Octopath Traveler: All Dancer Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler: All Dancer Abilities RANKED!

Octopath Traveler is a fantastic game with a fantastic array of jobs! The Dancer is your team's greatest buffer and support character, as well as a potent dark mage. However, as usual, some abilities are better than others, so this time around, RPG Ranked presents... Octopath Traveler: All Dancer Abilities RANKED!

8. Moonlight Waltz

Why should I use a single-target Dark attack when I could use a multi-target Dark attack that is just as powerful? There isn't much to say about this ability... as soon as you get Night Ode, you never have a reason to use this again. Honestly, this is one of the worst abilities in the entire game.

7. Panther Dance

Speed is honestly not the greatest stat in this game, and spending a turn to make someone slightly faster is not the best use of your time. There are only two times I can think of this ability being great. The first is if you had Olberic use it on himself during a Challenge duel. However, that is highly situational, and even then, he could do something better with his turn. The second is using this ability on a Thief to do extra damage with the uber-powerful Aeber's Reckoning. That is why I use this ability, but outside of that, this is not a very good ability. Definitely better than Moonlight Waltz, though.

6. Mole Dance

In theory, this ability would be fantastic. However, there are just so many better ways to buff your defense in this game. If you want to make one character suepr survivable, use Starsong, which is just a much better version of this command (as well as a better version of the Sheltering Veil and Panther Dance commands). Another much better option is using Transfer Rune in combination with Stout Wall, which gives a defense buff to the whole party, as well as it being longer. However, if it were just those two options, this would be higher, as those two methods are very lategame. However, the first Hired Help ability, Mercenary, deals damage and buffs the entire parties defense! For just 150 leaves! Honestly, the Mole Dance is a great ability, but it is so outclassed. And usually it is better to weaken the enemy with Shackle Foe versus buff your defense anyway :(

5. Night Ode

For a long time, this is your best Dark attack option unless you use a Dark Soulstone (L) or one of Alyfn's Concoct abilities. However, most enemies have a more effective, multi-target way of breaking them and once you get the Starseer's Tenebrae Operire and the Starseer's Shooting Stars, there is almost no reason to use this ability. However, since this is your sole dark attack for most of the game, it is still an ability you should definitely pick up for your party.

4. Bewildering Grace

With this ability, you can potentially skyrocket your EXP and JP gain! However, this ability has super random effects, and the majority of the time, you will either get a very weak buff or a detrimental effect. Outside of grinding, this is a terrible ability, and since levels aren't as important as equipment and strategy in this game, I couldn't rank this ability above fourth place. However, definitely pick up this ability if you plan on grinding your levels out... this is a must have if you want to defeat Galdera!

3. Lion Dance

Octopath Traveller Part #15 - Dance of Freedom

Like Mole Dance, by the end of the game, Lion Dance can become outclassed by Abide and Transfer Rune. However, there are two things that make Lion Dance much better: 1) Hired Help isn't just an upgrade to Lion Dance and 2) there isn't really a need to buff the entire party's attack. You shouldn't really have more than one or two characters physically attacking anyway, so Lion Dance is more than enough to get the job done, and it is an extremely powerful ability to use in both normal encounters and boss fights! Don't pass on this ability!

2. Sealticge's Seduction

Though I am not amazing at finding uses for this ability, there is no denying the sheer power that can be found in this ability. Being able to buff the whole party with effects like Starsong, Reflective Veil, Celestial Intervention, Divination, the Lion Dance, the Peacock Strut, and Rehabilitate makes this ability crucial in buffing your party to an insane degree. Give this ability to your Starseer, and you will have an insane combination that can allow you to buff your party to insane degrees! This also works with Steal SP, Leghold Trap, Vivify, and First Aid... which is awesome! Best of all, if you buff a character with both Sealticge's Seduction and Aelfric's Auspices, you can double the amount of buffs and debuffs you can throw around! Sadly, this ability doesn't work for abilities that effect yourself like Sidestep or rune abilities, but Transfer Rune exists, so it literally doesn't matter! Overall, this ability is fantastic, but isn't really useful until much later in the game... there is one more ability I find more useful throughout the game.

1. Peacock Strut

Being the only way to increase your elemental damage, the Peacock Strut is personally my favorite dance in Octopath Traveler. Sure, you can use Element Break on an enemy to lower their elemental defense, but that is super late game. This game was something I used every battle on my Scholar throughout the entire game, and with this ability, Donate BP, and the Tier 2 Scholar abilities, I was able to trivialize every enemy encounter in the game. Though Sealticge's Seduction is more useful by the late game, this ability is fantastic for much longer, and due to that, I find it to be the best Dancer ability in the game.

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