Octopath Traveler: All Cleric Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler: All Cleric Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler is a fantastic game with a fantastic array of jobs! The Cleric is your team's greatest healer and reviver, as well as a potent light mage. However, as usual, some abilities are better than others, so this time around, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Cleric Abilities RANKED!

8. Holy Light

Why should I use a single-target Light attack when I could use a multi-target Light attack that is just as powerful? There isn't much to say about this ability... as soon as you get Luminescience, you never have a reason to use this again. Honestly, this is one of the worst abilities in the entire game.

7. Heal Wounds

Like Holy Light, this ability is just outclassed. Healing is more important than single-target, single-hit Light magic, however. Let's move on to a more interesting ability!

6. Sheltering Veil

This ability is pretty decent, however, with Starsong existing, this ability is outclassed. Also, Reflective Veil is just better, so overall, there is little reason to use this ability. Still more useful than the last two abilities, though.

5. Luminescence

For a long time, this is your best Light attack option unless you use a Light Soulstone (L) or one of Alyfn's Concoct abilities. However, most enemies have a more effective, multi-target way of breaking them, and once you get the Starseer's Lux Congerere and the Starseer's Shooting Stars, there is almost no reason to use this ability. However, since this is your sole dark attack for most of the game, it is still an ability you should definitely pick up for your party.

4. Reflective Veil

This might just be my favorite iteration of Reflect in any RPG that I have played! Finally, healing magic is not reflected! This makes this ability infinitely better, and it is very strong for bosses like Driesang and other bosses that heavily rely on elements! Combine this ability with Sealticge's Seduciton and some BP-restoring skills or items, and you can basically make yourself impervious to magic attacks! However, since there are not that many of those bosses, this ability is great, but highly situational.

3. Revive

This is an awesome ability! Being able to revive the entire party is something you cannot really do in other RPGs. And if you can, it usually has very limited access. However, with Octopath Traveler being a pretty difficult game, it is great that you can have access to the Revive ability! However, using Alfyn's Concoct is usually more effective way of reviving your allies, at it heals back a lot more health without the use of BP. 50 SP is also a huge investment in a game where running out of SP could be the difference between life and death, so while this ability is amazing, I'd go for Alfyn's Concoct instead.

2. Heal More

This ability is one of the best ways to heal in the game! However, Alyfn still has better ways to heal. Dohtor's Charity with Refreshing Jam or Revitalizing Jam or a high level Concoct such as Purifying Dust with Essence of Grape or a Curious Bloom, and you've got a better method of healing! However, even with this, Heal More is definitely an ability that you should pick up as soon as you can!  

1. Aelfric's Auspices

This is one of the best Divine Skills in the game. No question. This skill is insane. It lets you use any ability other than the Divine Skills twice in a row. Double damage? Yes. Double healing? Yes. Double buffs? Yes. This skill just does all of the above. Unlike Driesang's Spell or Alephan's Enlightenment, this allows you to double of anything, not just damage. So overall, not only is this the best Cleric skills, but it is one of the best skills in the game.

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