Lost Odyssey: All Characters RANKED!

Lost Odyssey: All Characters RANKED!

My favorite game of all time, Lost Odyssey. With an amazing story, gameplay, and everything in between, the characters are one of the best aspects of the game. In this article, I will be ranking the main characters of Lost Odyssey from worst to best based on how powerful they are in battle. Now get ready for... Lost Odyssey: All Characters RANKED!

9. Tolten

Tolten is the master of attacking skills, with around 10 skills to put to use in battle, including the GC and defense-ignoring Break Hit and the ultimate art, Ultimate Hit. Not only does he have some decent skills to keep the damage going in battle, he has so many ways of keeping alive in battle. He can stay alive after suffering a fatal blow with his Persistence ability, convert his MP into his healthpool with MP Guard to keep him alive and standing, use Weapon Guard to block physical attacks, Power Guard to buff his defense ability, Counter Guard to block enemy counters, and best of all, the Complete Defense skill, which negates all damage for a turn and can be used infinitely. But trumping over all of his other strengths is the Royal Equipment ability, that allows him to equip some of the best swords and accessories in the game! However, his insane amount of disadvantages weigh him down almost too much to make him worth using. First of all, other than Complete Defense, Break Hit, and Ultimate Hit, his skills will most likely end up doing less damage than a Perfect or even a Good hit with a decent ring! Second of all, he has the worst casting time and the second worst magic attack in the game, so he has little to use his MP with in regular enemy encounters. Next off, his accuracy is so horrible, and he will end up missing around half the time, especially against aerial enemies, so when you first get him, Seth will have to deal the majority of damage in battle. Also, his Royal Equipment is much better utilized with immortals, and as weapons do not affect close to as many things as rings in this game, the Age of the King will not make up for his weaknesses. But easily his worst factor is his horrendous strength stat that even every buff will not make up for. His strength stat is more comparable to that of Ming’s or Sarah’s than even to Mack, with a 595 difference in strength between him and Mack, and only a 420 difference between Sarah and Ming at max level. And also judging he has slow attack time, average health, and only two good damaging abilities, it was inevitable to be placed in this spot on the list. Overall, Tolten is a decent attacker and has a ton of defensive ability, but all the immortals and even Sed have much better ways of damaging and surviving, and all the mortals also have much easier damage capability and better learnable skills.

8. Jansen

Jansen, my favorite video game character of all time. I hated to place him in the eight position, but his battle skills are much worse than his humor and character development. Anyway, for the pros. Jansen is a very potent spellcaster and he is a must have at the beginning of the game where so many enemies are extremely hard to hit or have the hardened status. However, he becomes a very powerful magician once he gets abilities like Dualcast and high level Black Magic! He can also get the 2 Accessories ability, which is essential for covering up a bit of his downsides and giving him multiple skills that will smooth out his gameplay. To top it all off, he has quite a bit more survivability than Ming and Sarah, at least until they get health boosting skills. However, even though he is way more powerful than Tolten with his magic, he is in a very weird situation. This is because so many skill slots are wasted on useless skills that can only be put to a major use with immortals. These are the abilities Steal, White Magic, Drain Shower, Absorb Transfer, Factual Analysis, and last of all Black Staff. Steal, Factual Analysis, and White Magic are useful for a bit at the beginning of the game, but later there are much better skills to be learned with accessories, and all three of these abilities can be learned already with accessories. Black Staff literally gives him nothing, and it is also quite useless to immortals as well as MP is so easy to get in this game. Last of all, Drain Shower and Absorb Transfer can only be put to use with physical attackers, and they are just not very useful as they require the right ring to even be put to use, and they could simply heal health with White Magic instead of using these risky abilities. But worst of all, Jansen has no way of healing back MP without using an accessory spot, so you probably want to have an accessory that gives him MP back or boosts his MP, like the Circlet, Mana Earrings, or the Crystal Fragment. If you think about it, every other character can heal a ton of MP back with either skills like MP Convert or mana-absorbing rings. He also does not have the very powerful Reduce Casting Time abilities like Cooke and the immortals, so he will cast spells extremely slowly. Overall, Jansen is a potent spellcaster, but his awkward abilities and his lack of MP restoration and casting time buffs leads him to fall behind. Unless you are learning skills from him, it is advisable to have Ming, Sarah, or even Cooke in your party instead.

