Final Fantasy V: All Jobs RANKED!

Final Fantasy V: All Jobs RANKED!

The Job system in Final Fantasy V is one of the best and earliest job systems in JRPG history. I love this job system, and there are 26 unique and great jobs in this game! However, lots of these jobs pale in comparison whereas some rise to the occasion to be absolutely amazing. Today, I will inform you what jobs are worth using, and which are not. Now, without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Final Fantasy V: All Jobs RANKED!

F Tier

26. Dragoon

The best thing you can do with a Dragoon is learn Jump and take it over to the Ninja class, equipping the Twin Lances for maximum damage. And this method doesn't even work in the SNES and Advance versions! Equip Lances is very much not an ability ever worth using, and Lance is not ever worth wasting a slot on when Osmose and Drain are just better. Overall, I find this to be the only F Tier class in the game because there is nothing this class has that other classes can't do better.

D Tier

25. Oracle

This class has one thing going for it: when mastered, it gives your Mimes and Freelancers a 36 point magic boost. This is the best possible magic boost in the game! However, this class has horrendous magic abilities that can literally kill your party and, in my opinion, is even outclassed by the Geomancer! ABP UP is a nice ability, but fighting Movers gives you more than enough ABP that you don't really need to waste a slot on this skill! Read Ahead is also nice, as it allows you to disable random battles! Overall, this job is just a laughable utility job that you should quickly master and move on with.

24. Berserker

Okay. I actually love the Berserk command for random encounters since I usually Auto-Battle through them anyway. But, I mean, besides from World 1, there is no time where equipping Berserk will be better than something like Two-Handed or Dual-Wield. The main draw of this job is that is easy to master, so you can get a really good strength boost for your Freelancers and Mimes very fast! However, that strength boost is outclassed by the Monk's anyway. So overall? This class has good strength, but Berserk is just far too outclassed for it to be worth using.

C Tier

23. Beastmaster

This class is good for two things: one, for learning Blue Magic, and two, for quickly killing Exdeath with Yellow Dragons when you are broke as a joke and you can't cheese him with Zenigage. Enough with the Beastmaster. Let's move on.

22. Dancer

The job itself? Weak. Other than the fact it can equip the Ribbon, that is. But take Dance over to a Freelancer, and you can deal x4 times damage, absorb HP, or absorb MP. However, this is not as reliable as Rapid Fire, Drain, or Osmose. And this job kinda has garbage stats. Overall, this job is okay, but outclassed.

21. Geomancer

The Gaia ability can be a pretty nice secondary ability for mages, as it has a 0 MP cost... however, Black Magic and Summons are just way better! And as a mage's secondary ability? Barehanded is honestly just a much better alternative. The biggest draw of the Geomancer is gained upon mastering the class, as your Mimes and Freelancers are able to see traps and walk over harmful surfaces! Overall, on okay main ability and some useful innate abilities elevate this class above the former classes on this list.

20. Necromancer

Damage-wise, the Necromancer is the strongest spellcaster in the game! However, it has some glaring flaws. One, it forces you to be undead, causing healing spells to completely destroy you. Two, it is received after there's nothing left to do except for the very easy Cloister of the Dead. Three, it doesn't have the utility and versatility of the Summoner, so even if this class was obtained earlier in the game, I would use the Summoner anyway. Overall, if you had access to this class much earlier in the game, it'd be quite a few spots higher on this list and it would be higher than the Black Mage for sure. But as-is? The Necromancer is just meh.

19. Thief

This class is the ultimate class for everything but fighting battles. Fighting battles? Possibly the weakest option in the entire game. The Steal command is the only thing decent about them in battle! So what does the Thief excel at? The Thief grants the highest agility boost of any class upon mastering, as well as granting you the innate abilities to dash, see hidden passages, and prevent back attacks! Overall, not the most useful in battle, but very good outside of battle. This makes the Thief good enough to rank at the top of C Tier.

B Tier

18. Black Mage

This is my least favorite of the magic-casting jobs. Why? Because I find it outclassed. Flare is the weakest of the ultimate spells. Summons hit all enemies for full damage, and there are also summons like Golem and Carbuncle that provide support to the party... no Black Magic can do this. I honestly rarely found use for Black Magic in my playthroughs of this games, as summons were always just more useful to me! Overall, Black Magic is strong, but since it only hits single-targets and can't also provide support like summons can, this class simply doesn't cut it for me.

