Sharp Shot ability, which does 200 damage to five targets! This ability is insane in one-shoting troopers or taking down Boba Fett from the sky! However, even though Sharp Shot alone makes Lando better than BB-9E and Chewbacca, Lando is just way too incomplete of a character for him to be any better than D Tier.

19. Boba Fett

I'm going to get some hate for this, I'm sure... but I really don't find Boba Fett all that useful. Sure, he is the most mobile hero in the game, but he is much too easy to counter! Leia's alternate fire, the bowcasters of both Chewbacca and the Wookie Warrior, Lando's Sharp Shot, Finn's Deadeye, and the majority of Force abilties all cause Boba Fett to be ragdolled around the map rather easily. Boba also has high damage fall-off and very weird recoil, and in large-scale modes, since players tend to target him, an unprofessional Boba Fett player will be melted in seconds! His Concussion Rocket is underwhelming, and even though the Rocket Barrage is still good, it is nowhere near the incredibly dominant ability that it used to be. Overall, Boba's mobility and Rocket Barrage are very useful, but he will die very quickly in the air and his Concussion Rocket is weak. Love ya, Boba Fett, but you deserve C Tier.

18. Captain Phasma

Okay. I am a defender of Phasma! She fires very fast, has great range, and has two different scope configurations! She has the Survivor ability, which is very useful, as she can restore/buff her health by 200! Her Staff Strikes are essentially above-average melee attacks, and her droid is quite overpowered in close quarters! Even though she does excel from long-range, to become truly devastating, she must always stay within the reach of her droid... which is rather annoying. Though it is really cool to secure super easy victories with her droid in Heroes vs. Villains, she doesn't quite match up to other heroes on this list. Overall, she can dish out some good damage, but not as well as the majority of characters. She sacrifices mobility and versatility for her powerful damage, which most characters don't have to do. C Tier.

17. Rey

I don't really like Rey. In the movies? I'm glad we got another prevalent female Force User along with the likes of Asohka, Asaaj Ventress, the Nightsisters, and the female Inquisitors!  But I don't think she is able to anything that makes her better than the other lightsaber heroes, or even better than many of the blaster heroes. Her Dash Strike, though nice at taking out a couple of troops here and there, is nothing all that special... especially with Yoda and Luke and Maul and Obi-Wan having similar abilities that are quite a bit better! Mind Trick is really great to destroy new players, Last of all, her Insight ability. This ability is the main draw of using Rey over other saber heroes, and is insane in large-scale gamemodes! She also has fast and easily-lockable lightsaber swings! Overall, with just one really great ability and two mediocre abilities, I find Rey to be the weakest force user in the game and a pretty underwhelming character as a whole. C Tier.

16. BB-8

Yes. I did just rank BB-8 above Rey, and I have no regrets about it. BB-8's Shock Prod is actually not that bad, and it deals significantly more damage than BB-9E's! Though he is very much a short range character, due to his small hitbox, his weapon is not all that bad (even though they should have had him fire coins... what a missed opportunity)! BB-8's Rolling Charge ability is pretty dang good, being almost identical to Han's Shoulder Charge! But since BB-8 is such a small target, I would argue it is even better than Han's! His Resistance Backing ability is useful in that it is similar to Rey's Insight, but instead boosts damage instead of stamina and also scrambles enemy radars! Last of his abilities is his Cable Spin, which can clear out entire enemy teams! He can also count as two units and override objectives faster, and his Swift Reaction ability allows his allies to use their abilities very quickly. BB-8, like BB-9E, can also recover from Force abilities or other knockdowns extremely quickly, and with the right Star Card, BB-8 can regenerate a grand total of 400 health back... this makes him only rivaled by Obi-Wan in terms of health regeneration! However, even with a ton going for BB-8, his lack of range and his lack of a way to block like other close-range characters can, as well as his pitiful DPS, put him in sixteenth place on this list. C Tier.