7. Mack

Do not get me wrong, Mack is an amazing character with the highest average stats at max level, but their are better options in most cases. But anyway, now to all his advantages over other characters. Mack has very powerful skills and is almost always better than Tolten other than the bosses where Persistence is key to survival. Mack has my favorite type of magic, Spirit Magic, which can buff your allies a ton to lead to a very high chance of survival. And unless you refrain from using him, he usually will learn Spirit Magic before you can get the accessories that will teach it, so he should definitely stay in your party. But not only is he a good spellcaster, but he is an even better fighter! He is a great front-row competitor for the majority of the game, and his Combo skills are a force to be reckoned with, as they double his damage! And even when later in the game rings will double your damage immediately, he makes up for it with the 3 Combo ability, which triples damage! 3 Combo is much better against single targets than even Ultimate Hit, as it does not disable your turns and it will be so much quicker, so it is one of the strongest abilities in the game. Another one of the best things about him is, as he has both magic and physical attacks on his side, he can use MP-absorbing rings to ensure endless casting of his powerful spells. Mack is one of the best party members to keep in your party throughout the game, as Kaim and Seth can learn his powerful attacking skills and his Wall abilities, whereas Ming and Sarah can make better use of his Spirit Magic. However, Mack is not the best character for many reasons. His casting time is not very great for a mage, so he will mostly be using physical attacks later in the game unless he needs to use Powerus or Mindus to buff before the actual skirmish starts. And even if you really need to cast spells, you should most likely use Casting Support with Cooke or one of the immortals to make his spells actually worth the time. He also does not have the survivability of even Tolten, so he will end up in the back row in the mid-half of the game; but keep him in the front row until around Disc 3 or 4 to up your GC to the maximum. Last of all, Mack is not the most effective fighter later in the game, so he will have to make use of skills and his magic to lead him to his peak of ability. Overall, Mack is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades in Lost Odyssey, transitioning from a beast spellcaster at the beginning of the game to a combo-spamming physical fighter later in the game, but he is not as useful as other characters.

6. Cooke

I know everybody thinks Cooke is one of the most annoying characters ever, but I really don’t agree. It might just be because I’m a high schooler and I don't mind kids or something weird like that, but anyway, who cares. Even if you do dislike her personality, she is kind of a beast in battle. Before we get on with the pros, however, remember one thing. Cooke can swap out accessories mid-battle to change spells she can use, so she really has the same magic diversity as the immortals. Always give her some sort of offensive spellcasting or a MP recovery ability, or else you’ll be wasting a skill slot. Cooke easily has the best abilities of all mortals, as she can give spell casters so many amazing skills. Not only can she teach all the White Magic, she can teach two of the best abilities in the game: MP Convert and Casting Support. MP Convert converts some of your HP to fill up all your MP, basically giving her infinite MP as long as she is not at critical health, with the only downside being you can only use it once per battle. Casting Support is debatably in the top three best skills, as it can half the casting time of spells to allies, allowing them to basically insta-kill targets with powerful spells like Leveler and Divide. But I have barely even started with her amazing skill set. She can also use Concentrate to half her own spellcasting time, use Reduce Casting Time for an innate spellcasting boost, and Mental Stability to keep enemies from canceling her spells. She has a few others, but none of them are worth mentioning. However, Cooke has some downsides, like all characters do. She has no way to cast two spells in a turn like all the other spellcasters, so she can only do half the damage of the immortals once they learn those skills. She also has the worst defensive stats in the game, and it is advisable not to buff her health, as she only has one skill slot. Last of all, Cooke can not utilize that good of skills, as you almost always want a magic-granting accessory in her skill slot. Overall, Cooke is a very fast spellcaster that will always benefit your party with her extremely amazing skills, but she is not as useful as the immortals or the next character on this list.

