Final Fantasy VIII: All Blue Magic RANKED!

Final Fantasy VIII: All Blue Magic RANKED!

I think most of us can agree that Quistis's Blue Magic is the most underpowered Limit Break in the game, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to collect and use! I'll just leave my description at that... as it is time for Final Fantasy VIII: All Blue Magic RANKED!

16. Ultra Waves

This is simply a rather weak multi-target attack that is completely outclassed by some of the other Blue Magic spells. Enough said.

15. Laser Eye

At least this spell does quite a bit more damage than Ultra Waves! However, it only hits one enemy... so it still sucks.

14. Electrocute

Pretty much Ultra Waves but Lightning-elemental. So this one is alright for doing damage against enemies weak to lightning—however, this is still not a good Limit Break.

13. Aqua Breath

This Limit Break is significantly better than Electrocute and Ultra Waves, but still a lackluster attack. At least it does more damage to enemies weak to Water.

12. Acid

The first unique ability on this list! The rest of them so far have simply done damage and nothing else, which in my opinion, is not that cool. However, Acid is pretty cool. This ability does damage to one enemy and inflicts an array of status ailments on them. Overall, Acid is unique, but not close to as good as the other spells higher on this list.

11. Ray Bomb

Really? Another kind of generic multi-target attack? Well, this one is better than Aqua Breath. And it also looks epic! Okay, I've got nothing else to say about Ray Bomb.

10. Gatling Gun

The second best single target Blue Magic is a physical attack, not a magical attack, so that's pretty snazzy! This is a pretty decent Limit Break, but compared to Squall or Zell it's just not good at all.

9. Homing Laser

The best single target Blue Magic spell. However, since this attack can still only do 9,999 it simply isn't all that amazing.

8. Fire Breath

The second strongest multi-target Blue Magic in the game. It hits for fire damage. Enough said.

7. Lv? Death

This attack is cool because you can manipulate your Crisis Level to kill enemies of any level. So unique and pretty decent, but like everything on this list so far, it is not that great.

6. Micro Missiles

A few difficult enemies like the Tonberry can be brought down with this powerful Gravity-type move, which makes it a solid ability in my eyes! Even though this ability is highly situational, I would dub it as the first move on this list that has a chance of being as good or better than a Limit Break from another character.

5. Shockwave Pulsar

Easily the strongest Blue Magic, but since it is so difficult to obtain and pretty much completely outclassed by the Limit Breaks of other characters in terms of damage, I had to put it at number five. Maybe if it was obtained much earlier than the other final Limit Breaks it could be in number one on this list, but I simply couldn't justify putting this damage-limit-breaking ability in first place on this list.

4. Bad Breath

You literally can inflict almost every status ailment in the game using this ability at Crisis Level 4. This is actually really amazing... must I say anything else?

3. White Wind

This is a really good healing ability that can easily heal the entire party to full health. However, it couldn't place higher than number three since Selphie can do the same thing with FullCure, making this a little unnecessary. However, it is still more reliable to use than FullCure, so I put it high on this list. White Wind truly is a very worthy Limit Break.

2. Mighty Guard

Protect, Shell, Haste, Float, Regen, Aura... all to the whole party on Crisis Level 3 or 4! Honestly, this is an amazing defensive ability that saves a whole lot of trouble when trying to buff up the team, as casting all these spells individually is a pain. Overall, a fantastic Limit Break.

1. Degenerator

It just kills almost any enemy in one use. This is amazing! I'd say Degenerator is the easiest way to kill enemies in the game, and when it comes to generic battles, this is a top-tier Limit Break as it is way less time consuming than Renzozuken, Angel Wing, Duel, or Shot. Degenerator also is the easiest way to grind AP or enemy drops in the game... what else on this list could even come close to the power of Degenerator? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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