Blue Dragon: Top 30 Bosses RANKED!

Blue Dragon: Top 30 Bosses RANKED!

Blue Dragon. The game, the myth, the legend. One of the most fun parts about this game are the bosses; so I am going to rank them today! So get ready for... Blue Dragon: Top 30 Bosses RANKED!

30. Moody Dragon

This fight, although fun, does not place in the top 30 bosses in Blue Dragon due to the fight itself—no,  it is because it starts off an amazing sidequest of superboss fights. Overall, a decent boss fight that starts off a better-that-decent sidequest.

29. Land Shark C

Like the Moody Dragon and many others on the list, a decent boss fight with a greater significance; in this case, defeating the scourge that plagued Talta Village. However, it is still a little bit more underwhelming than it should be for being the final defeat of the Land Shark, and due to the fact there are just even more Land Sharks out there, the boss doesn't land as well as it should. Overall, a fun boss fight followed by an even better cutscene.

28. Goldragon

Being the second-lowest ranked dragon on the list, this is still a great fight (sorry Pyro Dragon you barely missed out on this list). Pretty much a combination of the dragons that come before it and overall, a great and challenging boss fight that falls behind for reusing many previous elements.

27. Corrosive Poo

This boss is mostly awesome not for the fight, but for how you can exploit the boss through the Poo Bracelet and insta-kill it. But better yet (actually, much better yet), you can exploit the boss to gain five Black Belts—one for each member of the party (I will explain this fact more in depth on my Special Accessories RANKED! article). Overall, this boss is the least interesting on this list, but the one that yields the best rewards.

26. Queen Ghost

"Johnny had a green, smooth, polyester checkered-plaid shirt; a pair of pants with the most extraordinary of colors; a chicken-sandwich themed hoodie for advertising his workplace of Chick-Fil-A, and a fantastically colored tie-dye shirt that rang true with the sun." - Queen Ghost, 3150 B.C.

Sorry, I was teaching my younger brother Seth how to use semicolons. Anyway, the worst part about this boss fight is that it is much too short and easy; however, being one of the unique Shuffle Dungeon bosses, it simply is a very fun boss. Upon being hit, the Queen Ghost spins a roulette for a random effect, and you are able to manipulate the roulette by hitting the boss until the desired result is reached. Overall, a very fun and unique boss fight that should have been much longer and harder so that the player could actually get the time to soak in this awesome boss.

25. Ghost-Yeet

This fight is definitely way better than the Corrosive Poo, but the reward is not as good. This is a really awesome fight, personally one of my favorites to fight, so its a shame I couldn't place it higher on this list. You can get unlimited Ribbons by stealing from this boss, which is great, and it is very unique even though it is a reskin of the Eat-Yeet. Overall, a great boss I wish I could rank higher, but is beaten by the others on this list.

24. Azure Sentinel

This is not really one of the best boss fights in the game, and it is a little bit unmemorable. However, there are two reasons I ranked this boss this high. First of all, you get to free Noluta Town and unlock barriers using the White Device dropped by this boss. But even better, this is the first fight after getting everybody's Shadows back, and it is also the first fight in which Corporeals can truly be used by everybody (I mean, everybody except for Zola... how did she get a Corporeal anyway?). Overall, a mediocre boss fight with some great things surrounding the fight itself.

23. Amethyst Dragon

This is the second of the Legendary Dragons, and this one is much more fun than the Moody Dragon. However, even though it is very fun, it ends up being super easy since it only hits the party with single target attacks. Overall, a very fun Legendary Dragon fight, but a rather easy fight at that.

22. Stonesaurus

This fight is completely epic. It is pretty much a better version of the Flamboyant Dinoram or the Mechasaur, and this boss jis just a really good boss—however, just like Ghost-Yeet, I do just wish I could rank it higher, but there are just so many great bosses! And this boss also suffers from having too little health for the power of the character party. Overall, a really good and fun boss that is just a little bit too easy and not quite as good as the other bosses.

21. Spark Dragon

Being the second hardest of the Legendary Dragons, it isn't as fun as the hardest dragon nor the most unique. However, it edges out above the Amethyst Dragon due to the fact that it is harder than it—at least this boss has some multi-target attacks! Overall, a great dragon fight that still doesn't live up to the better fights on this list.

20. King Poo

My biggest thoughts on this fight... this fight should have been cooler? I may have just grinded way too much for the Blizzard Dragon that this boss just became easy, but King was nonetheless a really good boss. Overall, a boss that should be ranked higher, but a boss that kind of falls by the wayside for me because I was over-leveled.