5. Sed

Shaving his way as the final mortal on this list at number 5 is Sed. Sed is a crack shot with his gun, as not only can he do a ton of damage, especially with the Magic Rifle of Aneria, he can ignore enemy GC! This means that he can hit back row enemies without any damage penalty, which the only other way to do this is with the skill, Break Hit. This makes Sed essential in dungeons with a heavy load of powerful spellcasters so he can lead the team into victory. Not only can he do this with his gun and a strong ring at hand, but he can use Magic Seal and Counter Seal to stop both magic and counter attacks from enemies. Magic Seal is especially powerful in dispelling powerful spells like Leveler, Prisimus, or Divide, and even though it can only be used once against each enemy, it really helps in some battles. Counter Seal does not have as many uses, but it is still really useful. He is easily the strongest mortal as well for many reasons. He gets Auto Barrier and Auto Shield, making him survive the strongest of attacks, so put him in the front row if you can. Not only can he tank tons of damage, especially if he uses the Taunt ability, but he can also be a decent healer too! If you use Double Item in tandem with Resourceful, you can heal, revive, or throw bombs to effectively turn the tides of battle! He can also show his pirate skills with his Steal and Ultimate Analysis abilities, and he can use his 3 Accessories and Special Accessories innate abilities to allow him to be a force in battle! But best of all, he has the innate Double Loot, Double Gold, Double Experience, and Double SP abilities that will allow grinding for these various categories to be just that much easier and not require immortals to use up their skill slots on these insane abilities. However, Sed has a few downsides as well. He does not have the damage capability of immortals, nor the spellcasting capabilities as any other character in the game! However, with all his advantages, he should stay in your party as much as possible and he is only out damaged by the immortals. Overall, Sed will always have a place in your team to give incredible boosts and ranged damage, but the other mortals can outdo him in some of the other areas of the game.

4. Ming

Even though I generally like the personalities of the mortals better, it is all immortals from here, starting with Ming at the number 4 spot. Ming is extremely powerful when you first get her, as she will out damage both Jansen and Cooke once she learns a few decent spells. There really is not too much to say about immortals because they are fully customizable, but they are obviously more powerful than mortals. However, Ming is a bit weaker than the other immortals for many reasons, as Ming literally is a downgrade of Sarah, as her magic attack stat is inferior to Sarah’s and is equivalent to that of the mortals. Overall, Ming is a very potent spellcaster, but she falls behind the other immortals due to her stat disadvantages.

3. Kaim

Kaim is a very powerful tank and an even better attacker, as he has the highest health and strength in the game. This is made so much better as well, judging that he is immortal, so he can survive the majority of attacks. He is more beefy than Seth and all the immortals, and has a major damage difference at the beginning of the game, but nonetheless, he also falls behind Seth in a few different ways. Seth has much speedier attacks, usually going before all the enemies in the fight, and she also has much more magic capability as she can fire off a spell almost double as fast as him. He also does not have the agility nor the jack-of-all trades capability. Overall, Kaim is the best tank and has the highest physical damage capability in the game, but he falls behind in some crucial areas that Seth does not.

2. Seth

Making her way into the second spot as the runner up is Seth. Seth is a very versatile attacker, as she can keep her own even if needed to cast magic. She will usually hit the enemies first no matter how fast they are, and she has much better accuracy as well. Also, when Kaim and Sarah crashed the train, Seth gets some extra time with Tolten and Sed to learn powerful skills very quickly due to his Double SP ability, and gain more XP, so she will pass Kaim for sure. This makes her the jack-of-all-trades character compared to her counterpart, Kaim. However, she has some downsides as well. She has a bit less health, strength, and vitality than Kaim, so she will probably not be as useful in some encounters, especially at the beginning of the game. Overall, Seth is a very speedy, versatile character who can fit a magic role, or even better a physical role, very well, but she does not have as much overall power as Kaim in a lot of cases.

1. Sarah

Beating out all the other characters in power at the number 1 position is Sarah. Sarah is the most potent mage in the game, beating out Ming by a 147 magic attack difference, which can determine a win or a loss depending on the circumstances of battle. For Sarah, there isn’t much more to say; she is basically just Ming but with more magical artillery. However, Sarah does have a few disadvantages over Ming. When Ming is with all the mages in the game learning all sorts of skills and gaining the boost from Jansen’s 2 Accessories skills, Sarah is out of your party, which gives Ming a major boost to her skillset. Also, Sarah is gained later in the game, so she also will be behind. But when you get 3 Accessories and Double SP, she will easily catch up. Overall, Sarah is the most damaging and useful character in the game, but she suffers a bit from less overall playtime.

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