Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Lightsaber Colors RANKED!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Lightsaber Colors RANKED!

Each lightsaber in Star Wars has its own distinct, canonical meaning for its existence. While varying lightsabers originated due to green screen issues and the shenanigans of Samuel L. Jackson, they have become a big part of defining who a Jedi truly is. In this ranking, I won't just be picking my favorite saber colors, but instead, I will rank each saber by which I think represent Cal Kestis the most in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (so be warned, there are some spoilers here). Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Lightsaber Colors RANKED!

11. Red

The defining traits of red saber wielders are anger, aggression, and control. These sabers, as I'm sure anyone reading this article knows, are wielded almost solely by Sith, and while Cal occasionally taps into the dark side, I feel like those actions don't come close to defining him. Cal also did not let anger control him, as shown with his scenes with Merrin near the end of the game. When he does tap into the dark side, he only does it out of temporary grief and to protect those he loves, so I'm going to give Cal the benefit of the doubt and say the red lightsaber is the least characteristic choice for him.

10. Orange

While this was my personal favorite look in Fallen Order and my third favorite in Jedi Survivor, Cal Kestis simply does not possess the traits of an orange lightsaber wielder. This type is incredibly rare, as it is defined by calm eagerness and excitement, something that is hard to have as a Jedi in a galaxy full of peril. Though clam in the small moments of exploring, Cal loses his cool pretty quick if put in any adverse situation, and he doesn't really give off the shy, calm, and excited persona that is characteristic of an orange saber wielder.

9. Green

The Green saber is the second most common saber type, signifying the core ideals of the Jedi: calmness, wisdom, and connection to the force. There is a reason Qui-Gon, Yoda, and Episode 6 Luke all wield this color of saber. While Cal is pretty connected to the force, his saber prowess defines him much more than his Force skills in my eyes, and Cal openly embraces very rebellious ideals like wielding a blaster and tapping into the dark side, two things that would be very uncharacteristic of calm-minded Green saber wielders. Overall, this just doesn't suit Cal... and it really clashes with his hair too. Makes him look like the Great Pumpkin or something silly like that.

8. Party

Honestly, I think this fits Cal more than the previous few. I see BD-1 and Greez taking this to the workbench while Cal is sleeping or something and making his saber like this, and him just vibing with it. Or I see him altering his lightsaber to make Kata happy or something. While this still doesn't fit his personality as much as many of the other solid colors, I find it more like Cal than perfect control, wisdom, and pure-Jediness.

7. Indigo

Jedi who own Indigo sabers are driven by knowledge and past experience, like a Jedi historian of sorts. While I originally placed this in last since Cal seems to live in the moment and make quick decisions, he does possess the unique force ability, Psychometry, which very few Jedi are good at (this ability is what lets him sense the Force Echoes, for those who didn't play Fallen Order). While I do believe that Cal is very good at being reflective, I still feel like Cal is much less defined by Indigo-related traits than his other traits, and knowledge of past experiences don't seem to be at the forefront of his mind. A good pick for Cal, but not a great one. Still, I believe this is the first on this list that I feel could maybe fit him, so that gives it bonus points.

6. Blue

The most common and simple saber color, this signifies strength and defense, as well as fighting in the frontlines. Though the game makes this his default look , which made me rank it halfway up this list, Cal really isn't the type I'd see on the frontlines. He's been a survivor because of his ability to differentiate himself from other Jedi, and I don't see blue suiting him the most of all the colors. Though he definitely has the courage to stand up to the Empire, and does end up on the frontlines quite often, I personally find the next five options to make more sense for the person Cal is.

5. Cyan

Another Blue variation, this plays more on the eagerness and courage to explore, live in the moment, and connect to the Living Force. With how much exploring, spontaneous decision-making, and force connections that Cal participates in, this really seems to be a peak option for him in my opinion. While this doesn't personify Cal in terms of the heart-wrenching story beats, this aligns with Cal and BD's love for exploration, hence the high ranking on this list.

4. Magenta

The magenta saber carries the traits of quick thinking, adapting to change, and abstract thinking. Think the good traits of the Slytherin house in Harry Potter, and you've got the magenta saber. With the huge changes constantly occurring throughout Cal's life with the death of loved ones and constantly being on the run, as well as having to be a quick leader and think very outside the box during puzzles and echoes, Magenta is a saber that seems to just uniquely define Cal's journey. Overall, this just really suits Cal in my opinion, but not quite as well as the next three sabers on this list.

3. Purple

Whiel my number one and two picks fit Cal more throughout his journey, this saber is easily the most fitting pick for Cal in the last act of the game. Purple signifies complete combatative control and the ability to balance the dark and light sides of the force. Purple also shows embracing one's uniqueness and flexibility, and all of these traits perfectly demonstrate what Cal goes through during the final act of Jedi Survivor. However, as much as this color is perfect for him in the end, there's still two more colors I believe fit him better.

2. White

White sabers are wielded by those with moral ambiguity and flexibility, those who want a new beginning, and those powerful enough to disconnect from their inherent force colorings assigned to them. Cal leans into the dark side and is flexible for when he must be. Cal yearns for a new beginning through Tanalorr and the Hidden Path. And Cal is very strong with sabers and the Force, surviving Vader and killing many strong and formidable Force users, including two Inquisitors and three kinda-Sith (Taron Malicos, Dagan Gera, and Bode). With many rebelling traits like having a relationship, wielding a blaster, and tapping into the dark side, this morally-gray saber color fits Cal so, so well.

1. Yellow

The Yellow saber signifies commitment to safeguarding the Jedi Order, as well as having technogical prowess and experience in infiltration. The entire motivation of Cal's in Jedi Survivor is to protect the Jedha base and to help save Jedi via the Hidden Path, which just proves how great Cal would be as a Sentinel. Also, his knowledge of technology shines through as he upgrades, uses, and understands BD-1... and his scrapper background further solidifes this. On top of all of this, the plot of Jedi Survivor heavily focuses on the High Republic era... the time where Yellow lightsabers were frequently used. Last but not least, Cal might just be one of the best infiltrators I know of in Star Wars canon, as he does it well and on a very regular basis. Overall, all of these traits lead me to believe that the yellow saber makes the most sense for Cal, being the best saber in Jedi Survivor.

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