Octopath Traveler II: Best Secondary Job For Each Character!

Octopath Traveler II: Best Secondary Job For Each Character!

NOTE: This article is only based on my first impressions of the game. I will post a new article later down the road once I finish the game :)

Though we haven’t quite got to the point where we can unlock secondary jobs yet, I have had the opportunity to experiment with all of the jobs and how they would mesh with other characters! In this list, I will assign each of the travelers a secondary job based on what we currently know about the game, as well as assigning each of the first game’s secret jobs with a character (even though the secret jobs may be different in this game). Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents… Octopath Traveler II: Best Secondary Job For Each Character (First Impressions).

Partito - Apothecary

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With an extra element, an extra weapon, and extra supporting abilities, the Apothecary is a great fit for Partito. With the jack-of-all-trades abilities of the Merchant and the Apothecary combined, Partito becomes an insane character who can do something useful in any situation. Overall, though there isn’t any insane synergy between the Apothecary and the Merchant, just adding that extra layer of versatility to Partito’s Merchant abilities makes him one of the best characters in the game.

Agnea - Cleric

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The Dancer has a ton of awesome support abilities… and so does the Cleric! Combine the Cleric’s healing, insanely powerful defensive abilities like Prayer to the Flame and Sacred Shield, the Dancer’s attacking abilities, the Dancer’s amazing buffing abilities, and the light and wind magic of both of them, and you’ve got an amazing character! If you use Sacred Shield and/or Prayer to the Flame with her All Together Now Latent Power, you’ll have insane survivability only outmatched by Runelord Tressa and her rune-transferred Sidesteps. Add to that Agnea’s ability to summon allies and buff her dances with Dance Session, and overall, you’ve got the game’s ultimate support character.

Osvald - Dancer

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Osvald is a great candidate for the Dancer job. First of all, having the Dancer job on Osvald gives him access to Knives and the Wind element, bumping up to a total of six different weaknesses he can target! Second of all, Octopath Traveler II’s Scholar has some awesome support abilities that were not available in the original! These abilities include revealing weaknesses, hitting twice with magic, and giving people random status buffs! The Dancer allows him to expand his supporting abilities, which is a great thing. Third of all, it gives Osvald access to a multi-target Knife attack, as well as an ability that depletes Shield Points no matter what. This allows him to be the master of breaking targets, even if they have no elemental weakness. Overall, with an extra element, more supporting abilities, and extra ways to break enemies, the Dancer class is a perfect match for Osvald.

Hikari - Hunter

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The Hunter and Warrior combo was always amazing in the original Octopath Traveler, and it is no different in this game. Giving Hikari the Hunter job allows him to have five ways to break people: swords, spears, bows, axes, and thunder. This allows him to break tons of enemies with different weapons and gives him a lot of diversity, and then you can fill out the elements and weapons he is missing using his Learned Skill Talent! Overall, the Hunter + Warrior combo is an amazing combination just like in the first game, and it will make Hikari a much better character.

Ochette - Thief

When it comes to breaking enemies and dealing out diverse types of damage, Ochette has got you covered. With her Befriend Path Action and the amazing Capture/Prepare talent, and this game’s Auto-Capture, it is rather easy to become super powerful as Ochette. Now, what is the one thing she has a hard time doing? Debuffing enemies. Since Ochette can do mostly everything, and since the Thief is probably the most limited job in this game, the Thief is a great choice for Ochette (who is probably the strongest character). It will also allow her to use Shackle Foe and/or Armor Corrosive, and then move on to better things. Her high speed and accuracy will also benefit the Surprise Attack ability! Overall, Ochette is a perfectly self-sufficient character, and doesn’t really need a secondary job class, but the Thief will allow her to debuff enemies as well as put to use her good speed for the Surprise Attack ability.

Castti - Merchant

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Castti doesn’t really need a secondary job. The Apothecary job is very strong at healing, defending against status ailments, and dealing huge axe damage. Add to that her Concoct ability, and not only is she versatile, but she is also the best healer in the game and is great at breaking foes! The Merchant job is also very versatile, and giving Castti the Merchant job makes her that can basically cover all the bases as a support character. With the Hired Help ability, Castti can make up for the defensive abilities that the Apothecary is lacking! Hired Help + Concoct combined makes Castti easily the best support character in the game… even a Starseer couldn’t be that good. Overall, with Concoct, Hired Help, Boost BP, Sidestep, and Rest, Castti definitely should be assigned the Merchant job.

