Blue Dragon: All Bracelets RANKED!

Blue Dragon: All Bracelets RANKED!

Blue Dragon is very atypical in that there are no weapons or pieces of armor, but instead, the characters solely rely on five different types of accessories! I already covered the unique Special Accessories in a previous article, but this time around, I will be covering the mighty Bracelets—the attack-boosting accessories! So without further ado, RPG Ranked presents Blue Dragon: All Bracelets RANKED!

F Tier

35. Stone Bracelet

The first few of these are completely self-explanatory... but bear with me! It gets better! With 10 Attack, the Stone Bracelet is just bad. But that's what happens... of course the first Bracelet goes in last!

34. Copper Bracelet

Buy this in Drill Machine, whereas you buy the Stone Bracelet at the Wilderness Sheep Camp. This is twice as good! But this is still garbage.

33. Silver Bracelet

Buy this in Lago Village. Twice as good as Copper Bracelet! Still... really bad!

E Tier

32. Magic Crystal Bracelet

Slightly better stats than the Silver Bracelet! And you absorb some HP when you attack! Not too shabby!

31. Earth Bracelet

This adds Earth element to your attack! Sadly, unlike the Rings, these have no late-game use because Magic Sword is infinitely more dominant. This Bracelet's 10 HP is much worse than the abilities granted by the other elemental bracelets though, so I put it behind all of them.

30. Mithril Bracelet

Since Magic Sword outclasses attacking with Ground damage, the 5 HP and the higher accessibility of this Bracelet (you can buy it at Mural Town) is of more value to me than the Earth elemental attack.

29. Flame Bracelet

10 MP and Fire attacks are better than 15 HP in my opinion. 5 attack difference? I don't give a crap. This is still pretty bad though.

28. Water Bracelet

10 Magic Attack is just a smidge more useful than 10 MP to me. Don't worry... E Tier is almost done!

27. Wind Bracelet

I'm a sucker for Blue Dragon agility boosts! If you want to see me rant about agility for some reason, check out this article. But since this one has the most Attack and the best boost of them all, it ranks at the top of E Tier.

D Tier

26. Ordeal Bracelet

With decent attack and a chance to poison the enemy, the Ordeal Bracelet barely escapes E Tier.

25. Jibral Bracelet

I don't think I can value the Poison effect of the Ordeal Bracelet over 15 raw attack power. Jibral Bracelet wins!

24. Supermetal Bracelet

10 Attack better than the Jibral Bracelet! Pretty nice equipment piece! Still on the weaker end of the Bracelets though.

23. Platinum Bracelet

20 more attack than the Supermetal Bracelet and 30 more than the Jibral Bracelet. Top of D Tier.

C Tier

22. Ancient Warrior's Bracelet

This is just a little better than the Platinum Bracelet in pure attack power, but the 10 agility boost ranks this a tier above the Platinum Bracelet! Overall, a pretty decent accessory.

21. Grand Tribes' Bracelet

15 less attack than Platinum Bracelet... but boosts HP by 80. I think that is definitely a worthy trade-off!

20. Diamond Bracelet

A direct upgrade to all the bracelets before it in my opinion. Good overall!

19. Crystal Bracelet

A very slight upgrade to the Diamond Bracelet. Very slight.

18. Ancient King's Bracelet

An even slighter upgrade, but this time to the Crystal Bracelet. It also essentially lowers spell costs by 10 MP, which is pretty cool! More useful than 5 Magic Attack and 5 Magic Defense in my humble opinion.

17. Eternal Engine Bracelet

Very underwhelming for being purchased at the Mecha Robo Cube! Still passable enough though. Top of C Tier for this one!

B Tier

16. Prismatic Wind Bracelet

Direct upgrade to the Eternal Engine Bracelet! Adding Erase is nice, but still Erase Sword exists, so this is not all that useful.

15. Prismatic Cyclone Bracelet

There's no Cancel Sword, so this is better than the Prismatic Wind Bracelet! However... having to use Cancel is very situational, and just using the spell is much more reliable than gambling with this bracelet anyway.

14. Mirror Bracelet

This weapon is on par with the Diamond Bracelet in terms of attack, but the Magic Defense and insta-kill effect elevate the Mirror Bracelet into the top 15.

13. Poo Bracelet

This sucks worse than Kimahri... but only statistically! The Stone Bracelet literally has better stats than this! However, this bracelet is a boon for the party, as you can kill all Poo Snakes in one shot with no chance of missing! This is amazing to utilize against Jumbo Poo, Corrossive Poo, the Golden Poo Snake, and the Jumbo Poo in the fight against the Mechosaur!  Situational, but incredibly useful!

12. Life-Crusher Bracelet

This can kill living monsters in one shot! Though statistically worse than some of the previous bracelets, this effect is really nice! However, this is statistically the weakest of the Crusher bracelets, therefore I'm placing it lower than the rest of them.

11. Ghost-Crusher Bracelet

10 more attack than the Life-Crusher Bracelet. All the same things I said apply here, but this is overall just a little better.

10. Tech-Crusher Bracelet

10 more Attack than Ghost-Crusher Bracelet! This is a very solid Bracelet all-around! Top of B Tier for sure!

A Tier

9. Himiko's Bracelet

This is a good bracelet for spellcasters because it boosts magic attack, MP, and has high attack! Great bracelet all around!

8. Nene's Bracelet

About the same as Himiko's Bracelet in terms of attack and magic attack, but I value the 80 HP a little more than the 40 MP.

7. Gravitic Bracelet

More versatile than both Nene's and Himiko's Bracelets. Just slightly better in my opinion!

6. Infinity Bracelet

Super high attack, a little bit of HP absorbed per attack, and a nice Agility boost makes this a very good Bracelet!

5. Eternity Bracelet

A nice upgrade over the Infinity Bracelet! This restores MP instead, has a great MP boost, and a better Agility boost! Quite a bit better than the Infinity Bracelet overall.

4. Magic Life-Crusher Bracelet

This is statistically the same as the Tech-Crusher Bracelet, but you can steal it at the Underground River... this will literally make you overpowered very early in the game! It has 80 more Attack than the other best Bracelet at the time! Get five of these, and your party will absolutely decimate enemies! Overall, this Bracelet is INSANE! It can carry for a huge period of the game! This is one thing that is definitely outclassed during the endgame, but is very dominant during the mid-game.

3. Renew Bracelet

This Bracelet boosts every single stat! This Bracelet is so good... especially in boosting Attack, Agility, and HP! This bracelet boosts stats by a total of 390! However, in comparison to the S Tier Bracelets? This is pretty dang weak. But this is definitely at the top of A Tier.

S Tier

2. Ultimate Weapon Bracelet

This is an amazing Bracelet overall! The most notable feature is this Bracelet's boost to both Attack and MP by 200! This makes this the best Bracelet by far for your magic casters! This bracelet boosts stats by a total of 545! This is definitely S Tier... but still pales in comparison to the next Bracelet on this list!

1. Dragon Bracelet

This may just be the best piece of equipment in the entire game... not only does it boost attack by 250, but also boosts all the other non-HP/MP stats sizably! 100 Defense, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense, along with the 80 Agility boost... that's just way too good to be true! Overall, this is just one of the best accessories in the game, as well as the best Bracelet in the game!

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