Super Paper Mario: All Antagonists RANKED!

Super Paper Mario: All Antagonists RANKED!

The followers of the Dark Prognosticus are a great group of villains, each one is unique and each adds a lot to the game. This article will not be ranking the battles with Count Bleck's crew, but just the characters themselves.

#6 - O'Chunks

O'Chunks is a comedy character. I prefer story-centric characters with more emotions over comedy characters, hence the low ranking. O'Chunks appears in almost every cutscene with Bleck, and is encountered by Mario more than any other of Bleck’s henchmen (except maybe Mimi, but O'Chunks is fought the most often). Appearing in Yold Desert (1-3), Gap of Crag (5-2), Floro Sapien Caverns (5-4), and Castle Bleck Entryway (8-1), O'Chunks often tells quote-on-quote “funny” jokes before and after battles. After the battle with him in 8-1, O'Chunks tries to save Mario and his team from the FFIV-reminiscent collapsing room. Bowser stays with him to help, despite O'Chunks' order for him to leave. The duo are supposed to appear dead, but heck, it's a darn Mario game, everyone knew that wasn't the case. This moment is cool, as it shows that O'Chunks isn't necessarily "evil". Carson from the Overthere in Flopside sheds some light on O'Chunks' backstory. Carson explains, “[O'Chunks] was once the general of an army in a certain land.” This is interesting, but the aftermath is more important. Carson claims “one of his trusted advisors sold him out… and all of his men fell to the enemy. I guess that’s when Count Bleck scooped him up.” I don’t know where Carson got all of this inside information about Bleck’s companions, but hey, I’m not complaining. So basically, O'Chunks “led a force of a thousand strong across enemy lines” and was dumped by an advisor, causing their army to lose the battle (what an idiot move, honestly). O'Chunks felt ashamed, so Count Bleck used this to his advantage to trick him into joining his clan. This is some interesting information, but just that alone cannot lead O'Chunks above any of the other “Dark Prognosticators” (they didn’t tell the prophecy like the definition of “prognosticator” would imply, but I don’t care).

#5 - Mimi

Mimi is the second of Bleck's minions that Mario meets, first seeing her in Merlee's Mansion She appears in every level in said location, along with in Sammer's Early Duels (6-2) and Castle Bleck Foyer (8-2). Mimi is a shapeshifter, as she morphs into Merlee in 2-4 and 8-2 to try to trick the player (although it's incredibly obvious in 8-2). Mimi also has her "true form" as a weird crumpled paper spider demon thing that she transforms into when she's ready to fight. When she is first encountered, she pretends to be Merlee's handmaid (after the game is completed, she reveals that Merlee has actually hired her, which is a nice touch). After failing to trick Mario into believing that she is the true Merlee, she reveals her true form and attacks Mario. In Sammer's Kingdom, she disguises herself as King Sammer, to give the team the Pure Heart before it's too late and the world is sucked in by the void. After revealing her plan, she attacks Mario once again, but this time in her humanoid form. In Castle Bleck, after Mimi is defeated, she and Peach are trapped in the room where the fight took place. Peach tells Mimi that she needs to escape, but she refuses. After a quake, Peach is shown trying to save Mimi from falling into the abyss. Mimi again says she wants to be left alone because of all the bad things she did but Peach still insists on saving her. In the end, they both fall off the cliff and die (except they don't because, yeah, Mario game). If we turn to our good man Carson again, he shares two theories about Mimi. The first is that she is a failed Pixl experiment made by the Ancients. This seems pretty sad, but it would make sense since a shapeshifter Pixl does sound like something the Ancients would try to make. The other theory Carson claims to have heard is that Mimi is an accidental creation made after a witch tried to make a shapeshifting potion. This one seems a little bit more outlandish, but it still seems plausible. If either of these are true, than you gotta feel at least a little bit bad for Mimi, seeing that she was probably abandoned after she was... um... born?