15. Finn

Finn may just be the best support character in the game! He is also one of my favorite characters to play in the game, though I do admit, he is usually one of the weakest options. He has two support abilities: Big Deal and Undercover Team. With these abilities, he can boost health, grant damage reduction, provide weapon cooling, speed up ability recharges, hide allies from radars, and increase their movement speed! He also has a very solid long-range blaster! When his Deadeye ability is active, however, is when he truly shines. He can aimbot enemies and melt through more mobile targets like Boba Fett! However, Finn is the only blaster hero that has no way of breaking through lightsabe blocks, nor does he have any dominant ways to deal damage! Overall, Finn has great support capabilities and a great primary weapon that can aimbot enemies during Deadeye, but since he does mediocre damage and has no way to break blocks, Finn is just an average character overall. C Tier.

14. Iden Versio

I love Iden so much... but of course, since she is in fourteenth, she is obviously bound to have some issues. Iden Versio has a skillset, that, in theory, would allow her to excel at all ranges. Her primary weapon completely melts through health at close range, and her Droid Shield allows her to survive attacks and possibly get some melee damage in to weaker targets! Her Pulse Cannon allows for long-range trooper-sniping, as well as great vehicle damage, and her Stun Droid is easily the best stunning ability in the game. However, her alternate fire is what stands out the most to me: she can ignore blocks endlessly with her alternate fire, and she can deal huge AoE damage! However... her Droid Shield and Pulse Cannon are not quite good abilities, so even with the Stun Droid and her alternate fire, she can't be salvaged from being low on this list. See, the Droid Shield and the Pulse Cannon seem great on first glance, but they aren't all that good. The Droid Shield doesn't have all that much health, and this shield disables the player from utilizing the extremely useful Stun Droid ability while it is active! The Pulse Canon, which is supposed to be a sniper, is extremely weak and takes a lot of time to charge up, so you would be better off just trying to snipe with your alternate fire! Simply put, the Pulse Cannon should be saved for killing vehicles and vehicles alone. Overall, her blaster and her Stun Droid are very dominant, but since her other two abilities are rather subpar, Iden Versio can't go any higher than the bottom of B Tier.

13. Bossk

Bossk, though a very weird choice for a hero to make it into this game, is a welcome addition and a great hero overall. He can snipe from long ranges, or use his weapon like a short-range shotgun. He can deal huge block-breaking damage at short-range with his Proximity Grenades and his Predator Instincts ability. He can poison his enemies with his Dioxys Grenade, which not only does good damage over time, but also nullifies health regeneration! And with the Name Your Poison Star Card, the Dioxys Grenade can also be used to recover health! Bossk has the insane ability to regenerate all of his health back, albeit at a much slower rate than other characters! This also comes at the cost of not getting health on elimination, so in the end, it all balances out. However, he also has a couple of weaknesses. His Relby V-10 is one of the weaker blasters, and it is also very hard to get the hang of in comparison to blasters like the DL-44 or the Defender Pistol. To be useful, Bossk is a lot more heavily reliant on his abilities whereas characters like Han and Leia can deal insane damage even outside of their abilities. Overall, Bossk deals heaps of damage with his abilities and he can regenerate his health back to full, but his lack of consistency and his slow health regeneration speed causes him to fall behind many other heroes.

12. Darth Maul

Darth Maul may just be my favorite saber hero to play as in the entire game! However, that does not mean he is one of the best. He has some issues that cause him to fall this low. But let's start with the advantages. Darth Maul is extremely speedy and can use his Spin Attack to have extreme mobility! This guy can traverse maps and cut down enemies in his path like no other! He also has Choke Hold, a very strong Force ability, and Furious Throw, where he quickly throws his lightsaber forward for a decent chunk of damage! Though his Choke Hold and Spin Attack abilities are strong enough as-is, Darth Maul's Furious Throw doesn't do as much damage as Vader's, making it an outclassed ability! Sure, the velocity in which it is thrown is faster, but it also deals a total of 90 less damage! With two great abilities and a decent (yet outclassed) ability, as well as very high mobility, you would think he'd place higher on this list, right? Wrong. Why? Bugs. This guy has so many bugs. Overall, even though he has great abilities, they are still outclassed by the next heroes, and they are super buggy, making Maul a good hero—but not a great one. B Tier.