Throné - Warrior

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Even though the Thief and Warrior share swords, I absolutely love the idea of Throné being a Warrior. Being a warrior gives her the ability to deal tons of damage with Warrior abilities, and with her Latent Power, she can do quite a bit. Incite and Vengeful Blade in one turn? Super broken! Especially if you use the Cleric’s Prayer to the Flame or Sacred Shield. You could also use Piercing Thrust twice for a ton of damage, or Aggressive Slash twice to deplete six shield points on foes with a sword weakness! Another awesome option is using Stout Wall and Abide with the Latent Power, making you super powerful from the get-go! Another great alternative path is making Throne into a Scholar or Cleric… being able to act twice gives you so many options with that! Two buffs? Yes. Two healing spells? Yes. Two Elemental Barrages? Yes. Overall, Throne is probably the hardest character to choose a good secondary job for, but I personally like the idea of a tanky Warrior with two turns the best.

Temenos - Scholar

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Tenemos is the best character to make a Sage… and I love myself a good Sage character! Making him a Scholar not only gives him access to three extra elements, but it also strengthens his buffing capabilities with the Stroke of Genius and Advanced Magic capabilities! Since Temenos can’t be as good of a healer as Castti anyway, I think that doubling down on the buffing and magic damage is a great idea.

Now that we have the basic jobs out of the way, I am going to share who the best candidate for each Secret Job is! These jobs may not be in Octopath Traveler II (we haven’t played enough of the game yet), but if they are, this would be my choice for each of them 🙂.

Agnea - Starseer

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With buffs like Celestial Intervention, Moon’s Reflection, Starsong, and all of the Dancer’s buffs? Agnea can become the ultimate support character… add All Together Now and Dance Session, and you can buff much better than any other character in the game! Overall, though the Merchant’s Hired Help is amazing, Agnea as a Starseer simply cannot be matched in terms of buffing capabilities.

Partito - Runelord

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Just like Runelord Tressa, Partito as a Runelord would be absolutely broken. In fact, I think he’d be even more broken than Tressa due to his Hoot and Hire Latent Power… being able to start a boss battle with 5 BP and giving you the ability to use Transfer Rune and Sidestep right off the bat? Absolutely broken. Add the insane new Hired Help abilities that buff your defense and elemental defense, and Partito can become an insanely powerful character that you definitely need to have in your party. Overall, I think that Partito as a Runelord could be the best or second best character in Octopath Traveler II.

Throné - Sorcerer

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The other candidate for best character in the game would be Throné as a Sorcerer. With her ability to take two turns, there is no character who can do quite as much damage as Sorcerer Throné. And even when fighting enemies that resist the elements, Throné can contribute with her Shackle Foe and Armor Corrosive abilities! Though putting Sorcerer on Osvald would also be a pretty good choice since Scholar is so much different in this game, Concentrate Spell has nothing on Throné’s ability to have two turns. Overall, Throné is easily the best candidate for Sorcerer, and if we do get the same Secret Jobs as in the first game (which I highly doubt will happen), I will definitely put Sorcerer on Throné!

Temenos - Warmaster

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This may come as a surprise… the Cleric? As a Warmaster? I was just as surprised when I came to the final decision. So why is Temenos the best candidate? Well, first of all, the Cleric is pretty weak in this game due to their lack of Heal More and that they are outclassed by Hired Help and Concoct… so giving him a job like the Warmaster can make him much more relevant. But more important than that is his Latent Power. His Latent Power Judgment lets each hit break enemies no matter what… and with Winnehild’s Battle Cry and Guardian Liondog? You could guarantee an obscene amount of breaks on any enemy. There are quite a few less multi-target attacks in this game than the original, and the two that we do know about at the moment only encompass the 3 basic elements with Elemental Barrage, spells boosted by Advanced Magic, swords with Aggressive Slash, and bows with Precise Shot. Overall, having Temenos on Warmaster would make breaking enemies incredibly easy and would also make his Coerce ability so much better!

And let’s end with a quick recap of the article:

Agnea: Dancer & Cleric/Starseer

Castti: Apothecary & Merchant

Hikari: Warrior & Hunter

Ochette: Hunter & Thief

Osvald: Scholar & Dancer

Partito: Merchant & Apothecary/Runelord

Temenos: Cleric & Scholar/Warmaster

Throné: Thief & Warrior/Sorcerer

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