19. Kaiser Kelolon

The second of four fights from the Shuffle Dungeon on this list, this is a fun and unique fight. The reason this fight is so fun is because the whole battle is centered around using the Kelolon strategy. This boss will kind of decimate non-Kelolon party members, but having to use this method makes it fun and unique. Overall, a unique and a difficult boss battle that was made super fun due to its great utilization of the Kelolon strategy.

18. Gold Mecha Robo

My fifth favorite superboss in Blue Dragon, the Gold Mecha Robo is quite hard, as its attacks can easily slay members if they are not set up defensively. Overall, a tough and great boss fight that'll surely kill you if unprepared that is really fun but not unique enough to place higher on this list.

17. Mad Eye

This boss fight is simply just super fun! Even though I am still questioning why Mad Eye isn't considered undead, the fact he summons waves of the undead before he himself can be attacked is awesome. This boss is like the perfect difficulty, as it isn't too easy because the Tempest spell can sweep the party very quickly if unprepared. Overall, a fun boss that is both challenging and unique.

16. Icefire Wolf Ghost

This boss looks epic, it feels epic, and is the conclusion to one of my favorite dungeons in the game; all while having the perfect difficulty level. It also has the cool element change aspect as well! Overall, a great boss for concluding the Ancient Hospital Ruins.

15. Flamboyant Dinoram

Is this better than the other bosses before it on this list? No, not really—I mean, better than a couple of them (like the Corrosive Poo), but surely not enough to put it in fifteenth on simply the battle itself. The reason it is here is simply because, not only is it the first boss, but because it introduces the fantastic boss theme of the game—Eternity! Overall, a good boss, but made great because of the music and the special place it holds in my heart for being the first Blue Dragon boss fight.

14. Silent Ku

This boss was the first of the two bosses that ever gave me a hard time in Hard Mode. To win, I had to use three Gorgo Elixirs and over thirty Phoenix Talons... and honestly, everything before (other than the Undersea Cavern) was super easy, barely an inconvenience! This boss was very memorable for me because I finally managed to beat it, which was great! But even without all of this, this boss is one of my favorites because he is just super cool and fun to fight by preparing for and avoiding Gunman Mode. Overall, a great boss who feels so good to defeat in hard mode due to his extreme difficulty.

13. Phantom Dragon

This boss is much more fun than the Spark and Amethyst Dragons because of the unique fact that it can absorb physical attacks. This means no Corporeals, as they count as physical attacks, which makes this boss a challenging fight. Stealing Nene's Earring upon fighting the boss is also very useful and satisfying to obtain. You can also steal multiple Nene's Earrings if you fight him in the Dragon Room of the Shuffle Dungeon! Overall, the second best dragon fight and a fun and unique fight.

12. Jeelala/Vengeful Jeelala/Jeelala's Ghost

I kind of cheated here, but I had to put these three together. The first battle is great due to the fact that the Gorgo Beastfolk are summoned, and they bring a bit of extra substance to the fight. It is also great to beat up Jeelala so Guru-Guru can be saved, and it is actually pretty insane when you refight him because he fakes you out with a weak form of him before transitioning into a significantly harder superboss fight. Overall, an awesome series of fights with a small dose of plot significance as the cherry on top.

11. Yasato

This boss is ranked high for the events surrounding it—however, this boss is still great! Although more of an enemy fight, it is rather heartbreaking to have to attack Yasato, even if the whole objective and resolution of the fight is saving him. Overall, a fight that is decent in and of itself, but much better when taken from a story standpoint.

10. Jumbo Mecha Robo

Much like Yasato, this boss is made much cooler from the events surrounding it. However, this boss fight is a lot better and quite a bit more unique than the Yasato fight. This is because you have to take out the leader of the six War Mecha Robos before you can actually beat the fight—and that is after you take a bunch of HP of the big boss. This is a bit tough because the disassembled robots can counterattack any action taken by the character party. So if your spellcaster attempts to use a Water or Ground spell, they'll likely get beaten down before they can cast a second or third spell. However, I still do wish I could refight this boss somehow and take out the actual 100,000 HP that the boss has (this could make for a great superboss fight!). Overall, a unique boss both in and out of battle.

