Final Fantasy X: All Ronso Rages RANKED!

Final Fantasy X: All Ronso Rages RANKED!

Yeah, I know. Kimahri is the worst character in Final Fantasy X. But do I care at the moment? Nope! Because I, Brighton Nelson, have something to rank. And in this case, I am going to rank the Ronso Rages. These are some of the worse Overdrives in the game, being at the bottom of the barrel along with Lulu's Fury and some of the weaker Bushido, Swordplay, and Reels. However, there are still some salvageable abilities in here, so I am going to tell you which Ronso Rages are actually worth it. Without any further ado, RPG Ranked presents: Final Fantasy X: All Ronso Rages RANKED!

12. Self-Destruct

Why would you use an ability that does subpar damage and causes you to be kicked out of the battle for good? Self-Destruct is simply SO bad! Ugh. Let's move on before I fall over and start crying.

11. Jump

This is just a very basic and subpar physical attack that does just a bit more damage than a standard attack. This ability and the next two abilities are virtually the same. This ability has an attack power of 32, the next two both have 33. So this is the worst of the three. But overall, this ability is just "meh."

10. Thrust Kick

This and Seed Cannon share the same amount of attack power. However, since this was originally supposed to Eject enemies and it doesn't, this ability is just more stupid than Seed Cannon! Because it is buggy and dumb and should be better. Just like most of the Ronso Rages, this ability is bad. Let's move on.

9. Seed Cannon

Eh. This ability is fine. It just does some damage to a single target. Thank heavens not all Overdrives are this bad, or else I would just give up on Overdrives. Okay, let's move on to the next garbage ability...

8. Fire Breath

Woah, not another identical and garbage single-target physical attack? Craaaaazy! I guess Kimahri isn't that bad after all! Definitely not being sarcastic here... Anyway, Fire Breath sucks. But it doesn't suck balls like the last few, it just sucks to suck. You catch my drift? At least this one hits more than one target. And it ignores magic defense, which is okay, I guess. But literally why use this over literally any other character's Overdrive...

7. Aqua Breath

Like Fire Breath, but hits for water damage and deals slightly more damage. So unique. Definitely not garbage. Definitely worth saying anything else about...

6. Doom

I don't even know what the heck to do with a Doom spell. I've never liked Doom spells. I dunno, go grab yourself a cheeseburger, sit down, and cast this against Yojimbo or something and you may be surprised? Don't ask me, Kimahri sucks. Hey, at least this one is unique and doesn't have two other abilities that are the exact same as it (proceeds to roll eyes at Jump, Seed Cannon, and Thrust Kick). This ability still sucks arse though. Don't recommend it whatsoever.

5. Bad Breath

WHAT. A cool Overdrive coming from Kimahri? That's like almost as crazy as if Paul Rudd actually aged. Geez, well I don't know what to with myself anymore. Kimahri actually is causing some intrigue for once! Bad Breath is super annoying when casted upon you, so pull a Roker... a bad-smelling one... to get this interesting move. This one has its uses. But with limited use, comes limited responsibility. And therefore, this ability sucks.

4. Nova

This cannot do more than 99,999 damage. By the time you get this from Nemesis, you have way better options anyway. Like something actually good like Attack Reels, Blitz Ace, or Oblivion. Steer clear of this "ultimate ability" and use an actually good character.

3. Stone Breath

I heard somewhere on GameFAQs that this is good or something? I dunno, I heard it was good for AP grinding or something epic like that. So I'm going to use this random Internet dude's justification for why this ability is good and reflect that upon myself to consider Stone Breath as the third best Ronso Rage in the game.

2. Mighty Guard

This ability slays. Except Rikku can still do it better. No surprise there. Soooo, as usual, Kimahri sucks and is outclassed. HA, suck it Kimahri. *cue music* "Listen to Shawn Spencer, because he says Kimahri is bad! He uses Ronso Rage, and has no good stats... how sad! A min-maxer skips Kimahri, because he's absolutely traaaaaaaaaaash. It's not a question of good or bad, it is a question of bad or worse. F Tier, D Tier, F Tier, D Tier, which does he belong? I think it's F! I've heard it both ways: Ronso Rage, and piece of crap, I've heard it both ways, he deserves his bad rap, I've heard it right and wrong, don't use this fool, anymore! Oh anymore.... oh anymore... oh any-"

1. White Wind

I think I smoked some crack before I started writing this, because this article sucks. But so does Kimahri, so I'm just going with it. Winging it for the good of humanity and for the slight chance I might make someone cringe or chuckle or fall out of their chair and bang their head on a wall and get a concussion to possibly make them forget that Kimahri sucks more than a freaking vacuum. And when I say vacuum, I mean like a vacuum. An interdimensional vacuum. Super Paper Mario vacuum! Like Dimentio or something terrible like that. Like Kimahri is a vacuum. And White Wind is not a vacuum, but it is a multi-target healing spell. A good multi-target healing spell. One of the only multi-target healing spells. And this makes it the best Ronso Rage in the game. It still sucks though. Because the vacuum himself used it. And vacuums can not compare to brooms. Because the Broom Broom spell in Ni No Kuni has more uses than Kimahri: one is necessary to use to progress the story, and one isn't. One is just a stupid vacuum. So this is my justification for why White Wind is the best Ronso Rage. À bientôt, escargots.

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