#4 - Mr. L

Mr. L is definitely the most mysterious out of the six, like honestly, who in heck could ever guess this guy's true identity? All jokes aside, let's actually talk about this character now. After defeating Mimi in Chapter 2, Luigi will be shown in Castle Bleck with a couple of the "surviving" Goombas that haven't been brainwashed yet. After his failed escape attempt, we see the last of him until his appearance at the end of Chapter 4, where he is shown clearly not as himself as he attacks Mario's group. Mr. L only appears in two out of eight "Castle Bleck Meetings," and only thrice throughout the game, in the Whoa Zone (4-4), the World of Nothing (6-1?), and Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum (8-4). After being bested by Mario's squad in the Whoa Zone, he brings out his "friend," Brobot. This giant replica of Luigi's head is never relevant to the story, but I thought it was still worth a mention here. But the reason the "Green Thunder" earns the number three spot is not in the events of the game, but rather in the prophecies. He is mentioned in and relevant to in both the Light Prognosticus and the Dark Prognosticus. According to Count Bleck, the Dark Prognosticus states that "the man in green shall use the Chaos Heart's power to bring destruction to all," while the Light Prognosticus claims "the man in green will determine which Prognosticus states the truth." This is a very interesting scenario, basically putting the entire fate of the universe in the hands of the same man who is usually just the sidekick of his older brother. Mr. L himself doesn't have a great character over the events of the game, but the fact that his decision to side with either Bleck or Mario could potentially save or kill billions makes this character a substantially interesting one.

#3 - Dimentio

Ciao! Ah, Mr. "You thought I was a minion but I am actually the big bad" that you see in probably only like 3 games. Dimentio appears to be an equal to O'Chunks or Mimi when he is first encountered, but he is far from just that. Dimentio has the ability to teleport, create copies of himself, and even create his own dimensions! According to my good man Carson, Bleck once rejected Dimentio from joining his group, but after reading the Dark Prognosticus, he saw that a figure that Dimentio matched was written about in the book. After this, Dimentio was accepted into Count Bleck's ranks. Because of this, it is possible that Dimentio himself wrote the Prognosticus, coming up with an ultimate plan to create that stereotypical villain "new world" that we all know and love. Dimentio is first seen as he hacks Fracktail, the guardian of the Pure Heart, and makes him attack Mario. After Fracktail's defeat, Dimentio starts his secret plan as he believes Mario is the true hero of the Light Prognosticus. In Dimentio's encounter with the heroes in Castle Bleck's interior, we see Dimentio giving an actually half-convincing speech about how Bleck lied to him (but then Nintendo had to go and ruin it by making Tippi tell you that Dimentio is untrustworthy 3 times before you can actually "join" him and get blown up). Dimentio claimed that Count Bleck promised him a new, perfect world, but he eventually realized that Bleck was not creating a perfect world, but instead destroying all worlds and leaving them in a destroyed state. After Bleck is defeated and the worlds seemingly saved, Dimentio reveals himself and explains how he wanted the heroes to gather the Pure Hearts and defeat Count Bleck the whole time. Dimentio assumed that after the Pure Hearts were used to rid Bleck of his invincibility, he would be free to use the Chaos Heart to destroy the universe and build his own. Dimentio then possesses Luigi, revealing that he was behind the Mr. L scheme all this time. After his failed "greatest magic show," Dimentio explodes, while laughing, and it is discovered that Dimentio left behind a shadow of his power to control the Chaos Heart (why Intelligent Systems made us destroy the Chaos Heart 3 times is anyone's guess, but I'm not complaining). Eventually, Blumiere and Timpani's love destroys the Chaos Heart once and for all.

