Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED! (by Personality)

Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED! (by Personality)

As in most Tales games, the characters in Tales of Vesperia are absolutely fantastic and well fleshed out, and each and every character in this game is completely unique from one another! Easily my favorite part of Tales games are their characters, and I really like all of them to some degree, so this ranking was quite challenging! One last thing to note: this isn't only based on the character's personalities, but also their story and how that affects their personality. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Tales of Vesperia: All Characters RANKED! (by Personality).

9. Repede - C Tier

I think Repede is an awesome and well-designed character. There's absolutely no denying that. However, there's no way I can honestly justify placing a dog over a human on this list. I will admit, they did a fantastic job of characterizing Repede and making him feel like a tangible furry companion. I don't think any other game I've played has ever had a speechless animal so well! Overall, I love Repede, but it'd be unreasonable to put him any higher on this list.

8. Karol Capel - B Tier

The pros and cons of Karol can be summed up quite simply: Karol is a very realistic 12-year-old, for better or for worse. While his characterization becomes rather annoying for this, he also is quite lovable. Throughout the game, you get to see him become more mature and gain more self-confidence. He goes from being kicked out of a guild to starting his own. He has a complex friendship with a member of his previous guild (the Hunting Blades), Nan. Like Repede, I have never seen a game characterize a 12-year-old character so well, but honestly, Karol is the most annoying character in the game for me. He isn't bad at all (especially from a story standpoint), I mean, he is definitely an above average character, but he just isn't as good as the other characters on this list.

7. Patty Fleur - A Tier

I love every character in this game, and Patty is no exception to that. In fact, this game has my second favorite cast of characters in any RPG I've played—a close second to the phenomenal Octopath Traveler II. It's disheartening to put Patty so low, but I have my reasons. First of all, she is completely irrelevant to the main plot. While her Aifread plotline is rather awesome and adds another layer of depth, it just barely relates to the other characters. Being added in the Definitive Edition of the game, this was basically a given, but I just can't say she is any higher than seventh place on this list. Patty is funny, kind, silly, and while she sounds young, she is incredibly mature for her age. She has a pretty solid amnesia story, a very distinct personality, and a great design, but I just couldn't justify placing Patty any higher—she's a great flavor character, but a flavor character nonetheless.

6. Estellise Sidos Heurassein - A Tier

First, I'll talk about what I love about Estelle. I love her innocence and excitement in everything, her relationship with Rita, and her plotline about the Child of the Full Moon and the Entelexeia? She was awesome in those ways. I had to nitpick to determine which character landed in sixth on this list, and for me, it had to be Estelle because I have one major flaw with her—one that might not annoy other people, but one that drove me crazy. Every single area, Estelle yet again decides she wants to stay with the party and not go back to Zaphias Castle. This probably happens thirty-seven and a half times throughout the game and it is so entirely unnecessary. what happened to the storytelling concept of "show, don't tell?" Anyway, as much as I loved Estelle the vast majority of the time, she simply became quite insufferable by the end of the game.

5. Judith - A Tier

One of the two non-human characters in the game, Judith is a member of the Kritya tribe. She is besties with the Entelexia, Ba'ul, and she starts out as the mysterious "Dragon Rider," one of the game's secondary antagonists. As the "Dragon Rider," her main goal was to destroy as many blastia as she could to save the world from their undesirable effects! She also is unique in that she is the only non-docile member of her race—the only one to know how to fight. She also has one of the best personalities in the game. So why is she not higher on this list? While she is certainly intriguing, likeable, charming, and epic, she doesn't hold a candle to the sheer amount of depth the next characters on this list have.

4. Raven - S Tier

Okay, I'd put Raven higher if he acted a bit more like Zelos from Tales of Symphonia—flirty, yet rather respectful. Raven falls at least two spots on this list for his sometimes crude oversexualization of women (particularly Judith), even if it garnered the occasional (albeit unwanted) chuckle from me. I will admit, he is pretty funny when he is being respectfully flirtatious, but he occasionally takes it a bit too far. But I digress. Let's talk about what Raven does really well as a character. And quite honestly...? His story might be the best in the game, even if Raven is iffy in terms of personality. Raven died, but had his heart replaced with a blastia by Alexei.. and he became indebted to Alexei or he would be killed again. He was told to assassinate Don Whitehorse, but after he failed, he became a part of Altosk and Don's right-hand man, and this made him live a very interesting double life with both the guilds and the Empire. He eventually breaks free from Alexei's control and decides to rededicate himself to Brave Vesperia. All of these twists were incredibly interesting and I adored lots of things about Raven, but he isn't quite as good as the next three characters on this list.

