Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Stances RANKED!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Stances RANKED!

Every stance in Jedi Survivor has its uses. From versatility of the single-blade to the crowd control of the double-blade; the speed of the dual-wield, the strength of the crossguard, and the range of the blaster stance? Each stance has its uses. However, everyone has their own opinions, and I think that some of the stances really outclass the others. Also, my opinions may be controversial, so come along for the ride in today's article... Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Stances RANKED!

5. Double-Bladed Stance

I know so many people say this is their favorite... but let me explain my thoughts before you start cursing my name :) While I loved the double-bladed stance in the first game, here, I found it quite mid. Sure, it is much more fluid in this game, but it is just so much less useful here. It is almost completely outclassed by the dual saber and blaster stances once you get Quick Draw and Dancing Blades. While this is decent enough right out of the gate and lets you relive Battlefront 2 Darth Maul and Luke glory days. While there's some fun to be had with this fluid saber stance, it is too outclassed in my opinion. It also hits like a peashooter, so that's kind of sad. Overall, it was fun for a bit, but definitely my least used saber stance.

4. Single-Bladed Stance

This stance is so weird. While in Fallen Order this was the strong stance great for bosses and single targets, Dual-Wield and Crossguard do a better job of that in this game. This stance doesn't have much power behind it, and while it is very fun and fluid, it is not as strong as the Crossguard stance, adaptable as the Dual-Wield stance, or good at ranged or aerial fighting as the Blaster Stance. The single-bladed stance is incredibly balanced, which on its own would make it a great stance if you could only choose one stance at a time, but since you can have two stances, I just found this stance to be completely unnecessary. I found myself only using this stance to hone my abilities so I could effectively play as Cere when the time came and to be proficient enough to effectively utilize Cal's dark side ultimate abiliy. Overall, while not as outclassed as the double-bladed stance in my eyes due to its aerial capabilities, I just find this to be a master of none kind of stance that deserves the fourth place spot on this list.

3. Crossguard Stance

The Crossguard stance is amazing at taking down large beasts. It does heaps more damage than any other stance, and can still deal ranged damage with shockwaves, powerful lightsaber throws, and charged blaster reflections. This allows for huge damage at all times and at many different ranges! The biggest problem with this stance is that it's slow and hard to combo, so it isn't great in nimble boss fights or in large groups. Overall, it's a very great stance, but isn't quite as useful as the next two stances on this list. And it also has the worst skill tree of them all, so you know, that's a bummer.

2. Blaster Stance

With awesome range and quick Dooku-like strikes, the Blaster is an amazing stance for attacking at range, attacking quickly, or just decimating rooms of enemies. While a little bit weak at first glance, once fully upgraded, you can unlock Quick Draw, possibly the best ability in Jedi Survivor. This is basically Lando's Sharpshot ability from Battlefront II, if you have not got far enough in the game to unlock this ability :) With the ability to alter the charge shot and kill enemies at complete safety, overall, this is easily my personal favorite stance in the game. But I still think there is one more that is objectively better.

1. Dual-Wield Stance

With great lightsaber throws, speedy strikes,  blaster-bolt-splitting capabilities, and the ability to cancel mid-animation, this stance is just amazing at clearing large groups of enemies. However, unlike every other stance in the game, the dual-wield stance is great at killing bosses and enemies. Its quick and strong strikes are fantastic for boss fights, and the insta-parry ability just solidifies it as the strongest lightsaber stance against single targets. Overall, with the strongest crowd-clearing and boss-killing abilities in Jedi Survivor, I think it is pretty apparent that the dual-wield stance is the best stance in the game.

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