Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals: All Characters RANKED!

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals: All Characters RANKED!

Lufia II is similar to FFIV in that you get quite a few playable characters during the game, but as the story progresses, new party members come along as others go their own separate ways. In this article, we will be discussing and ranking the playable characters in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. Also, as a side note, this article will not be focusing on only the Ancient Cave, but rather how the characters fare throughout the whole game.

#7 - Lexis

You don't have Lexis for a very long time in the game, and when you do have him, he isn't really anything special compared to the other members of your party. He does have the highest INT stat in the game, and he can learn almost as many spells as Tia, Selan, and Maxim. However, his MP, AGL, and MGR are quite a bit lower than the other magic casters. Another problem is that, just like far too many JRPGs, Black Magic is not great. The best weapon he can equip (apart from the Water Spear from the Ancient Cave) only has +240 ATP, which is far worse than almost any other character's best weapon. Lexis isn't inherently bad, but there are simply more viable options for casting magic (most spells can be learned by five different characters!).

#6 - Tia

I wish I could rank Tia higher, as I loved her character, but Neverland did her dirty and took her out of the party for good very early on in the game. You gotta feel bad for her if you know her story. Tia is the first character that joins Maxim on his quest, and she is a great magic caster for the time you have her. Tia is able to learn every spell up to the point you lose her, and she has an amazing AGL stat, making her able to heal before enemies have a chance to attack. Tia is very similar in her stats to Selan but with slightly lower defensive capabilities, and she may have been ranked quite a bit higher if she would've been in the party for longer. I mean, at least you can use her in the Ancient Cave in Bonus Mode...

#5 - Guy

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom gave us Aguro, and I'm pretty sure he was just Guy after he dyed his hair green and joined an army in a different town in the 100 years after Rise of the Sinistrals. Guy has crazy high HP, STR, and DFP, but this comes with a meh AGL stat and no access to magic. Guy's got access to powerful swords and axes, including the powerful Gades Blade from defeating Gades in the Gordovan West Tower. Just like Aguro, Guy can hit hard on many enemies, but compared to the other more well-balanced characters, he doesn't quite have the level of usefulness as the other three members of the final party.

#4 - Dekar

Dekar is Guy, but much slower and temporary. So why is he better? His HP, STR, and DEF are absolutely bonkers. At the maximum level (although not realisticly achieveable before Dekar leaves the party), he has about 950 HP. Guy can only get 790. Dekar's STR and DEF are 670 and 370 respectively, while Guy has 450 and 280. As you can see, his physical stats are so crazy he probably invented the concept of a gym. He's got a pretty good selection of equipment, but the one that truly stands out is the Dekar Blade, which is the pinnacle of OP for any fight against the Master Jelly in the Ancient Cave. If only Dekar was in the party for longer, that hair is the stuff of legend.

#3 - Selan

Selan is the healer for the majority of the game. She has well balanced stats, with great MP, INT, and MGR. Selan learns every spell in the game, save for Artea's exclusive Light spells, and she can also equip some powerful weapons like the Mist Rapier, Freeze Sword, and Silver Rod. She is best for casting healing and stat boosting magic in boss battles, but she can hold her own and deal some good damage in regular enemy encounters with her physical attacks. Without Selan's Stronger, Champion, and Valor spells, it would be far harder to stay alive in battle, and her Trick, Courage, and Fake spells make it easier to kill bosses faster. Overall, Selan has got some great things going for her, but she isn't quite as good as the next two on the list.

#2 - Maxim

The legendary Maxim can equip some very powerful weapons and he has great stats. His selection of equipment includes the powerful Dual Blade and the best armor in the game, and his STR and DFP stats are very good. He also has a respectable AGL stat. However, his INT is quite low compared to the other characters that have magic-casting abilities, so despite the fact that he can learn the same variety of spells that Selan or Artea can, Maxim can't use them to nearly as great an effect as they can. Maxim is a powerful attacker in battle, and can use magic in desperate situations, but his stats aren't as overall well-balanced and dominant as the character in our #1 spot.

#1 - Artea

Artea, known in-game as Arty, has incredible stats and can do a lot with his physical and magical skills. Every one of his stats (other than GUT), maxes out at over 200, meaning he is very well-balanced. He can learn almost all the spells (all of them minus Destroy, which sucks anyway). He's got the highest AGL out of all the characters, he's good in both STR and INT, and his equipment selection is pretty great. Arty's Bow, available after uncursing the Cursed Bow, has +300 ATP and gives him the ability to hit all enemies, meaning that, just like Jerin from the predecessor, he can weaken all the enemies at once, or if fighting lower levelled enemies, kill them all in the first attack of the battle. This dude is seriously just OP, maybe it's those elf ears giving him those crazy stats.

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