3. Rita Mordio - S Tier

I love Rita's character development throughout the story! She isn't at the top because she is rude and annoying early in the game, but if she was less intolerable, she'd definitely be my favorite character in the game. She lost her parents at a young age, filling that hole by becoming emotionally attached to blastia. This led her to becoming a prolific researcher, especially for being 15 years old. Rita's lack of social skills are definitely understandable for this reason, as she was isolated by herself with no interaction with other people. Now what makes Rita such an amazing character? Her subtle, yet impactful development. Throughout the game, she eventually becomes besties with Estelle (and heck, she might have a crush on her), like an older sister to Karol, and she even seems to like Raven by the end of the game—something entirely unexpected. Seeing her really develop to become a lovable character by the end is fantastic. Watching her early-game dialogue and skits versus her late-game skits and dialogue? It is more than apparent just how much Rita has changed, and for that, she is a fantastic character.

2. Flynn Scifo - S+ Tier

Flynn is so interesting to me! In any other game, he'd likely be near the bottom of this list because other games do the knight in shining armor trope so boringly. But in Tales of Vesperia? He was just so well-executed I couldn't help but love this guy, and it is so shocking he wasn't playable in the original Xbox 360 version! Flynn is your not-like-other-boy, basic blonde boy JRPG protagonist. I am a firm believer that tropes exist for a reason, and when well-executed, they can be something amazing—and Flynn did this for me. He starts as the Mary Sue (Marc Shu?) rival anti-hero of the game, trying to separate Estelle and the party so she can return to the castle. Being Yuri's best friend, however, he does this rather nonchalantly, which is rather amusing. But the phenomenal part about Flynn? He is a fantastic foil to Yuri, inherently making both him and Yuri many times better since they play off each other so well. Flynn might seem basic on surface level, but he evolves to have a lot of depth throughout the game! Flynn prefers solving things with politics, aligning with the Empire, and seeks to solve big-picture problems before smaller problems, causing an impactful trickle-down effect. Flynn attempts to keep trying his best to do his work effectively, trying to rise up the ranks until he is influential enough to create new and more fair laws. On top of all of this, Flynn has a tragic and complex backstory revealed in Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike. He develops quite a bit in this story, trying to follow every single one of his orders because his father died because of his rebelliousness. This gives Flynn more complexity and humanity, something this type of character rarely has. He later learns that following orders is not always the way to go because, while his father died from ignoring orders, he died a hero saving tons of people in the process because he didn't follow orders. While this doesn't change Flynn's personal choices, this makes him more accepting of his best friend's actions. And unlike, say, Lloyd and Genis from Tales of Symphonia, Flynn actually feels genuinely like Yuri's best friend. Overall, Flynn truly is a character the player can look up to, and takes the trope of the perfect blonde hero and adds an outstanding amount of depth to him—all while comparing and contrasting him to the game's main protagonist in a meaningful way. Overall, Flynn is an awesome character, and one of the most important characters in the game. Thank heavens he became playable in later releases!

1. Yuri Lowell - S+ Tier

Like I was saying, Yuri is completely different from Flynn, and a very unconventional JRPG protagonist. He is kind and loving, originally going on his journey to save the slums form their lack of water. However, he eventually becomes wrapped up in something so much grander. He is an orphan and unlike Flynn, he eventually decides the Imperial Knights are not for him. However, he still decided he wanted to make a difference, but in his own smart (albeit twisted) way. He takes things into his own hands, even if that means murdering people and covering it up for the greater good. He knows the Empire won't do anything to stop corruption, so he instead tackles problems by joining the guilds. In opposition to Flynn, he attacks the roots of problems on a small scale instead of trying to influence politics and completely shift society like Flynn wants to. Yuri constantly breaks the law in trying to get rid of these problems, killing off anyone who hurts innocents before they get a trial from the Empire. He even considers that, if Flynn continues to be blinded by the Empire's corruption, that he would have to kill him too—yet again for the greater good. It is insane that this game actually went here, because killing your best friend isn't exactly something RPGs tackle very often. While Yuri still treats everybody kindly and with the utmost respect, he is more than willing to do the right thing no matter how illegal it may be. this leads Yuri to be a fantastic foil to traditional RPG characters (and Flynn)—he's older, more mature, content with who he is, and driven by rage to kill people who abuse their power to hurt others. His personality is even shown in his own unconventional fighting style! Truly, Yuri is a fantastically written character with compelling and understandable motives, a great personality, and more, and because of that, he is the best character in Tales of Vesperia.

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