Top 10 Blue Dragon Monster Fights: RANKED!

Top 10 Blue Dragon Monster Fights: RANKED!

Monster Fights are one of the best and most unique aspects of Blue Dragon. They are such a novel idea, and I am genuinely surprised that more RPGs have not capitalized on some variation of this feature! Since this is such a cool feature in the game, I just had to rank these fights. Without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Top 10 Blue Dragon Monster Fights: RANKED!

10. Steel Monkeys vs Armor-Shelled Turtles

Location: Laser Field

Armor-Shelled Turtles are pretty rough enemies. Unlike the Horned Lazy Bear, who can easily be distracted by being grouped up with an army of Flying Needle Moles, it is not quite as easy with the Armor-Shelled Turtle. That is, until the second half of the dungeon, where Steel Monkeys make an appearance. These two mortal enemies will battle each other to the death, making fights against the turtles much easier. This is a decently cool Monster Fight, but it doesn't have enough going for it to be higher than the tenth spot on this list.

9. Scavenger Wolf Ghosts vs Green Skeletons

Location: Forest of the Dead

The Scavenger Wolf Ghost is the MVP of Monster Fights: they have so many different Monster Fights they can be a part of! They are one of the best enemies in the game because of this, and their Monster Fights against Green Skeletons are probably the most useful way to exploit them. The Scavenger Wolf Ghost vs Green Skeleton Monster Fight is also one of the OG fights for Scavenger Wolf Ghosts, making it the one I chose for this list. Although this Monster Fight is not anything special, I had to include the Scavenger Wolf Ghost on this list due to the sheer amount of Monster Fights they can take part in.

8. Glowering Imp Traps vs Steel-Crusher Leopards

Location: Nene's Fortress

Leopard type-enemies are arguably some of the most difficult enemies to kill in Blue Dragon. This Monster Fight takes place in my favorite dungeon in the game, Nene's Fortress (see more about that here). With this Monster Fight being an easy way to kill leopards, AND taking place in my favorite dungeon, I just had to put it on my list.

7. Ancient Katydids vs Poo Snakes

Location: The Lot Wilderness

The rivalry between the Ancient Katydid and the Poo Snake is what introduces the player to the first Monster Fight in Blue Dragon. Is it anything special? No. But since it sets the foundation for such an awesome feature of the game, I had to include it on this list.

6. Chain Gang Ghosts vs Ore Hermits

Location: The Gul Mountains

This is a cool monster fight because the harder enemy is the one ganging up on the weaker one this time (see what I did there?). When hit, the Ore Hermits lose a ton of defense, which makes them much easier to kill! And... who doesn't want to see a buff ghost beat up a Hermit Crab in a cartoon video game where a spiky-haired teenager yells cringy one-liners at the top of his lungs? A cool Monster Fight indeed.

5. Gold-Eating Tigers vs Gold Giants

Location: The Treasure Storehouse

This Monster Fight is more like a mini-boss than a normal encounter because both parties involved are some of the hardest enemies you will fight in the game up to that point. However, since the tigers and the giants both keep each other distracted, it makes for a pretty fun encounter that allows you to strategize in advance and weaken the tigers with Support Magic spells before killing them off once the Gold Giant is slain. A very fun Monster Fight overall.

4. Hawk Eye vs... All of the Murals?

Location: Mural Valley

The Mural Valley is one of my favorite dungeons in Blue Dragon (see more here). One reason I love it is because the enemies are some of the best in the entire game. These enemies include Shrike Cockatrice, Hawk Eyes, the Flame Raptor, and best of all, four different types of Murals: Evil, Misfortunate, Poison, and Chaos. The hardest ones in my opinion are the Misfortunate Murals, so I always save the Hawk Eyes for Monster Fights with them. However, Hawk Eyes can destroy all of the Murals, not just the Misfortunate ones, which is unique in comparison to other Monster Fights that are just one sided! Overall, this Monster Fight is one of my favorites because I love the enemies involved and because it is one of the most unique ones in the game.

3. Hunter Ghosts vs Lazy Bears

Location: The Gul Highlands

Early in the game, the Lazy Bear will be blocking the entrance to the Gul Highlands, and since it is much harder than any enemy up to that point, it will sweep the floor with you. However, later in the game when you come back and defeat the bear, all subsequent fights against Lazy Bears can be partnered up with Hunter Ghosts, making for one of the best Monster Fights in the game. This fight is super cool because the Hunter Ghosts are just really cool enemies, and for them to be shooting down a bear makes this fight seem that much more large-scale! An awesome Monster Fight overall.

2. Flame Wolf Ghosts vs Ice Wolf Ghosts

Location: Ancient Hospital Ruins

These two attacking each other is awesome: they cancel out each other's elements and become much weaker Scavenger Wolf Ghosts! These Monster Fights are so fun! It's a pity there aren't more of these enemies in the dungeon. Overall, this Monster Fight is epic. Come on, it's self-explanatory.

1. Ancient Beetle vs Ancient Scarab

Location: The Gul Highlands

Dang! The Gul Highlands really do have the best Monster Fights! And for me, well, there's no question about it: the Ancient Beetle vs Ancient Scarab Monster Fight is the best in the game. When you group these two together, you get to see a whole war play out... all while being able to third-party them! Thank heavens we get some more scarab and beetle action when you go to the Ancient Ruins - Forest and fight Blood-Sucking Beetles and Golden Scarabs. This is like Blue Dragon's version of Lost Odyssey's Ghotza vs Uhra, but with insects. It's so epic. Overall, the best Monster Fight in Blue Dragon. It's not even close.

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