9. Destroy

This is one of those random final bosses that shows up seemingly out of nowhere after the real final boss, but in Blue Dragon, this fight was foreshadowed in both the Ancient Ruins and Mural Town, making it a much better twist! Two highlights of this boss fight are the fantastic final boss theme and the disturbing yet cool sequence in which Deathroy becomes Destroy. However, it is not as good as the rest of the bosses on this list, especially because it is not obvious at all that that super annoying mist can be blown away by a Wind spell, and because of that, I was annoyed by the fight multiple times. Overall, a great fight, but a fight that is lower on this list due to this annoyance and a couple other minor problems.

8. Eat-Yeet

Just like Yasato and the Jumbo Mecha Robo, this boss is best when put into context of the surrounding events, however, the boss itself is still incredibly unique. The first time you fight the boss, he trashes Shu, which sets in action some of the best scenes in the entire game. However, even the second fight feels a little hopeless because Shu is the only one with a Shadow—this is the only shadowless boss fight in the game! Overall, a fantastic fight with a unique concept and a perfect resolution to the Devour Village portion of the game.

7. Heat-Wave Sai

This fight was the hardest boss fight in Hard Mode, and it gave me the first feeling of insurmountablility I had ever witnessed playing Blue Dragon. I was able to manage winning using Total Guard and tons of Barrier Magic, but it was not an easy feat. Besides all this, Heat-Wave Sai is my favorite of Szabo's henchmen to fight no matter what difficulty I play in because of his high healthpool, his high speed, and his strength—even though he can be exploited by blowing up his own bombs in his face, he definitely maintains a decent amount of difficulty nonetheless. Overall, a difficult and epic boss fight.

6. Ultimate Szabo

This fight allows the player to finally triumph over Szabo and his henchmen, which is just cool in its own right. This boss also has the highest health of any mandatory fight in the game, and allows you to finally have a chance to fluidly use all of your abilities without instantly demolishing the enemy. This boss is also cool because—after the boss fight—Szabo joins your side and directly betrays Nene. Overall, this boss is just a great and beefy boss fight that has the perfect challenge for an endgame boss.

5. Blizzard Dragon

My favorite dragon to fight, and—in my opinion—the hardest dragon by far. With a ton of speed; powerful multi-target, multi-strike attacks; and a filled-to-the-brim health bar, the Blizzard Dragon is just awesome. It swept the floor with me at rank fifty, so I actually felt like I needed to have a special strategy like I did for Heat-Wave Sai and Silent Ku! And after tons of planning, I indeed did triumph. Overall, my favorite legendary dragon fight and my second favorite superboss fight because it requires a lot of strategy and it is just really fun!

4. Nene

Being the main boss, Nene had to be high on this list. The first fight with Nene is awesome, as it is a great introduction to him as the primary antagonist, and it is also pretty lit. The second fight is rather mediocre except for the scene in which Szabo disables the glass mirrors, but the third fight has a blend of amazing cutscenes, great music, and unique gameplay with decent difficulty. Overall, a series of three unique and epic fights—with sick cutscenes to boot—against the antagonist, Nene.

3. Shuffle Guardians

I have always loved bosses like this! This fight, Shadoo, Doopliss, Dark Link, Dark Knight Cecil... any time you get to fight your own protagonists, it is awesome! This is almost a perfect version of that concept in my opinion—it is fun, hard, and utterly epic! If the Killer Bat was also part of this battle (though it wouldn't make too much sense storywise), I may have ranked it in first! Overall, a fantastic boss fight that almost made it out on top.

2. Szabo's Henchmen/Grand Szabo

I'm a sucker for large-scale boss fights. I'm a sucker for multi-phase boss fights. And put them together, and you get this fight! First, you get all of Szabo's henchman in a huge battle, and then you get to fight a beefed up Szabo. Although pretty easy at the rank I fought these robots at (you have to grind quite a bit for the Flying Fortress in Hard Mode), this boss is not easy, and Grand Szabo could easily wipe out a weaker party that was worn down by the previous fight. Overall, easily one of the most epic fights in the game with real challenge to it, epic scale gameplay, and a two-stage fight.

1. Azure Abyssal Dragon

I found this to be my favorite boss in the game, as well as one of the hardest. This boss can easily wipe out a party without enough ranks and/or strategy. Beating one of two segments is already a bit of a challenge, but this fight contains six! And (at least in Hard Mode, don't know about Normal Mode) it takes two or three Corporeals to take out a segment from full health. And, on top of being one of the only actually challenging endgame optional bosses in my opinion, this boss is possibly the most strategy-based in the game and with all six segments combined, this boss achieves a grandiose feel that is unachievable by the other bosses in this game. Overall, this edges out over the other bosses in Blue Dragon as my favorite boss in the game.

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