11. Yoda

Honestly... the Grand Master himself should be a top tier hero, but alas, he is not. He functions similarly to Maul in that he has high mobility... but this time, it isn't as much pure speed as it is that he is a small and swift target. His Dash Attacks function identically to Maul's Spin Attacks, making him just as mobile as Maul in that regard! Yoda also has Unleash, one of the most unique abilities in the game! This ability allows him to absorb Force abilities and blaster bolts to power up the attack beyond the limits of Luke's Force Push or Obi-Wan's All-Out Push! Unleash is just such a good ability all around! Last but not least is Presence, the ability that single-handedly elevates Yoda above Darth Maul. This ability buffs the health of Yoda and all of his nearby allies by up to 210 health (or 130 for infantry)! This can be a boon in choke points and can become the necessary boost to gain the high ground in battle! This also is helpful even if Yoda is alone, because not only does it buff his health, but it also breaks him out of any enemy stuns. Overall, Yoda has great mobility and nice damage, and is also a great support character, but he simply isn't close to as powerful as the following characters.

10. General Grievous

There was a brief snippet of time in which General Grievous was hands down the best character in the game. This was back when Claw Rush accidentally was bugged to be able to run over enemies as many times as you wanted to! However, after that was fixed? Grievous was thrusted right back into the mid-tier yet again. Grievous can dominate enemies, as he has some of the strongest lightsaber attacks in the game—if not the strongest! He can deal more damage than any other when hitting enemies from behind! He also has very high health and a good health regeneration cap! Grievous excels in taking out single targets with Thrust Surge and his normal attacks, and his Claw Rush has great potential for escaping an insurmountable encounter, weakening huge groups of enemies, or knocking down heroes to get the upper hand. His Unrelenting Advance ability allows you to defend yourself and take out enemies at choke points very easily! It is also useful to take out inexperienced players who don't know how to counter the ability. However, of course, Grievous has some pretty sizable disadvantages. First of all, he sort of sucks at attacking multiple enemies at once. He has terrible blocking stamina and because of this, he has rather low survivability. He also has no deflection accuracy! These factors make him suck defensively and makes him weaker against multiple targets. Overall, Grievous has the raw strength of Vader, but he doesn't have anywhere near the level of survivability. B Tier.

9. Count Dooku

Count Dooku is the ultimate duelist and one of the best, if not the best, characters for 1v1 fighting. His Duelist ability allows him to deal damage like no other character can, his Lightning Stun leaves enemies extremely vulnerable, and his Expose Weakness ability makes him deal extreme damage to whoever is weakened by it! His extra dodge allows him to be very agile and defensive, especially in lightsaber duels! Count Dooku is best used to hunt down heroes, using Expose Weakness and Duelist to kill them and move on to the next target... since Expose Weakness instantly recharges if you kill the target fast enough, you can essentially always have Expose Weakness handy! However, even though Dooku is defensively capable (unlike Grievous), his abilities are very much only suited for killing single targets. Heck, his Lightning Stun does less damage the more enemies it hits! Overall, Dooku has less power than Grievous when he is outside of Duelist, but he makes up for it with his defensive abilities. However, since Dooku is still not all that great in large-scale game modes due to his very limited abilities, he can not rank any higher than ninth place on this list.

8. Han Solo

According to most, Han Solo is the best blaster hero in the game! Though I respectively disagree, I still Han Solo is the second best blaster hero. His DL-44 is an extremely powerful weapon that can melt through enemies at a breakneck pace! His Shoulder Charge is very useful for breaking through lightsaber blocks, and his Detonite Charge deals extreme damage and knocks enemies over! He can easily take down saber heroes with those two abilities! His Sharpshooter ability is definitely the weak link of his three abilities, but is still decent, as it allows for easier aiming and is more forgiving, as well as allowing you to melt through the blocking stamina of saber heroes. However, Sharpshooter also leaves you very vulnerable, especially from behind, so I don't think the ability is really worth using in most circumstances. Overall, Han Solo is a phenomenal character, but due to his Sharpshooter ability being pretty useless, I find Han Solo to not be the best blaster hero in the game.