#2 - Nastasia

Nastasia is one of my favorite characters in this game. Nastasia is first seen by Mario's crew in Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum (8-4), the final chapter in the game! She is never fought in battle (which makes sense, as it fits with her character), but even still, there could have been a fight similar to Doopliss's in TTYD where Nastasia possessed your party members and you had to fight them (but then that would end up too much like Shadoo). But it doesn't matter, her character is so good that, since this list doesn't take battles into account, she still earns a high placement on the list. During the wedding cutscene in the opening (that somehow didn't play when I played which makes me kind of sad because the game makes pretty much no sense without it), Nastasia hypnotizes Peach and forces her to say "I do" to Bowser, setting the Dark Prognosticus's prophesied events into motion, birthing the Chaos Heart that can bring destruction to all worlds. Nastasia seems uncertain with her words, saying "Oh, yeah, um, congratulations, Count...", which shows that she is clearly not certain that destroying the universe was a good idea. This shows and is later explained that Nastasia does not want Count Bleck's plan to succeed, but instead she shows her loyalty to him to try to convince him to stop the Void and return to his former self (Blumiere). After Nastasia realizes that Tippi was Blumiere's long lost love Timpani, she once again tries to convince him to stop the Void, for Timpani, but to no avail. When Mario's crew reaches the inner sanctum of Castle Bleck, Nastasia is sent away by Count Bleck because he believes he will be bested and he doesn't want Nastasia to have to endure that. After Bleck is defeated, Nastasia warps to his side as he is dying. Dimentio then comes in and tries to finish Bleck, but Nastasia guards him and is seemingly fatally injured by the projectile. After Dimentio and the Chaos Heart are stopped, everyone is warped back to Flipside, along with the unconscious Nastasia. Everyone believes she is dead, but once again (Mario game, remember?), she wakes up and gets very emotional after hearing the news of Blumiere's departure. Nastasia can later be found in Flopside expressing her feelings toward Blumiere, but she knows that she could have never measured up to Timpani.

#1 - Count Bleck

If you thought any other character would earn this spot, then maybe you should reevaluate your life choices. Although he is not the true antagonist of Super Paper Mario, Count Bleck is the most important character to the storyline of this game. To fully understand Blumiere's motives, we must start at the very beginning. Blumiere was a member of the Tribe of Darkness, which was comprised of former members of the Tribe of Ancients that escaped, along with the Dark Prognosticus, to isolation in order to protect the prophecy. After injuring himself, Blumiere was taken care of by Timpani. They eventually fell in love, but Blumiere's father, who believed that if they were to be married it would be harmful to the Tribe of Darkness's magic powers, cursed and banished Timpani to wander through dimensions until she died. If Blumiere's father just let Timpani and Blumiere be together then maybe Count Bleck never would have created the Chaos Heart (but then again we wouldn't get to play this game if that happened). After his long search, Blumiere gave up, and after losing Timpani, he saw no reason for life to exist and stole the Dark Prognosticus, wishing to use it as punishment for his father's actions. Blumiere then assumes the role of Count Bleck, and begins his plan to bring destruction upon all dimensions. He recruited Nastasia, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio, and moved to Castle Bleck, a castle of darkness with an unknown origin (could it have been Dimentio's creation?). Bleck forces Bowser and Peach to marry, which spawns the Chaos Heart, the device that can obliterate everything. By the time Mario reaches Sammer's Kingdom, the void has grown exceedingly strong, and Bleck appears. After Tippi and Bleck's argument, the count begins to suspect that Tippi could actually be Timpani, his long lost love, but he then dismisses the thought. After the final Pure Heart is collected, Count Bleck prepares his forces for battle, ordering his minions to position themselves throughout Castle Bleck, but before Dimentio leaves, he asks Bleck, "Does the name Blumiere ring a bell? The mustache man's Pixl went on and on... She said, 'I must stop Blumiere.'" After this, Count Bleck's theory is confirmed: Tippi is Timpani. Nastasia tries her best to convince Blumiere to stop the Void as Timpani is alive, but Bleck refuses. He believes that it is too late, but after knowing that Timpani isn't dead, he secretly wishes to be defeated by the heroes once they come. The antagonist wanting to be defeated is not a common occurrence, but it makes perfect sense, as the only reason Blumiere wanted to destroy all worlds in the first place was because he lost Timpani. After Bleck is defeated, he asks Mario to finish him, as that will stop the Chaos Heart. But Dimentio comes and controls it himself. After transforming into Super Dimentio, Dimentio believes that he has succeeded because the Pure Hearts were used up against Bleck. Meanwhile in Dimension D, the trust and loyalty of Bleck's minions revive the Pure Hearts to stop Super Dimentio. Even after his defeat, Dimentio's shadow controls the Chaos Heart and almost succeeds in his master plan, but Blumiere and Timpani are married just when the destruction seemed like a done deal, spawning the Purity Heart, a much more powerful version of the Pure Hearts, which destroys the Chaos Heart, but whisks Timpani and Blumiere away. It is implied that the couple are out there somewhere, enjoying life together. This storyline is just great because everything makes sense, and although Blumiere was evil, he had a reason.

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