Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED!

Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED!

Tales of Vesperia is an amazing game with an amazing story and characters. Each character has their own arc from start to finish, each character has a very different personality from the others, and each character has their own unique fighting style! This game is really well balanced, so don’t take this ranking too seriously… any character can work in the right circumstances! Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents… Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED!

C Tier

9. Estellise Sidos Heurassein

Estelle isn’t THAT bad. She’s your main healer, she is a good defensive tank and fighter, and she can even make your party invincible! When controlled, Estelle is an A Tier pick. But due to the very well-balanced nature of characters when they are controlled, I am also considering the AI as a factor in each character’s ranking. And when Estelle is controlled by AI? She is most definitely not an A Tier pick. Heck, Estelle almost detriments your party sometimes with her AI and ruins your team’s build! With amazing healing abilities such as Love Shot, Nice Curing Smash, and Repede’s Item abilities, Estelle isn’t always even the best healer! The issue with Estelle’s healing spells is that they all have extremely long casting times, whereas the aforementioned abilities are instant-use abilities. Essentially, her healing isn’t even the best because it can be canceled in the blink of an eye. Unless the enemies or the boss that you are fighting are slow as sin, the boss will just repeatedly cancel your healing and make Estelle useless. Overall, since items and insta-use heals are the most effective way of healing in Tales of Vesperia, since Estelle is highly mediocre in terms of DPS, and since her AI is gutter trash, Estelle is best used as an out-of-battle healer and nothing else.

8. Judith

Don’t take this the wrong way—I love Judith… she is my second favorite character to play in the game! But like Estelle, her AI sucks. And like Estelle, people can do Judith’s job better. The problem with Judith is she is the hardest character to use in the game, and since it takes a whole lot of time and effort to master her artes and combos, it is usually just better to use a simpler character like Yuri or Flynn who is easier and stronger. Essentially, Judith sucks in terms of AI and sucks unless you really get to understand her character…. And all for what? A character weaker than Yuri? Well, here’s the argument people have for Judith: she is the master of aerial damage. But, with spells like Tractor Beam, Tempest, and Gamble Cast, characters like Rita, Raven, and Patty can kill aerial enemies just as well! And when Judith is fighting grounded enemies? Her best combo is to take the targets up into the air, locking them in a combo and dealing damage to them in the air. However, this prevents allies from dealing damage to said enemies! So overall, if you are as good as Judith, swap her in for aerial boss fights. But otherwise? It may just be best to pick another character. Unless you are in the arena. Judith is amazing in the arena…

B Tier

7. Karol Capel

Karol has amazing quick heals. Karol is a great tank. Karol is the master of status ailments. So what is holding him back from being a stellar character? He is slower than a butt-scooting sloth. He is easily the worst character to control. Sure, with his charged artes, he can do huge damage and debuff enemies. Sure, with his charged heals, he can heal tons of health to his allies. Sure, he himself has tons of health. But overall, even with all of these assets, this lack of mobility causes him to get juggled around, so he can’t match up with other party members in the game.

6. Flynn Scifo

Flynn is like Estelle & Yuri combined… but unlike Estelle, his AI is actually pretty dang good! Flynn is a very solid attacker, and he also boasts multiple single-target heals, as well as multiple light-type attacks. Flynn is also more of a tank than characters like Yuri! Now here’s the problem with Flynn. His healing? Great, but not as good as Estelle, Karol, Raven, or Patty. His physical attacks? Great, but not as great as Yuri, Repede, or Patty. His magical attacks? Not as good as Estelle, Rita, or Patty. His tanking ability? Actually, I think he’s better than Karol, and I also think he is the best tank in the game, so that’s a bonus for Flynn! Overall, Flynn is a powerful jack-of-all-trades, but he is a master of none. Flynn can blend well with any party, but he isn’t good enough to ever be the best choice for a team comp… and that is without mentioning his status as an endgame character. To see the best results from Flynn, make sure you pair him up with Yuri… their Dual Mystic Arte is disgustingly powerful.

A Tier

5. Raven

Raven is a ranged attacker, a wind mage, and, in my opinion, the best healer for the majority of the game. But Raven simply doesn’t flow like some of the next characters do. Why? Because he relies on a select few abilities to be good. His ranged attacks are slow and mediocre, and are much, much worse than Patty’s. His stats are the worst in the game by quite a bit. His Burst Artes are completely laughable and impossible to aim. But with Glimmer of Heaven, Tempest, Arrivederci, Stop Flow, and best of all, Love Shot? Raven is a mid-tier character with a couple of amazing abilities. Since he has such dominant abilities, he shoots past the previous characters, but since he is limited in other regards, Raven can’t be any higher than the bottom of A Tier.

4. Repede

At first, Repede just seems to be a worse version of Yuri. But the more you progress through the game, the more he grows into his own and becomes a top-tier pick for the party. He’s the fastest attacker in the game, an evasion tank with a small hitbox, a thief, and a master of all things item-related. This effectively makes him a character with very high utility, DPS, and healing! Sure, he may not always be the best option (especially against aerial enemies), but there are very few times where Repede isn’t a solid pick.

S Tier

3. Patty Fleur

You know how I said Flynn is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none? Well, Patty is a jack-of-all-trades, master of all. She has the strongest ranged attacks in the game. She has very strong melee attacks. She has very strong healing and offensive magic. She has four very different modes that let her adapt to any situation. Because of her sheer versatility, she goes extremely high on this list! Her randomness and much lower DPS in comparison to the next two characters holds her back, but overall, Patty is an amazing character and my favorite character in the game. Not the best, but my favorite.

2. Yuri Lowell

Yuri is the most consistent character in Tales of Vesperia. He is also the easiest and strongest physical attacker in Tales of Vesperia. With Yuri, you can create devastating physical combos like no other character, lock enemies in place for minutes on end, and wreak havoc with his powerful artes and skills. There isn’t really much else to say about Yuri… he’s just the best physical attacker in the game!

1. Rita Mordio

RIta is overpowered—even outside of her Over Limit, she deals thousands upon thousands of damage! Once in Over Limit, though? She quite literally breaks the game. With enough Limit Bottles, Rita can easily single-handedly solo bosses. She can literally infinitely juggle enemies in the air with Tidal Wave with good use of Limit Bottles and taunting! Anyone who plays this game knows the sheer power of spells like Thunder Blade, Tidal Wave, Meteor Storm, a highly-leveled Fireball, Mystic Drive, and best of all, Tractor Beam. There’s no need to explain further—Rita is the best in the game, and it isn’t even comparable.

As a bonus, I’ll throw in my favorite party combinations:

The Heavy Boss Killing Team: Estelle (leader), Yuri, Rita, Patty

The Light Boss Killing Team: Yuri (leader), Repede, Raven, Patty

The Aerial Boss Killing Team: Judith (leader), Rita, Patty, Raven

The Physical-Oriented Team: Yuri (leader), Flynn, Repede, Karol

The Magic-Oriented Team: Estelle (leader), Rita, Patty, Raven

The Overall Best Team: Patty (leader), Rita, Yuri/Repede, Raven

The Overall Worst Team: Karol (leader), Estelle, Judith, Flynn

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