17. Cannoneer

This job is like a hybrid of the Chemist and the Ranger, but it can't quite reach the usefulness of either of them. Sure, the Cannoneer can use Combine to deal decent damage, or use Open Fire to imbue status ailments with your attacks and allow you to hit from the back row. However, even though these abilities deal great damage, they are still very much outclassed. Personally, my favorite ability of this class is EXP Up. Unlike ABP Up, which I don't think is necessary since Movers make it so easy to max out your jobs, there is no easy way to get EXP in this game. I had all my jobs mastered on all my characters before level 60 in this game, if that puts it into perspective for you. EXP Up is invaluable, especially for people like me who like to max out all of their characters! Overall, a decent class overall at dishing out damage, and they allow you to level up much faster, so they are pretty decent as a whole.

16. Monk

Barehanded attacks are absolutely insane in the early game, and handing the Barehanded skill over to a mage can make them a powerhouse! However, they soon fall off the map and become obsolete throughout the majority of the game since there are better, more flashy jobs that you get access to. However, the Monk is still a very useful job to master, as they boast the highest strength, stamina, and HP boosts in the game when mastered! The Monk also grants access to the Counter ability once mastered, which makes them that much better! Overall, Monk is very dominant at the beginning of the game, drops off in the middle, but comes back strong with its great mastery bonuses.

15. Knight

I find the Knight to have just the slightest edge over the Monk. This is thanks to Two-Handed, which allows for extremely dominant physical damage throughout the first half of the game, which can't be said about Barehanded. Though Dual-Wield eventually becomes the better option to both of these aforementioned abilities, Two-Handed is still an amazing ability! This class has the strongest equipment in the game outside of the Freelancer! Cover and Guard are also pretty useful defensive abilities! However, even though they have a lot going for them, other classes simply are just better, so overall, the Knight is just mediocre.

14. Gladiator

This class's damage is still outclassed by the Rapid Fire ability... however, in terms of physical damage, it is only beat by Rapid Fire. Not much else. The Finisher ability, though risky, is incredibly powerful! Bladeblitz is essentially a huge upgrade to the Monk's Kick! Their Long Reach ability makes them a potent fighter from the back row, and the Lure ability is amazing for grinding! Overall, the Gladiator is one of the strongest physical fighters in the game, which elevates it near the top of the B Tier.

13. Time Mage

Hastega, Quick, and Meteor are some of the best spells in the endgame. These spells elevate this job so high on this list with their sheer power! However, outside of these spells, this job has nothing else to offer. The Time Mage isn't all that great for the majority of the game, and it doesn't have any very good support abilities outside of these three spells. Overall, the Time Mage has three amazing spells, but those spells don't save this class from being just outside of the A Tier.

12. Bard

As in most Final Fantasy games, Bards are very much underrated in Final Fantasy V. I am always the first person you will be standing up for Bards... if only because music is my favorite thing in the world! Check out this Final Fantasy IV article here if you want to see my standing up for bards! But I digress. In this game? Harps suck. And Hide is just okay. But Sing? My, oh my, is Sing good in this game! You can buff your stats and levels through the roof, deal huge damage to the undead, and, best of all, stop all enemies with Romeo's Ballad! This song works on essentially every enemy and many bosses (including Omega!), which makes it overpowered! I didn't want to put Bard too high on this list, since Romeo's Ballad doesn't work on harder bosses and most people don't like using Romeo's Ballad since it is a sort of taboo in the Final Fantasy V community, but there is no question: Bards are an amazing class in this game.

11. Red Mage

Early game? This is the best option for a mage. Endgame? The Red Mage teaches you Dualcast, a stellar ability! One of the best in the game, even! This job suffers greatly in the mid-game, but slapping Dualcast and two schools of magic on a Mime? That's peak performance right there. Overall, a great class that only loses its potential in the mid-game.

10. Ranger

Bows are decent... attacking from the back row is always nice! Animals is a great and cheap support ability for the mid-game. But obviously, we all know the real reason this class is this high: Rapid Fire. With the right setup, being able to do more than x8 damage while ignoring defense is just absolutely broken. However, I tried to keep all of the one-hit-wonder-type jobs out of the A Tier, so this job places at the very top of A Tier. So overall, just like the Bard, Red Mage, and Time Mage, this job can't go into the A Tier because it simply only has one main draw to use it, but since this class gives you the best damaging skill in the game, it places in tenth place.