7. Anakin Skywalker

Yes... I just put Anakin in seventh. And yes, I do believe that Obi-Wan has the high ground and is more powerful than Anakin. Anakin may have four powerful abilities and an overpowered ability chain, but he's nowhere near the dominant #1 character that he used to be. Here's why. First of all, he is so buggy... if Heroic Might or Retribution is used, there's a chance he won't be able to attack or defend himself due to a bug... this makes him a waste of Battle Points if the bug activates! His Heroic Might ability is very powerful, but leaves him vulnerable to attacks. His Passionate Strike ability is mostly only useful as part of his ability chain or to break through lightsaber blocks. His Pull Dominance, though not as versatile as Kylo's Pull, is more powerful and is a very good ability! Using Pull Dominance, then Heroic Might, and then Passionate Strike will completely dominate whoever is attacked. His Retribution ability should be good, but it takes so long to charge and is not worth it due to the game-ending bugs, so I never use it. Overall, Anakin has very good abilities and can dish out tons of damage, but since he has been over-nerfed and since his abilities are extremely buggy, he is nowhere near as strong as he used to be.

6. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the master of defense and the legend who not only has the high ground, but also has the most memeable greeting of all time. His defensive prowess allows him to excel in duels and in large-scale gamemodes. Though Obi-Wan's abilities aren't the best of the bunch, his astronomical stamina, his precise blaster deflections, and his amazing health regeneration all make up for it! His abilities are still quite good though, even though his strengths lie outside of his abilities! His Defensive Rush ability allows him to charge forward while deflecting all damage, and his All-Out push ability allows him to use the force while nullifying a large portion of incoming damage! His Restrictive Mind Trick disables all of an enemies abilities, which is extremely useful in tactically getting the advantage over an enemy or to increase your overall survivability! However, Obi-Wan simply doesn't have the damage potential of the next few characters, and since they have enough survivability and crowd control without having such defensive abilities, Obi-Wan is just shy of S Tier. Overall, Obi-Wan is amazing, but not as good as the next few characters. A Tier.

5. Leia Organa

I've had some really controversial opinions on this list, but this is easily one of the most controversial opinions I have. Not only on this ranking, but also in my entire life. People like Battlefront Knight and the Ozzy Jedi have ranked Leia in eleventh and fifteenth, respectively. But I find her so much more than that. So buckle up. Because this is going to be a long rant on why I find her to be the best blaster hero in the game. To do this, I am going to compare her to Han, who people say is the best blaster hero in the game. First of all, due to her rework, her Flash Grenade has been replaced by THREE Thermal Detonators. Each of these Thermal Denotators do 250 damage each... Han's Detonite Charge does 200 damage. So what's better: 750 delayed damage, or 200 controllable damage with a knockdown? I'll take the risk of the delayed explosion time, because that's a huge difference in damage. Besides... the detonators also have a better cooldown time! Second of all, Sharpshooter vs Rapid Fire. Sharpshooter increases Han's max DPS from 233 to 379—whereas Rapid Fire increases Leia's max DPS from 266 to 390. Yes, Leia does have a higher DPS than Han... and her weapon takes less time to cooldown. The DL-44 is only stronger than the Defender pistol at long range, as it much better damage drop-off. Wait, no. This is not true, because Leia's alternate fire allows her to not only break through blocks at any given time, but allows her to snipe from across the map. Last of all, the Squad Shield versus the Shoulder Charge. The main draw of the Shoulder Charge is to break blocks and knock the enemy over. Han's ability to knock people over is what makes him really good, but Leia can break through blocks whenever she wants with her alternate fire. The Squad Shield is very good for healing and defending allies from oncoming fire, so honestly, I think these two are a tie for me. However, with Leia's higher DPS, three amazing abilities, and the ability to snipe enemies and break blocks at any time? I find Leia to be the best blaster hero in the entirety of Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, I still totally see the argument for Han, so this is entirely just my opinion. But in my opinion? Leia is S Tier.

4. Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine is one of a kind. There are ten saber heroes. There are nine blaster heroes. There are two shock prod heroes. And there's only one Palpatine. Palpatine is best when he is very much on the move, using his high jumping and dodges to his utmost advantage. He can deal damage with his primary weapons in two ways: to save stamina and fire with one-hand to be able to attack multiple targets for longer, or he can fully focus on killing one target with both hands. Due to his extreme mobility and speed, Palpatine is able to match, if not outmatch, any saber hero he comes up against. Not only is he very mobile, but he is also a master of crowd control. He can stun groups of enemies with Electrocute, instantly Zap a plethora of enemies for huge damage with Chain Lightning, or defeat enemies with ease using Dark Aura. In tandem with his primary attacks, Palpatine will dominate with his constant stream of damage. Overall, with extreme mobility and insane crowd control capabilities, Emperor Palpatine has everything a good hero needs. But since he can't tank damage with blocks like the next heroes can, he and Leia sadly have to be placed at the bottom of S Tier.

