Final Fantasy Dimensions II: All Characters RANKED!

Final Fantasy Dimensions II: All Characters RANKED!

Final Fantasy Dimensions II, while by no means a perfect game, is quite a bit better than people give it credit for. The Signet system is fun and has some good depth to it, the characters actually have some nice bits of story, and each character is very distinct in terms of battle prowess! This ranking will include the seven playable characters as well as the seven Eidolons you get in the party during the game. Now without further ado, let's get into today's article: Final Fantasy Dimensions II: All Characters RANKED!

14. Ifrit

Ifrit is the weakest of the Eidolons in my opinion. Why? Because Parai is more than beefy enough to take on Bastardo without any help from Ifrit. There's not much else to say, let's move on.

13. Titan

Like Parai, Wrieg can easily handle himself. He is a little bit less beefy than Parai, but at this point in the game, he also does more damage, so overall, Titan isn't quite as powerful or necessary as the other Eidolons you get in the party.

12. Ramuh

Unlike Parai and Wrieg, Maina is not very strong. Sure, she will survive, but without Ramuh, this fight would be much, much longer since Maina is very weak during the Eureka Arc. Overall, Ramuh is good, but still not the best.

11. Shiva

Jornee is very weak when it comes to health, and this is probably the hardest of the battles against the Primals... so without Shiva, this fight would actually be pretty dang hard (which is rare in this game, since almost every boss is a pushover). However, Shiva, like all of the previous Eidolons, is not as powerful as Odin or Leviathan, so she cannot be placed any higher.

10. Leviathan

Leviathan is not quite as strong as Odin, but he is definitely stronger than the previous Eidolons. He has three great attacks, and he is also my favorite Eidolon in terms of the story of the game, so that is a plus! Anyway, let's move on to better characters.

9. Odin

I have no idea why they decided to put the best Eidolon with the best character... that was a very odd choice. However, Odin is by far the strongest, with both the best health and the damage. I wish he was a permanent character that you could get (preferably earlier in the game) because I hate that there is an empty slot! Anyway, I digress. Odin is the best and there is no denying it.

8. Mootie

Mootie is by far the best of the Eidolons, and is one of the best healbots in the history of gaming. It is hard to rank Mootie, because he is an amazing character to spam healing, but he can only have one Signet at a time, so he is not as good as one of your main characters. Overall, without Mootie, this game would be significantly harder, as he is an amazing healer and buffer, but I cannot justify ranking him above any of the main characters.

7. Deathlord - C Tier

Like many characters before him, the Deathlord is the worst character in the game much in part due to how late in the game he joins the party. Due to this, he also has very few Episode Quests, which hinders him to be the worst character stat-wise. Even his best magic attacks are weaker than Aemo's and Jornee's, so damage-wise, he is pretty middle-of-the-road. He is also the least versatile caster when it comes to elements, because even though he has access to all the elements, outside of Dark attacks, he is limited in terms of quantity of signets to boost his damage. However, the Deathlord isn't all bad, even though he is limited in his abilities. His dark magic is exponentially stronger than Jornee's, and he has two of the best buffs in the game: Mighty Wall and Pure White Magic. These are both absolutely broken abilities that you should definitely use if you do decide to put the Deathlord in your party. Overall, though the Deathlord is an amazing buffer and Dark-elemental mage, his late game status, his weak stats, and his lack of signet versatility land him in last place. However, story-wise, he is my favorite character, so that is a nice bonus!

6. Maina - C Tier

In sixth place is Maina. Right when she joins the party, she is a must-have due to her fantastic Slayer ability. However, after 2 or 3 chapters, she falls a bit in usefulness. The next two or three chapters? She falls a bit more. By the end of the game, she is very-mid, and she is completely outclassed by the Deathlord by the end of the Eureka Arc. However, her speed allows her to be a strong character for quite a few chapters, but she falls off because her attacks aren't very good. Overall, Maina's speed and great buffing abilities are fantastic for a few chapters, but she falls off later in the game. She is above the Deathlord because she is useful for longer than he is. Besides... Aemo has better speed buffs than Maina anyway...