A Tier

9. White Mage

This job is our best healer for the majority of the game... and that's already enough to rank it this high You always need a healer, so I don't think I need to say anything else. Overall, this job is just amazing.

8. Ninja

Dual-Wield is broken. The Ninja's speed is broken. This class is just broken overall. If you've played this game, you know what I mean. Enough said.

7. Mystic Knight

The Mystic Knight is the Knight, but more mystical and rocks at urban. This class can infused their attacks with magic, potentially doing more than three times the damage of a normal attack if exploiting an elemental weakness! As is, Spellblade is already completely broken. However, if you combine it with Rapid Fire, youl'' be hitting for tens of thousands of damage! Overall, this class is so good that it can stand on its own, but when paired with other classes, this job is simply a menace that'll bring down the opposition in seconds.

6. Samurai

Three words: Zenigage and Shiradori. These abilities break the game. Zenigage, though it costs Gil, is one of the strongest ways to deal damage to a large group of enemies, and it is viable even after you get Rapid Fire! Shiradori, an innate ability that carries over to Freelancers and Mimes, causes the majority of attacks to miss you, making anyone who has mastered this class an evasion tank up their with characters like Shadow and that one lady in the Trials series that I can't quite remember the name of! Overall, the Samurai dishes out huge, multi-target damage and evades attacks like no other, more than justifying its seventh place ranking.

5. Summoner

With the best magical damage outside the obsolete Necromancer, along with amazing support spells like Golem and Carbuncle, the Summoner is the quintessential magic user out of the traditional magic casters and is a must-have for any endgame party. Overall, a simply amazing class.

4. Blue Mage

This class has it all. Swords, support magic, healing magic, and damaging magic. The biggest downside is that you can't Dualcast Blue Magic for some ballistic reason. However, it can be casted while silenced, which I guess is nice. There are some great utility spells like Lv. 5 Death and Matra Magic that are useful against certain enemies, they have good damage spells in the form of the Aero-series spells, Aqua Breath, Flamethrower, and 1,000 Needles, and best of all, White Wind and Mighty Guard. White Wind being my favorite healing spell in the game and Mighty Guard being my favorite support spell in the game! Overall, the Blue Mage has some of the best spells in the game, has tons of options in battle both physically and magically, and it is a phenomenal class as a whole.

3. Chemist

I watched this video by a YouTube called cristobal1152. And, as a frog, they were able to kill the superboss Shinryu with just Lenna. How you may ask? With the power of the overpowered Mix command. Do I necessarily love using this class? No. Did I ever really use it? No. But it is the best job in the A Tier and one of the best jobs in the game? Obviously. this class's Mix ability is the most broken ability in the game. You can cure all status ailments in the game with Panacea. You can make yourself Heavy and protect yourself from all status ailments with Dragon's Kiss. You can make enemies dragons to deal extra damage... also with Dragon's Kiss. You can Drain Kiss enemies to deal huge damage and restore tons of HP. You can revive a character to full HP and MP with Reincarnation. Dragon Power? It increases your level by 20 per use... and can stack until not level 99, but level 255... this allows you to max out your stats! Dark Elixir? just like the Blue Mage's Death Claw. Dragon Armor? Gives a character Protect, Shell, Reflect, and Regen. Giant Drink? Doubles your maximum HP. Elemental power? Increases all elemental damage by 50%! The list goes on! This class can also use Pharmacology to use items much more effectively, and can use Drink to buff yourself with special potions! Overall, the Chemist is absolutely broken, and is the best healer and support character in the game. Only two classes in this game can beat it.

S Tier

2. Mime

This job isn't quite as good as the Freelancer, but it is still the second most phenomenal job in the game! With three ability slots and the innate abilities and stats of other classes, the Mime is insane. This class also allows you to Mimic previous attacks as well! Two of your endgame characters should adopt this class! With Dualcast and two schools of magic, the Mime is a menace. Overall, once you master magic classes, take your mages over to this overpowered class!

1. Freelancer

With two ability slots and no Mimic command? The Freelancer seems worse than the Mime. However, Freelancer can quip all of the pieces of equipment in the game! Overall, with two ability slots and all of the equipment in the game, the Freelancer is easily the best job in the game.

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