Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Hebra Shrines RANKED!

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Hebra Shrines RANKED!

With 152 shrines, it'll be a task to rank all of them in a single article. Of course, that is a task I am willing to take on, but not without ranking each region individually first. With a total of seventeen shrines, this region is one of the more shrine-filled regions in the game! Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Hebra Shrines RANKED!

17. Rutafu-um Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Wow. Another boring shrine found in another boring cave. The only reason this is not in F Tier is it allows for a quick fast travel to Selmie's Spot, which is already not that important of a location in the first place. I don't have anything else to say other than that I am kinda sick of blessing shrines that shouldn't be blessing shrines. D Tier.

16. Sisuran Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

Similar to Igeno Taluses, Frost Taluses aren't all that interesting to kill. To get into this shrine? You guessed it. You have to kill a Frost Talus to get a Sky Crystal and open the shrine. I mean, this shrine could be worse, but it could also be so much better. C Tier. I've got nothing else.

15. Mayaotaki Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

With two other labyrinth shrines, this just gets kind of old, even though I'd love this one a lot more in theory if it didn't repeat itself thrice. It is by no means bad, but it just is outclassed by many other shrines on this list... shrines that aren't copy pasted. B Tier for this one.

14. Gasas Shrine - Well-Timed Cuts

This shrine is all about Recall and cutting ropes. That's about it. It is fun and more unique than I expected it to be, and there's occasionally some challenge here, but this shrine really is still quite barebones. Especially compared to so many of the shrines on this list, this is just not significant in any way. B Tier.

13. Oshozan-u Shrine - Mallet Smash

Yes! A new spin on the golf-like shrines! This one is so much better than some of those more basic ones! However, you can't get that complicated or unique or interesting with a premise like this. I really do enjoy this shrine, but it doesn't do anything distinct or unique enough to rank any higher on this list. B Tier.

12. Mayausiy Shrine - Building Blocks

I actually love the premise of this shrine. However, my problem? This shrine is too easy. Nothing about this shrine is super unique, and since the puzzles are so easy to solve, there is just barely any substance to this. In a perfect world, we could've built some insane sculptures in this shrine and could have had some awesome puzzles, but I guess it is what it is... B Tier.

11. Ikatak Shrine - Rauru's Blessing

I love rockets in this game so the idea of building a contraption to get a Sky Crystal out of a pit with Rockets? I love it. Sure, it was too easy, but the foundation for a great idea was here. I wish it would've been a little bit trickier or interesting to get the crystal out, but you know, it is what it is. Still liked this shrine, I'm going to give it an B Tier.

10. Nouda Shrine - Proving Grounds: Intermediate

This takes me back to Trial of the Sword from Breath of the Wild. While this wasn't as interesting as some of the other proving grounds shrines, I'm a sucker for these shrines, so I still love it. I love the multi-leveled forts, and it's fun to fight a Construct version instead of a Boko version. I don't know, I love the combat so much in this game that I'll take what I get it, and for me? This is an A Tier shrine.

9. Tauyosipun Shrine - Forward or Backward?

Yet another shrine that is too easy to love, this shrine has some nice Recall puzzles but they are all so incredibly obvious to solve. It's almost funny how quick it took me to beat this shrine. I can forgive combat-based or exploration-based shrines for being easy, but puzzles really shouldn't be this easy. However, this shrine utilizes Recall so well that even its easiness doesn't get in the way of ranking this shrine in the A Tier.

8. Wao-os Shrine - Lever Power

I'll be one of the first to admit that this shrine was annoying. However, I'll also be one of the first to admit that I love this shrine for its expert use of physics. I have a love-hate relationship with this shrine, I guess. While I like what it is going for a lot, I didn't love the shrine too much. However, I still like it enough to consider it as an A Tier shrine.

7. Iun-orok Shrine - The Right Roll

This shrine is even more annoying yet even more creative then the Wao-os Shrine. This took a ton of tries but was extremely creative in the way the balls rolled to reach the checkpoints. While it took me a while, I found a lot of satisfaction in correctly solving these puzzles. Overall, while this shrine was annoying, I was able to see past the annoyances because of the strengths I see in this shrine. A Tier.

6. Gatakis Shrine - Ride The Winds

This is one of the shortest shrines in the game, coming in at about half a minute. So why do I love it? Because I love the idea of flying through an obstacle course, it is just so great! Also, I played this shrine with my girlfriend, which made it much more special for me... I swear, I'm not biased. I digress. If it was about five times longer, it'd easily be a top tier shrine for me. I wish I could put this higher, but unfortunately, I just can't justify placing this shrine any higher than S Tier. That's still a really good score though!

5. Sahirow Shrine - Aid From Above

Instead of a paraglider obstacle course, this shrine gives you a laser obstacle course, with a twist ending revealing Ascend to work on the last puzzle. This shrine is very fun, and is a bit lengthier and full of content than the Ride the Winds shrine. However, as usual, more could be done with this premise. S Tier, but could've been S+ if done better.

4. Oromuwak Shrine - A Launching Device

Okay, Rockets are my favorite Zonai Device, without question. This shrine is just so satisfying me. Hitting switches with Rockets and flying across the map? Go ahead, give me this shrine any day of the week and I'll do it. For me, this shrine is top of S Tier (I'm not taking questions, comments, or concerns). Unless your comment is "I need to use the Rocket more" to which I say "affirmative." Love this shrine, it utilizes Rockets so well. Okay, I'm moving on now.

3. Otak Shrine - Proving Grounds: Traps

I know, I'm super biased towards Proving Grounds shrines, but they are just so fun. As long as you actually utilize the traps and sneak around in this shrine instead of going all brute force, this shrine is one of the most fun shrines in the game. Sneaking around and killing the Constructs quickly without being seen is really fun, and all the different traps make this shrine quite varied as a whole. Overall, this is a S+ shrine for me.

2. Eutoum Shrine - Proving Grounds: Infiltration

Easily one of my favorite shrines in the game, this shrine took a stealth mission and Eventide Island and mashed them together into a beautifully made shrine. This may just be the most difficult of the proving grounds shrines in my opinion, but I think that's a good thing. I loved this shrine so much, and it really felt like I was proving my combat prowess, not just an easy place to kill a couple enemies and get an Orb of Light. S+ Tier shrine for me.

1. Orochium Shrine - Courage to Fall

Not only is this my favorite shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, but I like it more than any shrine in Breath of the Wild. This is the type of crap I love to see in shrines. Sure, the name kind of spoils it, but even with the name spoiling it, this shrine is a very fun and unique experience as it is. I've gone back and replayed this shrine multiple times, I just love it so much. First, you have to find a secret path to get through the doors without dying from falling in a pit. Then you kill some enemies and arrive at a locked door. Luckily, I wasn't even paying attention to the name when I walked in, so I walked around for a while trying to find a key to enter this door and get the ball to complete the shrine. I went around and killed all the enemies and such, but I couldn't find anything. Eventually, I walked through the lasers and found the secret Small Key below. Any shrine with Small Keys are usually my favorite shrines, to be honest. After all of this, the shrine is not yet complete, as you have to take the ball and soar over the rest of the level with it to get it into the crevice and unlock the door to the end of the dungeon. This is the type of stuff that hearkens back to old Zelda games with creative puzzles that require some thought. Some might call this cheap, but I call it fantastic. This is my favorite shrine in all of Tears of the Kingdom, and that won't be changing. S++ Tier for this fantastic shrine.

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