Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Akkala Shrines RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Akkala Shrines RANKED!

With 152 shrines, it'll be a task to rank all of them in a single article! Of course, that is a task I am willing to take on, but not without ranking each region individually first. With a total of eleven shrines, this region doesn't even have as many shrines as most of the other regions in Tears of the Kingdom, but it still has a very respectable amount! Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Akkala Shrines RANKED!

11. Jochi-ihiga Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This may just be my least favorite shrine in the entire Tears of the Kingdom. Not only is there yet another stupid green crystal (I loved them at first, but I've gotten bored after 27 of them or however many there are, I lost count), but you also have to pay rupees to get into this shrine. That just seems like poor game design, Nintendo. Sorry, but F Tier for this Shrine. There are just so many better shrines in this game :)

10. Sinatanika Shrine - Combat Training: Sneakstrike

Although this is my third favorite of these "combat training" shrines, it is still not a good shrine. These were things we discovered on our own in Breath of the Wild, and something that added to the openness and intrigue of Breath of the Wild. Tears of the Kingdom holds your hand a little bit too much with these combat training shrines, and while I appreciate them for younger players, discovering the sneakstrike on your own is just so much more fun. D Tier shrine for me.

9. Kamatukis Shrine - A Precise Strike

My biggest problem with the Kamatukis Shrine? It doesn't do anything original. The Long and Wide shrine and the A Fixed Device shrine are much better than this. In addition, there are shrines that do this idea better even in Breath of the Wild. Besides, hitting things dead on is not really that fun in any circumstance, even when it is done so much better than this. For me, the Kamatukis Shrine is a C Tier, and a low C Tier at that.

8. Jochi-iu Shrine - Courage to Pluck

This is literally Jenga in Tears of the Kingdom. I wish I liked this shrine better, judging that it was one of the most unique shrines in the game. However, I really just did not enjoy this shrine in the slightest. It felt too convoluted, and I am almost positive the way I solved this puzzle was not the way I was supposed to solve it. While I can acknowledge that this shrine is cool and that I understand why people like it, I'm just not a big fan. I mean, I'm just not a big Jenga fan in general, so overall, this is a C Tier shrine for me.

7. Igashuk Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This is one of the three labryinth shrines, and while I really liked getting up to the labryinth and solving the surrounding puzzles, I just can't say they are all that unique since it is just the same puzzle three times. But I mean, while it isn't top tier, I still really enjoy these labryinths, so I give this shrine a solid B Tier.

6. Rasiwak Shrine - Flotational Brilliance

This shrine is super basic, but I still really like what this shrine is going for. It has a lot more substance than a lot of shrines on this list, and the yellow floatational devices are a fun touch not seen anywhere else in the game. In fact, I wish more shrines used these objects to expand upon puzzle solving capabilities, but alas, that is not the case. While this didn't do anything groundbreaking, it did something fun and pretty unique, so for me it is a solid B Tier.

5 . Domizuin Shrine - A Prone Pathway

This dungeon has a rotational system akin to Breath of the Wild's Divine Beasts, yet much simpler and quicker in design. While some may find this simpler design a good thing, it honestly just made me miss the Divine Beasts a little bit. Not a lot, but a little bit. I really like what this shrine was going for, but it is a bit too short, confusing, and pales in comparison to the Divine Beasts. Still very solid though. B Tier.

4. Gatanisis Shrine - A Well-Timed Bounce

This shrine utilized the Recall ability to great effect, and it was quite fun to experiment until I timed the bounce correctly. For some reason, I found fun with this shrine even though I am not a big fan of most of the precision shrines in Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom. While this shrine is very cool, it just is too short, and a puzzle or two more would've cemented this shrine near the top of this list... but alas, I find it to be an A Tier shrine as-is.

3. Gemimik Shrine - Turbine Power

This shrine is too short, but it is absolutely awesome. I just wish we got more of this. The objective is to attach fire to a turbine and make it spin to light these torches. It was so basic yet so incredibly satisfying to see. Although I wish we could've got more puzzles involving both wind and fire (maybe wind making the fire bigger, like how it would in real life), I was content with this awesome shrine. An A Tier shrine for sure.

2. Rasitakiwak Shrine - Proving Grounds: Vehicles

As always, I love the Proving Grounds shrines. Each of them has a new and innovative spin on combat, and while vehicles aren't anything groundbreaking since they are a big part of the game, the dungeon gives a good spin on the vehicles. With only the weakest of weapons, utilizing the vehicles is very important or else you will likely have a much harder (and less fun) time with this shrine. Overall, I love this shrine and its fun chaos, but it isn't innovative enough to get an S+. I give this shrine an S.

1.  Mayachideg Shrine - Proving Grounds: The Hunt

This is easily one of my favorite shrines in the game. This shrine is absolute pandemonium after the first hallway, with AI and constructs storming the entire shrine. With a plethora of Zonai Devices scattered all throughout the shrine, and with there being a good difficulty in this shrine (as well as needing to be very aware of your surroundings), this shrine was just quite special for me, and easily one of my favorite shrines in Tears of the Kingdom.

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