Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Eldin Shrines RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Eldin Shrines RANKED!

With 152 shrines, it'll be a task to rank all of them in a single article. Of course, that is a task I am willing to take on, but not without ranking each region individually first. With a total of ten shrines, this region is one of the least shrine-filled regions in the game! Still worth ranking though, of course. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Eldin Shrines RANKED!

10. Momosik Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

I got to kill an Igeno Talus for this shrine. I don't love Sky Crystal shrines, but you know what I do love? Tears of the Kingdom bosses. But, I mean, if this was a Gleeok I'd rate this a lot higher, but I mean, Igeno Taluses aren't really my favorite, and they are one of the most boring bosses in the game. I don't know, I love boss fights in this game, but I can only rate this as much as I like fighting the Igeno Talus. And fighting the Igeno Talus? A C Tier experience. Just like this shrine.

9. Marakuguc Shrine - Wheeled Wonders

I don't know if I just didn't resonate with this shrine or something, but this shrine was so odd and annoying for me. I didn't like it very much at all. I can acknowledge it isn't like an F or D Tier shrine at all, I just don't like it. I like almost all (if not all) the other vehicle related shrines in the game better than this shrine. I just didn't like this one much, even though it did some interesting things. Maybe I solved the puzzles wrong or something and this is secretly a masterpiece, but for me, it was just incredibly mediocre. C Tier.

8. Isisim Shrine - Proving Grounds: In Reverse

Typically, the Proving Grounds shrines are S or S+ for me. However, the two of them in Eldin are both equally mediocre for me. The problem with these two shrines for me is that they don't live up to their titles. Proving Grounds: In Reverse has a single gear that can be Recalled to use to get to the higher level. That's it. Sure, I still like this shrine since I like all of the proving grounds shrines, but there could've been a lot more going for this shrine. Maybe one or two of the Constructs would throw rocks from an unreachable vantage point and you had to recall them to damage them. Maybe one of the Constructs activates a Zonai Device as soon as you enter the shrine and you have to Recall it and get onto it to kill it. Maybe one of the Constructs is standing on a gear near a pit in the distance and you need to Recall the gear to kill it. There was just so many amazing ideas that could've applied to this shrine, and as a whole, I found it quite underwhelming. B Tier.

7. Kimayat Shrine - Proving Grounds: Smash

Only slightly better than Proving Grounds: In Reverse for me, Proving Grounds: Smash doesn't really live up to its name either. The Shrine would more aptly be named "Proving Grounds: Ascend" because that is more of what this shrine plays at. While I don't find this as offensive as Proving Grounds: In Reverse for its lack of living up to its title, actually smashing these pillars isn't really necessary. It'd be more fun and interesting if there were a ton of different platforms that were too high to be ascended into, and each of these Constructs was firing arrows down upon you or throwing explosives that you had to Recall. And behind all these Constructs would be a Rock Hammer or some Bomb Flowers or some Time Bombs, and you had to make a mad dash to them before the Constructs killed you. I don't know, these ideas weren't as great as my ideas for the Proving Grounds: In Reverse shrine, but I am sure you get the idea. I just felt the whole premise of the shrine was undercooked here, and while I still enjoyed this shrine, I could've enjoyed it so much more. B Tier. At least this shrine wasn't about the Constructs smashing Link, as much as he is quite hot.

6. Sitsum Shrine - A Controlling Device

I feel like the Steering Stick did not need a dedicated shrine, to be honest. But what we got was quite good! It was cool, but I don't think it was anything special, or anything better than any of the other shrines in this game that utilize vehicles. I'd take Bridging The Sands, Forward Force, or Proving Grounds: Vehicles over this shrine any day. It is still a solid shrine though, just not great. B Tier.

5. Kisisona Shrine - Wind Power

Yet another Tears of the Kingdom shrine that delivers a great premise but almost no substance. One slightly difficult puzzle and that's it. That's the whole shrine. The most sad part is I loved this puzzle! I just wish this shrine did so, so much more. Especially with a name called "Wind Power," which could literally do anything related to fans. This shrine could've had fifteen puzzles if it wanted to with how vague it's name was. Sure, I really like the shrine as it is, but one of the more disappointing shrines in the game for me. B Tier.

4. Moshapin Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This is genuinely one of the only Sky Crystal quests in the game that I actually had a really fun time with! It felt so much more inventive than others. Having to bomb different walls, traverse over lava in a minecart, and build some sort of Zonai Device to get the Sky Crystal to the shrine? It was actually a fun and interesting time that was not held back by mediocrity! I mean, I still wasn't obsessed with this shrine was I was getting tired of Sky Crystals at this point, but I still had a lot of fun getting to these shrine! I'm going to have to say this shrine deserves an A Tier for me!

3. Timawak Shrine - Against the Flow

This truly feels like a fully-realized shrine, something that most shrines in Tears of the Kingdom don't feel like to me. Personally, I find that Breath of the Wild capitalized on the ideas of shrines better than Tears of the Kingdom, but this shrine proves not every shrine is like that. This dungeon shows multiple ways that Link goes "against the flow" and it is really cool. First, you are introduced to building bridges through water, which isn't really a puzzle, but it is a good introduction to the dungeon. Next, you Recall floating platforms to reach a ball, and then you get to build a boat out of waterified lava and sail across a sea of lava to the end. However, while I like this shrine a lot, and it lives up to its premise, it is just a little too easy for me... so A Tier for this shrine.

2. Jiotak Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

This is one of my favorite blessing shrines in the game. I love the fun little minecart room that precedes this shrine, and it isn't that cheesable unless you waste tons of Ice Fruit or use some weird Zonai Device. Using the minecarts and Yunobo is super fun, and the different routes before reaching this dungeon is great. This feels like a very small room that takes inspiration from the Fire Temple in this game, so overall, I think this shrine definitely deserves an S Tier rating.

1. Sibajitak Shrine - Alignment

I usually criticize shrines for consisting of a single puzzle, but this towering apparatus is more than a single puzzle. It is an awesome single puzzle with multiple phases, and I feel like one reason I loved it so much is because this shrine utilizes the Ascend ability better than any other shrine in the game. Because of this, I really enjoyed this shrine, because it made Ascend less like an amazing dev tool or GameShark ability and more like a key part of Link's moveset. Loved this shrine, and while it still isn't the most innovative shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, it is one that I love. S Tier.

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