Top 10 Easiest RPG Superbosses

Top 10 Easiest RPG Superbosses

Though I have not played every JRPG out there (I mean, who has), I have played some games with some VERY easy optional superbosses! This will be part of a long-lasting video series where I talk about the bosses and superbosses in RPGs, and I will most likely update this if I find easier superbosses in RPGs! And before anyone asks, yes, I will make at least one article ranking the Top Ten HARDEST superbosses in RPGs. Now without further ado, RPG Ranked presents... Top Ten EASIEST RPG Superbosses RANKED!

10. Omega - Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge Omega

Some people find Omega to be a very challenging superboss, but personally, this is one of the easiest superbosses I’ve ever fought. If you use Romeo’s Ballad to stop the boss and hit him with your strongest Thunder magic, spellblade, and Rapid Fire? He’ll go down without you being damaged once. Overall, the only reasons I didn’t place this boss highed on this list are 1) it still requires mindful preparation and 2) since I don’t want to discount the feelings of those who find this boss to be a challenge.

9. Radiant Winged One - Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia Part #144 - The Radiant Winged One

Like Omega, this is considered to be a hard boss by many, but I personally found it to be really easy. As long as you’ve adequately leveled yo.ur party and you bring along a few Life Bottles, you’ll own this boss. It is so easy to combo this boss into the edge of the map and take away half of his health in one well-executed combo from Yuri. As long as you beat him before he goes into Over Limit, this boss is a piece of cake. Overall, compared to the Traitor to Heaven and Spiral Draco, the other superbosses in Tales of Vesperia, this was a very easy boss, and is one of the easiest superbosses I have ever fought.

8. Guardian of the Worlds - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Okay, I will admit, this boss is slightly difficult for the uninitiated. But once you understand his attack chain? It should be a very easy boss. Also, if you steal from the boss using Mugshot, you can steal a rare Wizard King’s Secret item, which heals your entire party for full HP and MP. This allows you to self sustain while fighting this boss, as you shouldn’t even need a full heal to beat this boss. Bring along a high-leveled Catastroceros familiar, and you will be able to beat this boss in less than five minutes… and if you keep fighting this boss over and over? You can gain heaps of awesome alchemy ingredients in which you can craft the best equipment in the entire game! Overall, this boss has a small learning curve, but once you understand it, it is an incredibly easy superboss to kill.

7. Warmech - Final Fantasy

Let's Play 25 Years of Final Fantasy. Seriously. - The Something Awful  Forums

This would be at the top of this list if this was based on the newer versions of the game—he is an absolute pushover in the GBA and PSP versions. However, this boss evened out at number seven since this boss is probably the hardest boss in the original versions of the game. But since I’ve mostly played the GBA and PSP versions, that is what I’ll be covering here. Unlike the majority of the other bosses, Warmech was not buffed in the newer version, and with additional superbosses like Chronadia, Omega, and Shinryu, this boss is just so easy in comparison. I beat this guy in one hit at level 60! It’s that easy. Overall, though it is hard in the original versions, it is so easy in the newer versions. It’s funny to think that the first superboss ever is also one of the easiest superbosses ever.

6. Bonetail - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Walkthrough - Pit of 100 Trials ( Bonetail Boss) - YouTube

With a good badge setup, Power Lift, Power Bounce, a Repel Cape, Rally Wink, and maybe even a Point Swap, you can easily kill this boss in 2-4 turns without even getting damaged. Sure, if you don’t use broken methods like these, this is actually a very difficult boss, but overall, since all you need is a little bit of preparation, this is one of the easiest superbosses you will ever fight. It’s kinda hilarious how broken you can get in TTYD.

5. Proto Babil - Final Fantasy Dimensions II

With a party of Morrow, Aemo, and the Deathlord? This boss is so easy. As long as you make sure to equip the equipment you buy at the Tower of Babil shop, you will be more than strong enough to kill this boss. Equip Mootie with Fixer Upper to restore your MP, use Invincibility Song, Pure White Magic, and Hero Song at the beginning of the fight, and blast him with overpowered attacks like Chrono Blade or Golden Scintillation? He’ll go down in less than a minute. Overall, with even a minute amount of preparation, you can ace this boss fight.

4. Wracktail - Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario - Walkthrough Part 41 No Commentary Gameplay - Secret  Wracktail Boss Fight - YouTube

Flip into 3D and jump on him with Mario, use Luigi’s Super Jump to get on top of his antennae and bounce on him for consistent damage until he starts to fly away, and then use Peach to stay on his back without falling off. Rinse and repeat. As long as you know what you are doing and are not doing anything stupid, you should be able to take him down without taking a single point of damage. Overall, this is not only one of the easiest superbosses I have ever fought, but one of the easiest bosses in Super Paper Mario.

3. Zeromus EG - Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV (PSP) - Superboss (Zeromus EG) - YouTube

Compared to the incredibly hard superbosses in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV, this boss is easy as pie. Use the Grimoires you’ve been getting throughout the Lunar Ruins and you will be able to incapacitate him with long-lasting, unwavering status effects. Though this boss takes longer to kill than most bosses on this list, it requires almost no effort to beat. Just keep him perpetually inflicted with status ailments, and he will go down without your party getting damaged. I’ve got nothing else to say. Let’s move on.

2. Dream Devourer - Chrono Trigger

Bring along Crono, Robo, and Ayla, and this boss will go down in just a few turns. Personally, it only took me four. Hit for max damage with Ayla and Robo and then hit a few times with Crono, and he will go down. It’s that easy. Sure, you have to level up a bit to be able to do this, but it is so easy and mindless to beat him that I just had to put him in second place on this list.

1. Most of them? - Lost Odyssey

Okay, this is kind of cheating. There are three superbosses that are pretty difficult in this game: Legendary Spirit Sorcerer Fu, the Immortal One, and Kill-A-Lon. But the rest of them? With a good ring or a spell like LEveler or Divide, you can literally one-shot the majority of the superbosses in this game. I one-shotted the Holy Beat with Kaim and a Perfect ring hit with a ring that wasn’t even that impressive. Overall, the superbosses in Lost Odyssey are just so easy… which is kind of sad, because the first few bosses in the game required so much strategy! Still loved the superbosses in this game though… I mean, it is my favorite game of all time :)

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