5.  Morrow - B Tier

In fifth place is the main character, Morrow. He is an all-around Red Mage like character that basically excels at nothing for most of the game. His breath attacks and blow attacks are okay, but he is basically outclassed by Parai for the majority of the game. You also get tons of weak Dark signets that you have no way to evolve during the mid-game, making him by far the weakest character during the mid-game. So he's mid at the beginning and bad in the middle... and  meh at the ned of the main story. However, Í'd argue that he is the best or second best character during the Eureka Arc. With insanely broken physical attacks like Chrono Blade and magic attacks like Tera Flare, as well as the damage bonuses from Ruinga and Rapid Ruin, as well as supports like Quickspeed, Daily Prayer, and Multi-Magic, overall, he is a great character by the end.

4. Wrieg - A Tier

In fourth place is my man Wrieg. Though I don't know how to pronounce his name, his name is literally one of the best names in any RPG, I love it so much. Too bad my name wasn't Wrieg. Or Heimdall, that is also an awesome name. Anyway. Wrieg is an interesting case, because he is basically just a better version of Morrow for the majority in the game. His breath attacks and his Protectga ability make him great for the middle portion of the game, and his Abyssal Slash and Force Blaster are insane later in the game. Though Wrieg is weaker than Morrow during the Eureka Arc, for the rest of the game, he is a nice addition to the party. Would I keep him in party for the majority of the game? No, but he is a great pick to switch in from time to time.

3. Jornee - S Tier

In thrid place is Jornee, the Black Mage of this game! She is by far your strongest character when she first joins the party, and her Blizzara and Tri-Magic spells carry her for many chapters as a phenomenal character. Once she gets Healara, she completely outclasses Aemo for a few chapters until she gets Fire Song, Blizzard Song, and Eternal Love... that is genuinely impressive! Her sheer variety of powerful elementla spells is a boon to the party, and though I find Aemo to be the better character, you should deifnitley use Jornee for most of the game! However, she does have a few flaws. She falls off quite a bit during the Eureka Arc, and she is also the mushiest character in the game. And of course, for most of the game, she is not as good as Aemo, much in part due to her lack of support abilities. Overall, she is a very powerful character, but she is also not quite as good as the next two characters on this list.

2. Parai - S Tier

The runner-up on this list is my man, Parai. His biggest weaknesses are 1) his limited multi-target signets and 2) that he is outclassed by Morrow and Wrieg during the Eureka Arc. However, he is the strongest character during the main story! His Infuriate, Fixer Upper, and Full Defense abilities allow him to be an amazing support character, and abilities like Dual Roar, Yasha, and Triple Wakazaki Slash deal heaps of damage! With the right equipment and signets, a buffed Parai can one-shot almost every boss in the main story with Dual Roar! Sadly, he falls off during the Eureka Arc due to his lack of new signets, but overall, that's the only thing holding him back from being in the S+ Tier.

1. Aemo - S+ Tier

Last but definitely not least is Aemo, who is easily the best character in the game! Other than a couple chapters that she is outclassed by Jornee, she should always be one of your three active party members. She has the best healing abilities in the game, some of the best support abilities in the game, and very strong offensive magic. She is also easily the best character in the Eureka Arc, with broken abilities like Hero Song, Invincibility Arc, and Golden Scintillation. Overall, Aemo is the perfect Red Mage: a jack-of-all-trades, master of all.

Two more things before I wrap up this article: a quick ranking of all the characters based on the story, and a character guide.

7. Parai
6. Maina
5. Jornee
4. Morrow
3. Aemo
2. Wrieg
1. Sorgue

Best Party (First Fourth): Morrow, Aemo, Wrieg
Best Party (Second Fourth): Aemo, Wrieg, Jornee
Best Party (Third Fourth): Jornee, Parai, Maina
Best Party (Final Fourth): Aemo, Jornee, Parai
Eureka Arc: Morrow, Aemo, Deathlord

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