3. Kylo Ren

This guy has risen from the ashes. He used to be a B Tier character... but with great buffs, come great results. And Kylo Ren can dominate the battlefront more than all the others before him can with ease. Kylo is second only to Luke and Maul in terms of speed, and this alone makes him very powerful! Adding to this, he has very strong and fast lightsaber attacks... and with the Frenzy ability activated? He can slash so fast that he can clear a room of infantry in seconds! His Pull ability, though it does much less damage than Anakin's Pull Dominance, is better because it can be utilized in mid-air and has a larger area of effect! In combination with Freeze, Frenzy, or a huge pit? Pull is just built different. Speaking of Freeze... this ability is absolutely broken. A lightsaber hero being able to stun enemies is insane enough... but it also lasts much longer than the majority of stuns in the game! Using Freeze, infantry and dark side blaster heroes can melt through the light side! And in Heroes vs. Villains, or even in a duel, you can walk behind the frozen enemy and get two or three hits off of them before they can retaliate! Oh my gosh, Freeze is just broken. Overall, Kylo Ren can control a crowd and deal damage on the move even better than Palpatine, who is already as broke as a joke. In my humble opinion, I find Kylo Ren to be the third best hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2. S Tier.

2. Luke Skywalker

This guy is so fast in both running and attacking! His abilities allow him to be the quintessential hit-and-run hero, and his abilities can deal extreme damage to Heroes and Infantry alike. His Push ability can be used while jumping, and is even able to give you a jump boost if used right! This ability can deal great damage, as well as clear objectives or send targets flying off of a cliff! Not only is he great for objective and environmental-based kills, but he can also clear out enemies in a radius using the Repulse ability! Though it leaves him a bit vulnerable, this ability is extremely useful both offensively and defensively! Last but not least is his Rush ability, which can force through groups of enemies or can be combined with a Dodge to effectively escape a sticky situation or traverse the map. My personal favorite application of Rush is to swirl the trigger around mid-Rush so you can quickly strike them from behind after the ability is used! Overall, with unmatchable speed, health regeneration, survivability, and crowd control, Luke is S Tier. Only one hero is able to top Luke. Luke is the penultimate... but who is the ultimate? Come on, it is obvious. I'm sure you can all guess that it is...

1. Darth Vader

Darth Vader is hands-down the best hero in Battlefront 2. He is definitely not my favorite to play as, but there is no denying his pure amazingness. His only weakness is his speed and his stamina regeneration... but otherwise? He is a pure monster. Darth Vader can deal huge damage with all of his attacks, and unlike Grievous, he has a sizable stamina pool to back it up! He has almost as much defensive stamina as Obi-Wan too, which is honestly unfair. His Choke ability can completely incapacitate enemies while also nullifying damage to Vader, and you can combine that with Lightsaber Throw to decimate your opposition! These two abilities are extremely strong, and they fit very well with Darth Vader's sheer tankiness. However, his best ability is Focused Rage... which increases damage, grants a huge health buff, slows stamina drain, and (with the Furious Resilience Star Card) grants damage reduction! Overall, no character can compare to the pure damage and survivability that Vader has. I give him V Tier... V for Vader. He is simply the best character in Star Wars Battlefront 2, and nothing will change my mind. And if you don't agree? Your lack of faith is disturbing.

As a bonus, I will rank the characters in terms of how much I enjoy playing as them:

22. Chewbacca
21. BB-9E
20. Rey
19. Lando Calrissian
18. Yoda
17. General Grievous
16. Darth Vader
15. Obi-Wan Kenobi
14. Anakin Skywalker
13. Count Dooku
12. Boba Fett
11. Captain Phasma
10. BB-8
9. Han Solo
8. Finn
7. Kylo Ren
6. Luke Skywalker
5. Iden Versio
4. Bossk
3. Emperor Palpatine
2. Darth Maul
1. Leia Organa

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