Tales of Symphonia: All Mystic Artes RANKED!

Tales of Symphonia: All Mystic Artes RANKED!

Being the game that really introduced Mystic Artes as we know them in the franchise today, the Mystic Artes in Tales of Symphonia weren't nearly as streamlined as they would eventually become in more modern releases. This means the Mystic Artes are all over the place, both in terms of how to use them and how good they are in battle. Some of these Mystic Artes just randomly happen, whereas some of them have incredibly specific criteria in terms of how to use them. Some of these are great, some of these are horrible, and some are just caught between in the lands of mediocrity. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Tales of Symphonia: All Mystic Artes RANKED!

11. Presea's Crimson Devestation - D Tier

The criteria for using this ability are so stupidly difficult to attain that it is easily the worst Mystic Arte in the game. If it didn't do really good damage, it would easily be in the F Tier. First of all, Presea must have her Key Crest, the only easy criteria here. Second of all, she needs to use Beast at least 200 times. Third of all, she must be in Over Limit. Fourth of all, she must be the only character alive. Fifth of all, she must be under 10% HP. Sixth of lal, she must activate the Over Charge Compound EX Skill and then use Beast without a preceding combo. How on earth is somebody supposed to figure this out or pull it off, let alone plan to strategize around using this? Not only is it needlessly complicated to use, but it puts Presea at a huge disadvantage, since it requires her to be the only alive party member and have extremely low health. Trying to use this ability just makes you run the risk of getting a Game Over, which is most definitely not worth it.

10. Zelos's Holy Binds - C Tier

This is infinitely easier to use than the last ability... but still unnecessarily convoluted and risky to use. You need to use Demon Spear 100 times, be at critical health, and use Demon Spear in Over Limit... not too hard to use, but still not very worth using. Zelos has a much stronger and easier-to-use Mystic Arte in the form of Divine Judgement anyway, so I can't exactly using this ability ever again after the first use, which teaches Zelos the Judgment tech. Overall, this Mystic Arte teaches you a nice Angel Skill and isn't horrible, but it is still not worth using. At least this one is serviceable, unlike the last ability.

9. Lloyd's Falcon Crest - C Tier

Tales of Symphonia Remastered - Lloyd's Mystic Arte: Falcon's Crest -  YouTube

Yet again, this is a convoluted mess of an ability. You need a specific title, you need to be lower than 15% HP, and you need to equip a rather mediocre, yet engame weapon. These are not great criteria for a Mystic Arte, let alone Lloyd's only Mystic Arte. The only reason this one edges out Holy Binds is because, well, at least Zelos has an alternative. Lloyd doesn't, so at least this one has more reason to exist. Overall, this ability is worth using if possible, but not worth going out of the way to use.

8. Genis's Indignation Judgment - B Tier

This is Genis's only Mystic Arte, and it is a pretty solid and worthwhile ability—and all you got to do is use Indignation during Over Limit after casting Indignation 50 times! This ability taken on its own is truly pretty great! The only major problem holding this ability back? Well, quite frankly, I think Genis is the weakest character in the game and this Mystic Arte doesn't do nearly enough to justify placing him in your party. Overall, this is a good ability, but not a fantastic one.

7. Presea's Infernal Ruin - A Tier

By far the better of Presea's two Mystic Artes, this one is still rather complicated, but at least it doesn't require equipping a mediocre weapon to perform. Sure, you still have to use Beast 100 times, be in Over Limit, and use the Over Charge Compound EX Skill, but even though it is a bit much to pull off, it is still very useful.

6. Regal's Fanged Fatality - A Tier

After executing a successful combo & Force, Regal can execute this ability—his one Mystic Arte. I almost put this below Infernal Ruin, but since Presea technically has two Mystic Artes, I put this higher on the list. Also, I think Regal is the better character as a whole, so...

5. Raine's Sacred Light - A Tier

After using Ray or Holy Lance 100 times, this can instantly activate if you use either of those spells in Over Limit! While this isn't the strongest Mystic Arte in the game by any means, its incredibly easy use makes it a pretty fantastic ability. Also, it lets Raine take either the Strike or Technique path, so that is a very nice perk of this Mystic Arte!

4. Zelos's Divine Judgment - S Tier

Easier to use and stronger than Raine's Sacred Light, you only need to use Judgment 20 times for this ability to start working! And the only criteria for activating this Mystic Arte is using Over Limit! While using his Holy Binds ability is a prerequisite for using this ability, that's hardly a big deal because it is more than worth it for this fantastic ability.

3. Raine's Fairy Circle - S Tier

Upon casting Revitalize in Over Limit, Raine casts Fairy Circle! This basically is a combinatin of Revitalize, Acuteness, Field Barrier... and best of all? It buffs the magic attack of all allies! This is something otherwise possible through cooking food before battle, but not really in any other way! While this is not a revolutionary Mystic Arte and requires the rare chance of being in Over Limit, this should definitely be used as often as possible. It is not spammable like the next two abilities on this list, but it is still very solid.

2. Colette's Holy Judgment - S+ Tier

After using Holy Song and Judgment 50 times each, this may randomly occur while casting Holy Song! Not only does this ability cast Holy Song and Judgment at once, but it does more than four times as much damage than Judgment! This is absurd! While this can't be manually triggered, if you sleep at the Inn until her Luck stat is high, this ability can be triggered quite often (especially with the exploit in the original GameCube version!)—this is just a truly phenomenal ability. But there is still one better.

1. Kratos's Holy Binds - S+ Tier

While not the most powerful or useful of these abilities, Kratos's Holy Binds is by far the most consistent. In fact, it is so easy to plan around this ability that you can potentially guarantee using this Mystic Arte every single battle! Even if nowhere near as strong as some of the other abilities, I'd rather have a weaker ability I can use super often than a stronger ability that I can use three times in the game. Because of all of this, this is easily the best Mystic Arte in Tales of Symphonia.

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