Terraria: All NPCs RANKED!

Terraria: All NPCs RANKED!

There are numerous Terraria NPCs, but which one is the best, as well as most useful? While some may be almost useless, others can be important, if not vital to game progression. We've removed some of the NPCs, specifically Mc MoneyPants, as well as pets because moral support is their only function. Without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Terraria: All NPCs RANKED!

#29: The Golfer

The Golfer, with an aesthetic of a Grandpa. (not complaining!)

The Golfer is considered to be one of the worst NPCs in the game. Most of the items he sells are golf-related. While in-game golfing can be fun, it isn't very important to progression.

#28: The Party Girl

The Party Girl, with her signature pink look, as well as the hair swoosh.

The Party Girl doesn't actually have much use. She shows up once there is 8-14 NPCs (minus the Old man, Traveling Merchant, and town pets) housed in you world. Most of the things she sells are purely party-related, only pleasing for the soul, not game progression.

#27: The Stylist

The Stylist, looking like an adult Party Girl. And dang, she is very tall.

The Stylist, in the Terraria world, can be found in spider caves as a webbed up Stylist. Her uses end once the player equips anything on their head, though the hair does look cool under her care. But all in all, the Stylist is not very useful.

#26: The Painter

The Painter, looking like Mario time. (with cyan, of course)

The painter's uses arent very numerous. The painter shows up when there are 4-8 NPCs (depending on the console) housed in your world. While it is fun to dazzle up your house with paint, it isn't very useful to game progression.

#25: The Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor is my Astrology sign.

After the defeat of the Queen Bee, the Witch Doctor, banished Lizhard from the temple of the Golem, will show up on your doorstep. There is minimal usage for this creature, and even less game progression importance.

#24: The Princess

The underage pink addict.

All of the Princess' items are purely for aesthetics, and not much else. She'll show up once everyone else has (minus the Old Man, Traveling Merchant, and town pets). Being an end-game character, she doesn't have any game progression importance.

#23: The Clothier

The Clothier, the artist formerly known as the Old Man

The Clothier is a kind old man, one who has broken past a curse, now helping you and your cause. He doesn't help that much, of course. The items he sells are very cool at certain times, and one does need good looks to kill the final boss. Self confidence!

#22: The Skeleton Merchant

The Skeleton Merchant, lord of counterweights.

The Skeleton Merchant is not a housable NPC, but he can be useful. That is if you're a yo-yo class. He sells mostly the same few things, some at a ridiculous price. One thing he sells is the spelunker glowstick, which can be rather useful when mining, but other than that, not very important.

#21: Santa Claus

I applaud you for your recent weight loss.

Santa Claus, the harbinger of Christmastime. He sells very festive items, a step up from just giving stuff out for free. Really, his only use is to show you how far you have come. Otherwise, not very useful.

#20: The Mechanic

The mechanic, wielding a wrench larger than my ego.

After defeating Skeletron, The Mechanic can be found in the dungeon, valiantly fighting for her life while you are just looking for treasure. Once interacted with, she can be housed. Essentially, she sells redstone. Lots of redstone. While her wares can be put to good use, they aren't very great in terms of game progression.

#19: The Dryad

Somebody at ReLogic forgot to drink their respect women juice.

The Dryad, the not very modest Dryad will move into your house uninvited when you manage to defeat a boss. She's not all that important when you get down to it, though she is useful for her purification powder, which is used to keep the evil biomes at bay. Game progression importance, little.

#18: The Pirate

Yarr! Cap'n's got style!

The Pirate will come to your world once a pirate invasion has been completed.  He sells lots of things you'd expect to see in a pirate ship. Most importantly, he sells the cannon, which can prove very useful during The Old One's Army event. otherwise, he's not very important.

#17: The Zoologist

Beware her army of weebs.

Jokes aside, the zoologist will arrive once the bestiary has been filled to about 10%. She is commonly an early-game character, and some of her items are very useful in terms of game progression. Though she does lose use towards the end of the game, she can be rather useful in the beginning.

#16: The Wizard

You're a wizard, (NPC name here).

The Wizard will spawn in caverns as the Bound Wizard once the wall of flesh is defeated. Several of his items are useful, such as the crystal ball, which can be used for special crafting. He has medium importance when it comes to game progression.

#15: The Steampunker

Behold, the master of machines, simper of the Cyborg.

Once one of the Mechanical bosses have been defeated, the Steampunker will arrive in your world. The items she sells are very amusing, as well as useful. Lots of these items are special crafting stations, with few exceptions. Her arrival is very useful, considering most of her ensuing uses after the mechanical bosses.

#14: The Cyborg

Behold, the master of the machines, simper of the Steampunker.

The Cyborg arrives in the world once Plantera has been successfully vanquished. Essentially, he's just the Steampunker, except violent, so I hope you've been paying attention. His items are either ammo or shooters, much like the Arms Dealer, just more technologically advanced.

#13: The Demolitionist

I imagine this guy with a Scottish accent, don't you?

This guy will show up once you have literally any explosive in your inventory. Once he has shown up, you have demolitions galore. Early game progression is rather important with this guy, once you realize it it easier to mine with bombs.

#12: The Merchant

I really don't have anything to say about this guy

Once you have 50 silver, you get this guy. He is very early-game, and his one major use is to sell things to him. Anything, just sell it to him. His items are fairly useless, and as the game progresses, his use dwindles. Game progression importance, great in the start, eh towards the end.

#11: The Truffle

I don't care what you say, he looks like a fungi to be around.

The truffle is very difficult to have move in. You need to make a space big enough, then make it surface mushroom biome, then make a house out of mushrooms, then he'll move in. He has absolutely one use, and one use only; the Autohammer. Once you have that, he can die for all you care.

#10: The Tavernkeep

Flint Lockwood's dad, just pixels

Once the Corruption or Crimson boss has been defeated, this guy will show up. His whole character is based around the whole Old Ones Army event, in fact, without him you can't summon it.  The currency you get for this event can be used to buy his various items, which are rather great for game progression.

#9: The Dye Trader.

Hello, your computer has virus. Buy a dye.

The dye trader is high on this list for two reasons. 1, I forgot about him, and 2, I use him all the time. He will show up once there is a dye ingredient in your inventory. Using dyes, you can boost your self esteem, which I guess is good for game progression.

#8: The Tax Collector

Bah, Humbug.

By throwing purification powder on a tortured soul, you welcome the Tax Collector into your world. He doesn't sell anything, but he collects tax from the other NPCs, and in full honesty, money is great for game progression.

#7: The Angler

I wanna throw this little heckspawn at the Wall of Flesh.

As much as I hate this absolute jerk, his game progression importance is all there. He gives you fishing quests (or, rather demands) and when you return with his desired fish, he will give you an item. Often, these items are not the important ones whatsoever. He just gives you crap instead of his good stuff.

#6: The Traveling Merchant

The Merchant, but better.

This guy shows up randomly on any day, from day one. He'll sell random items from his stock, most of which are rather important. He's rather important in terms of game progression, that is, if you mean quick game progression.

#5: The Nurse

Another example of lack of respect women juice.

The Nurse will show up once you have consumed one heart crystal. For a price, she will restore you to full health. This can be especially useful for boss fights, especially the Moon Lord. Her game progression importance is very high.

#4: The Goblin Tinkerer

I didn't know Brainy Smurf was bald.

Once a Goblin invasion has been completed, the Goblin Tinkerer can be found in caverns as a bound goblin. His purpose is to reforge items, boosting their stats. This can be very useful in all aspects of the game.

#3: The Arms Dealer

Am I the only one who wants that coat?

The arms dealer will show up once you have a gun. Once he has shown up, he sells ammo and guns, one notable weapon being the Minishark, a shark minigun. This item is a very dramatic help early game.

#2: The Old Man


This guy literally has one purpose, and one purpose only; summoning Skeletron. Seeing that this is very important for game progression, he is up at #2.

#1: The Guide

I'll bet he is a strong drinker of respect women juice. And a reader of the Bible.

With you from day one, (except when you sacrifice him) this guy will tell you what items do what, and how to use them. He is also sacrificed to summon the Wall of Flesh, which switches the game to hardmode. In other words, you literally can't progress without this guy.

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